PC Building Simulator: Tip (A Few Tricks or Life Hacks) – Part 2

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November 19, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

PC Building Simulator: Tip (A Few Tricks or Life Hacks) – Part 2

Those who haven’t read the first part can read it here: “https://www.playground.ru/cheats/pc_building_simulator_sovet_neskolko_hitrostej_ili_lajfhakov-81789/”

I’ll get to the point:

13. If you are a beginner and do not know how to make 3D Mark requirements “, then I explain in a simple and accessible way. Look at the budget (200 bucks), look at the task (usually a lot of RAM is given and something else (40 bucks)) and look carefully below in the paragraph “Characteristics”! 14. RAM you need to buy exactly the same! And then look at the CPU and video card – their main thing to download. Compare with the store! If the video card is powerful, then of course you need to buy a CPU! If the CPU is powerful, then the video card! 

P.S .: You can use the rated components! Maybe it will help you! The component rating application did not help me! And for veterans, google the table 

14. Diagnostics and repair! Have you 100% checked the details but shows red points in the assignment? It doesn’t matter, try antivirus software, 3D mark and computer cleaning! I was rescued

15. In the update: Read carefully the task “cable color, amd \ intel, loading some application, cleaning dust, etc.”! Be sure to do this, as this improves your reputation several times.!

16. OS not found. Guys, OS is an operating system (Windows, Lunix, etc.)! Insert the flash drive and it will load the OS! 

17. Same as 13 and 5! Consider your budget! Work with the store list and “Feature”! You don’t need to be “Vanga” anymore! Although save just in case, suddenly you save or make a mistake!

18. Unfortunately, the game bug has been changed, now the penalty for turning off the right mouse button is provided as a store rating! And the bug with the flash drive has not yet been canceled!

19. Used components can be inserted in plots or in auctions!

20. I don’t know if you had it or not, if the flash drive is not inserted, then either it interferes (there is a part of the case next to the connector) or rearrange the system cooling to another corner! 

21. Bug with the disappearance of the computer – reload the save (unfortunately this cannot be treated)

22. Lack of any cables or you can not insert the second! Guys, read the description and count how many slots you need for video cards, hard drives, etc.! In cables – it’s all about the power supply and the motherboard! In the video card – it’s all about the description (additional …)!

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