Pixel Piracy: Tip (Level, Health and Gold Editing)

1-Create a profile,
2-Open the folder from synchronization, it is located in C: \ Users \ SSG \ AppData \ Roaming \ PixelPiracy \ 1 or 2,
3-Open h / w WordPad,
4-Press Ctrl + f and look for your character
Pirate name = “Your Pirate’s Name”
Stats LIFE = “31” LIFE_MAX = “31” – Health, and maximum health (just add a few zeros Stats LIFE = “30000” LIFE_MAX = “30000”) AGE = “2” -Character level
And so here we added the level and health, now add gold, press Ctrl + f, and enter GOLD, just change the number to the one you need!
Good luck pirates)

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