Pro Evolution Soccer 2010: Tip (hack artmoney – all training points by 6)

So, all you need for this is, as always, Artmoney [730.3] (rus) SE
Create a player, play a match, select a club.
Next, go to the item “Player”> “Improve”, set (if not) all the sliders to 2.
We go to ArtMoney, in the search point we enter the number 2. Type of addresses: 1, 2, 3, 4 bytes. Are looking for.
In PES we change the values ​​of ALL sliders to 0, or 1, in ArtMoney we filter out the corresponding number.
Further, by moving the sliders and, of course, filtering out numerical values, we reduce the number of addresses to the minimum possible. It came out somewhere around 24-26, I don’t remember already. Change their value to 6 (maybe more is possible, but I have not tried it), and VOIL – in PES, after re-entering the training menu (the “improve” menu) all the sliders are at 6. ATTENTION: do not move the sliders later, since they will be returned back you can only use the operations I described earlier.
The most positive thing about this cheating method is that the player’s development graph fills up, and does not stop at one point. If you are wondering how to make all parameters at 99 at once (but then you will not get into the top clubs), then here’s a Temka for you [url = http: //] Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 : Hacking with Artmoney (all parameters by 99) [/ url]

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