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April 29, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2009: Tip (Feints and Tips)


Dribbling: Movement Acceleration: Movement + RB
Slow movement: RT + Direction Move sideways: Release the movement and hold LB + RB Long kick: during breakout RB + RT + movement move = Diagonally forward or sideways Leap: when takedown RT Bring the ball to the foot: opposite movement x2 to direction of travel
Stop: Release motion + RB
Stop Ball: RT
Stop the ball in front of the target: RT
Turn around without touching the ball: RB + movement insoles towards the ball
Short pass
Heel pass: Standing back movement + w
Straight short pass: Before receiving the ball w
High overhang: D Low overhang: Dx2 Low cross: DxZ High: Overhang + RT Early overhang: LB + D
Impact: A
Direct hit: Before receiving ball A
Controlled Impact: B-> RT Scale
Twisted Hit (High): LB + A
Spin Strike (Low): A-> RB

Maneuver (Through step) (1): LBx2 (2) RTx2
Maneuver (Strike)
(1): A -> Scale W
(2): D -> Scale W
(3): Hanging- “Before hitting W

Flip-Flap (Only performed by some players)
(If the strong foot is right) dribble -> diagonally
right movement -> diagonally left movement
Reverse Flip-Flap (Can only be performed by certain players)
(If the strong leg is right) dribble -> diagonally left movement -> diagonally right movement
Maneuver (Body Movement Trick)
When the ball is stopped -> move to the right x2 or to the left x2
towards the winds

Slowly back
Movement weaknesses2 -> click directional pad
diagonally forward on the same side as the ball
Matthews maneuver
When the ball is stationary, press the directional pad 90 ° in the direction of the player -> before hitting the ball, press the directional pad in the opposite direction (Can only be performed by players with Accuracy over 70.)

Undo hit:
1) A + RB + RT or A + W
2) D + RB + RT
3) Hanging -> before hitting RB + RT

Ball over point:
When passing, press RB.

Free kicks (offensive)
Free-kick pass Short pass: W Long pass: D Pass per move: X
Free kick
Standard: A
Very strong: D + up
Very weak: D + down
Strong: A-> Stripe is typed X

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