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January 23, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Risen: Tips and Tricks

In fact, any opponent, from gnome to ogre, will give you difficulties, especially at first. Here are some tricks to fight.

1. Try to get a shield as soon as possible. There is nothing more important than a shield, because often many opponents can finish you off in a few blows. During the battle, CONSTANTLY take cover behind the shield (holding down the right mouse button), and attack quickly and briskly immediately after hitting the enemy when it is open. Study the habits of different opponents – for example, wolves prefer to bite several times in a row and retreat for a couple of seconds, in which you can carry out one or two attacks.

2. Weapon according to the enemy. For example, on skeletons, a simple club (crushing) will work much better than a sword and even more so arrows.

3. With the growth of skills, in particular, the ability to wield a sword, the parry function will become available. DO NOT TRY to parry strong opponents! More dear to yourself. Better practice this technique in the arena: it takes a lot of practice to catch the right moment to parry.

4. A very important technique. If you need to cope with a certain group of opponents, for example, if there are four of them, shoot at one of them with a bow from a certain distance and ESCAPE, it is better to face forward: this way you can control their movements or, if possible, shoot at them. After some time, part of the group will wave at you and come back, while the other part will continue the pursuit. It is easier to deal with a group in parts. This is a long-term method, but effective. If everyone turned around and went back, shoot at what is closer to you, then there is a high probability that he will run to you alone.

5. You must ALWAYS have at least one Nautilus Transformation Scroll with you. If you want to attack a fairly strong group of opponents, save yourself, turn into a Nautilus and scout the situation: is it worth it? When finished, load back to the place where the scroll has not yet been used and act based on intelligence.

6. And finally, the last. Collect ALL flowers, berries, etc.: most of them give an increase to health points – you never know when the medicine will run out, and all sorts of plants will help you out. If you completely spend everything, and your health is almost zero, try looking for an abandoned hut or something like that: in such places, as a rule, there is a bed, and sleep restores vital energy. Sleep, recover and get on with your plans.


Teachers at the Swamp Bandit Camp!
Character – skill.
Guard Ricardo – Crossbow.
Guard Domingo – Strength and Axes.
Guard Craig – Sword and Strength.
Blacksmith Oscar – Hacking, Blacksmithing and Power.
Guard Fip – Hacking, Sneaking & Theft.
Farmer Robart – Alchemy.
Hunter Luis (for beer) – Bow, Agility, Sneak, Butcher.
Hunter Sam (only after completing the quest “Hunters must hunt”) – bow, dexterity, sneaking, cutting.
Mage Cormac (only after completing the quest “An audience with the Don”) – mana and alchemy.
Ogre Karakos (only after completing the quest “An audience with the Don”) – strength (up to 100) and axes (up to level 10).
Guard Fincher (only after completing the quest “An audience with the Don”) – sword, power.

Teachers in Harbor Town

Olf (Don’s house) – ore mining.
Edgar (near the lighthouse) – strength, sword and crossbow.
Garth (shopping district) – alchemy.
Walter (Shopping District) – Power, Blacksmithing.
Delgado (for Don) – pickpocket up to level 3.
Sid (for Don) – hacking up to level 3.
Ogre Ukkos (in the port warehouse) – strength and axes.
Cole (next to Josh’s Tavern) – Bow, Cut, Agility, Stealth.
Cutter (next to Josh’s Tavern) – Swords and Power.
Felipe (fortress of the inquisitors) – strength and staff.

In the task where you need to kill Arik, before talking, draw out the bow and shoot – he will not beat you, but will just stay.

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