S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat: Council (55 tips for survival in the “multiplayer” zone)

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January 10, 2020
6 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat: Council (55 tips for survival in the “multiplayer” zone)

Advice # 1: For killing opponents and obtaining artifacts, points are awarded, necessary for rank growth. Upon reaching the next rank, new weapons, armor and equipment become available.

Tip # 2. “ARTIFACT HUNTING”: To win, you need to deliver a certain number of artifacts to your base.

Tip # 3. “DEATH MATCH”: To win, you need to score the most points for kills.

Tip # 4. TEAM VERSUS TEAM: To win, team members must score more kill points than the opposing team.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat: Council (55 tips for survival in the “multiplayer” zone)

Tip # 5. “CAPTURE ARTIFACT”: To win, you need to deliver a certain number of enemy artifacts to your base.

Council number 6. “CAPTURE ARTIFACT”: To return the stolen artifact to the base, you need to kill the enemy carrying the artifact, and pick up the last one by pressing “F”.

Council number 7. “HUNTING FOR ARTIFACT”: An artifact can be destroyed by activating it. To do this, you need to get the artifact by pressing “7”, and then press “MOUSE1”.

Tip # 8: While carrying the artifact, running is impossible.

Tip # 9. The artifact or the player carrying it is displayed on the minimap. If the artifact is far away, the direction to it is indicated by an arrow on the minimap.

Tip # 10: An energy drink temporarily speeds up the endurance recovery process, allowing you to increase your average running time.

Tip # 11: Smoke grenades can be used to stealthily steal an artifact or to hide from the enemy.

Tip # 12: In the “All against all” game mode, the stock of ammunition is unlimited.

Tip # 13: There are five tabs on the left side of the shopping menu (from top to bottom): pistols, main weapons, equipment, ammunition, medicines. Selecting the desired tab demonstrates the assortment available for the current game rank.

Tip # 14: There are four quick buy slots in the shopping menu on the right side of the screen. Clicking on the floppy disk image saves the current set of weapons and equipment, and clicking on the corresponding number loads it. The last purchased set is automatically saved in the fourth slot.

Tip # 15. If you have more than one weapon, you can switch between them by repeatedly pressing “2” or “3”.

Tip # 16: Getting a bullet in the eye is deadly, regardless of the level of armor protection.

Tip # 17. An artifact can be activated by creating an anomaly in its place. To do this, remove the artifact by pressing “7” and press “MOUSE1”. The resulting anomaly is dangerous both for opponents and for the creator and his team.

Council number 18. Overalls “SEVA” will help to survive in an anomaly or a zone of radioactive contamination.

Council No. 19.AS96 / 2 has a unique firing mode with a cutoff of two rounds. In this mode, both bullets fired hit the same point..

Tip # 20. To disconnect a silencer, telescopic sight or grenade launcher installed on a weapon, you need to right-click on the weapon in the contents of the backpack and use the corresponding command in the context menu.

Tip # 21: Double-barreled shotguns can fire two shots almost simultaneously.

Council number 22. In order not to make unnecessary noise, you can move in steps by pressing “LSHIFT”, or crouching by pressing “LCTRL”.

Tip # 23: The shotgun is a short-range weapon: the further away the target is, the less effective it will be.

Council number 24. Choosing a shelter from bullets, you must take into account the material of the obstacle. Wood plank or thin sheet metal will not provide reliable protection – unlike a reinforced concrete wall.

Tip # 25: Don’t underestimate pistols. They have a high lethality and are very effective against weakly armored opponents..

Tip # 26: A direct bullet in the head is deadly for most opponents.

Tip # 27: Faster movement, jumping and wounds significantly reduce your stamina.

Tip # 28: The force of the grenade throw can be adjusted by holding MOUSE2.

Tip # 29: Opponents can – and will – actively use grenades. If you see the grenade symbol on the screen, immediately leave the intended area of ​​destruction by the shrapnel.

Tip # 30: Using a running jump, you can overcome large holes and cracks.

Tip # 31: Key indicators – health and stamina – are located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Tip # 32. Sniper rifles, due to their high flatness and accuracy, are ideal for destroying opponents at long distances. However, in close combat, they are not as effective..

Tip # 33: Shooting while moving is significantly less accurate than shooting from a stable standing or sitting position.

Tip # 34: In the harsh conditions of the Site, weapons and protective coveralls wear out quickly. Worn-out weapons shoot less accurately and begin to misfire, and worn-out overalls lose their protective properties.

Tip # 35. The mini-map schematically shows the position of the artifact relative to the player. If the arrow points up – the artifact is above the player’s position, if down – below.

Tip # 36: You can pick up the backpacks of the killed to earn extra money. Surplus of picked up equipment can be sold at the base.

Tip # 37: An ally who carries an artifact must be covered at all costs.

Council number 38. To get the enemy in cover, you can use a grenade. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the radius of damage by the blast wave and shrapnel, so as not to accidentally hit an ally.

Tip # 39. Constant communication with your team can be maintained using voice messages. The message menu is called by pressing “C” or “Z”.

Tip # 40: Voting is initiated by pressing “F5”.

Council number 41. To view the results of the game, you must press “TAB”.

Tip # 42. To revive after death, after the waiting time, press “SPACE”.

Tip # 43. To open the shopping menu, press “B” while within the base.

Tip # 44. The general text chat can be opened by pressing “,”. To chat only with your team members, use “.”.

Tip # 45: Running is the fastest type of movement, although it leads to a rapid loss of stamina. To switch to this type of movement, press “X”.

Tip # 46: In aiming mode, bullet targeting is much more accurate than when shooting offhand. Press MOUSE2 to use the scope.

Tip # 47. If you have a grenade launcher on your weapon, you can switch between firing modes from a grenade launcher and normal by pressing “V”.

Council number 48. In the presence of several types of cartridges for the current weapon, the desired type is selected by pressing “Y”.

Tip # 49. To reload your weapon without waiting for the magazine to run out of ammo, press “R”.

Tip # 50: To drop your current weapon, press “G”.

Tip # 51: To view the contents of your backpack, press “I”.

Council number 52. An automatic weapon allows you to fire in two or three modes. Use “0” or “9” to switch between modes.

Council number 53. Some places do not allow you to move even in a bent position. To sit as low as possible, press “LCTRL” and “LSHIFT” at the same time.

Council number 54. To take a screenshot, press the “F12” or “PrtSc”.

Tip # 55. To peek around the corner, press “Q” or “E”. Please note that it is impossible to fire in this position..
P.S .: Several tips are repeated in different ways.
Describe right away where the mistakes are. In principle, they should not be.

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