S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Shadow of Chernobyl: Advice (Polymorph Ammo)

Turning ammo.

1.We take the machine gun, load it with ordinary cartridges.

2. We throw out the remaining cartridges, or shift to a cache / corpse.

3.The backpack should only contain armor-piercing cartridges of this caliber.

4. Press the button “change the type of cartridges”.

5.Stop reloading.

6.Picking up discarded cartridges.

7.Save, load or go to another location.

8. Make sure that the regular cartridges in the machine are armor-piercing.

9.The weapon processed in this way can be in your hands, a backpack or a cache, the effect after reloading will be the same.

10.With pistols in the same way, only they have a small store, a lot of fuss.

11 it doesn’t work with double-barrels.

12.Take saved – 12, start charging.

13. On the seventh cartridge, we interrupt the process.

14.What type of ammunition do we want to get and load with the eighth.

15.With the hard drive and RG-6 exactly the same.

Works in all three stalkers.

I discovered this bug (or feature) myself, several years ago.

I have not seen this mention anywhere.

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