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February 21, 2020
24 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Shadow Of Chernobyl: Tips for Survival in the Zone World

Small boxes are scattered around the game. They resemble white suitcases. Don’t pass by! Break them down! Inside come across cartridges, sometimes rare.

Padlocks on doors are shattered by shots. You can also open locked wardrobes (green – dressing rooms). You need to shoot at the place where the lock is and they open. Summing up the above, I can advise. Go to the military base “Svobodovtsev” (grab something from a weapon with a silencer in advance). You go to the headquarters (for this you need to tell the guard that the “Duty” group is nearby). There will be a guard immediately to the right. He can be killed by a shot from the window behind his back. Make sure no one sees or hears. Do not forget, no one should sniff either 🙂 Having removed the obstacle, you can go to the weapons depot. There’s a lock on the door … you know what to do with it. Don’t overlook: there will be two boxes at the top…
On the territory of the mercenaries (to the west of the “Dolga” base) there is an abandoned tunnel with anomalies. This place is not far from the crashed helicopter. There you can find the corpse of … Gordon Freeman (!). He will have Desert Eagle. By the way, after you have searched him, you can read funny entries in Gordon’s PDA.

Be sure to go through the “Arena”! For the last two battles, you will need a rank of “veteran” or higher, but they will give you the most pleasure! Especially the fight in which there will be a “little surprise” :). Without talking about money…

At the abandoned X18 base, towards the end, you will encounter a pseudo giant. An RPG can be found in the back of the room where he wanders. I don’t know how it stands for, maybe something like a hand-held field grenade launcher … It will be next to the grate, on the left, on the floor.

For those who want to find good weapons at the beginning of the game, I can advise you to go to the “Junkyard” level. There will be a railway tunnel behind the hangar. At the very end of it lies the corpse of a stalker. He will have a viper, but only loaded with 9×18 cartridges (pistol). A very useful thing for beginners.

To see the 2 true endings, you MUST take the “decoder” in PRIPYAT, it lies in one of the rooms on the second floor of the hotel. The hotel is located directly opposite the exit from the underground parking on the second floor, a room, the door to the room is closed, and there are bars on the windows.
It can be taken in two ways:
1 – if before that the doctor in Agroprom received information about this decoder, then there will be a mark and a quest on the map
2 – I did not take this quest, I had to get out through the next window because in this room there are bars on the windows, then I threw documents inside the room with a blast wave of a grenade and the decoder threw them to me and I was able to take them, this is such an interactivity. Then a quest is given for him, which must be completed in the sarcophagus. After the descent, you will need to look for the door.
Good luck searching!
1. SAVE + LOAD will help if you are trapped – maybe I’m wrong, but the location and intentions of opponents change, you can slip away.
2. After each reboot, it is useful to search the corpses anew. Often something fresh appears.
3. Strong opponents are easiest to kill while sitting on the roof of the building. They do not climb up, shoot not well, wander below and swear. Himself so from a pistol almost all the special forces put to rest.

First aid kits in the game are not a problem, as you understand, but if you need scientific and military first aid kits (yellow and blue), there is an easy way to get as many as you need. Go to the Wild Territory (location not far from the Bar) there are several scientists lying near the downed helicopter, as I understand it, they are dressed in orange “Ecologist” suits. He approaches one of them and in the lower left corner of the screen appears the inscription “Box with medicines”, and on the map about 15 meters away from you there will be a cache icon. Run to him and take first-aid kits, of course the cache icon from the minimap will disappear since you took everything from it. Then you run up to the same scientist and again the same inscription appears in the lower left corner. Run to this box again and find the same first-aid kits there. You can do this as many times as you like..

To begin with, I will say that the A-life system works in the stalker, which means that random events occur at random times. For example, I was lucky to find the corpse of a veteran stalker who had an automatic grenade launcher “Thunderstorm” (!!), and besides, that stalker was a craftsman, and upgraded Thunderstorm (during his lifetime, of course), now cartridges are suitable for her AK-74 (!!!).
Further. At the base of the bandits in the Dark Valley, there is, among other things, a handful of suits, including the suit of the Duty group, which is very useful, better and more expensive than the Stalker’s suit. In the underground laboratory, in the same Dark Valley, barrels will be thrown at you. Do not despair, find a moving object like ball lightning and shoot as you should. Oops! Yes, it’s a monster! Yes, this darling’s name is POLTERGEIST. There are 15 of them, and they respawn (!!!). On the same base, you can find a pumped-up AK-74 with a grenade launcher attached to it. There are 2 grenades nearby. (in the same room). By the way, there are a lot of useful artifacts and other weapons on this base. Good luck stalkers!

1. For those who need rare cartridges for “vintar”, etc., or just need guns like Abakan and the like, go here ->
At the base of duty, after you pass the first warehouse on your way to the bar, there is a bonfire at the exit on the right. So you approach him. There is an opening between the building and the chimney, filled with ventilation chimneys. Climb over them, it’s sparse, right across from the house, there’s a long-time guy, he won’t give you up, he’s a local huckster. He will ask why he came, and buy what you need. He also has tasks there. Here is a backward gallop, not a return. It is impossible in a normal way, debt does not let strangers go there, shoots. So we go back the same way. Along the pipes, upwards. Only there is a suspicion that the developers did not want to let people out like that, but everything is possible, after 2 minutes it will work out. Squat there and stuff. I always succeed.
2. Not advice, so funny. As soon as you come to debt (from the side of the landfill again), go through the cordon, there are crosses further, we come to the very last. We jump to that part of the cross that is lower than the other, then to the very top of the head, then to the pillar that connects the gates, then to the gate and voila, we are outside the designated area. If you want, you can go back, but after running to the opposite side.
3. Open the console (~), write Save – enter, and quick save is ready.

If you want to get Vintar, for free, then go to the Warehouses, to the Freedom base. As you approach the checkpoint (which is in front of the bridge, behind which the base itself begins) at the entrance to the base, go straight, at the intersection you will see a Tank with a torn caterpillar to the right of the road. We turn left, the road is blocked by a tree, we go around it on the left and we find ourselves between two barracks. At one of the steps in front of the door, at the other a wooden platform, go into the one with the platform. We go straight along the barracks to the far left corner and CAREFULLY look at the floor. Here he lies dear.
Vintar is an automatic shotgun with an integrated sniper scope and a built-in silencer. By all accounts – the best long-to-medium range gun I have come across. But the clip for 10 rounds breaks off strongly. In general, I went with her alone to cut off the Psi emitter in Yantar. The cannon has proven itself superb. For comparison – Obokan knocks Snork in a nest with 20 rounds, a vintar – with 4, 5.
By the way, I found a PDA on one corpse, with the info that in the laboratory (in amber), in the elevator shaft there is a switchboard (there is only one elevator shaft, so it’s not difficult to find), and there is a swag hidden in it. I was not too lazy, looked around and found this shield … In general, as a result, I became one more Vintar richer smile and put it off until the first one wears out.

You do not have to turn off the third brain burner and not be dragged to the radar station, destroying all life in your path. You just have to boldly break through to Pripyat. You will be severely injured by psi radiation, but there are first-aid kits against injuries. When you get to Pripyat, you will be told that the task is completed and a group of stalkers will be waiting for you to break through to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Sometimes you come across tasks to kill one or another stalker, but he is located in a protected area (for example, Debt, or Vaults) and it is very difficult to kill him so that the whole group does not take up arms. But there is an oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-very easy way: we roll up to the victim 2-3 barrels of gasoline (for the children of the Zone – red, which), shoot at them a couple of times with a weapon that has a silencer and voila – our victim glued the flippers, and you have nothing to do with it and the mission is completed! P.S. 3 barrels are enough to blow up a stalker in an exoskeleton.

To carry away a larger number of things (the weight of things is limited – 50kg), they can be folded into a corpse (any amount) and the corpse with things can be transferred to any box and transferred. So you can carry as many things and weapons as you like, but only in this location..

In one of the first tips, it was said that you can find the Black Eagle pistol on the corpse of Gordon Freeman. The pistol is definitely powerful. But do you want to find a real weapon of destruction? But you don’t have to go far (in the sense of Gordon’s corpse). We go into the container, opposite which Freeman lies and we notice there a suitcase, we rock it and it falls out … a modification of the black eagle is a big ben! The cannon is about 1.5 (!) Times more powerful than the previous one. Hence the question: Why pay more?

There is one way to distract evil dogs from yourself – for this, a corpse is taken and when dogs attack you from the front, we throw the corpse under our feet and retreat backward to a safe distance from which you can shoot them without any problems.

Even in the first zone behind the ATP, where bandits like to live, it is expensive. Walk along this path to the tunnel, before you come closer to it, save yourself and pick up an assault rifle or a pistol, the shotgun did not help me (a combat draw came out), but I got it out of the pistol with two shots. Then we go into the tunnel (it is not large) and select there a modified bandit jacket – “Chain Jacket”. By the way, periodically return to the gangster ATP. These bastards appear there periodically.

If you want to arrange debriefing with the military, no problem! Get a modified Thunder assault rifle chambered for 5 * 45 from Kalash, a kick-ass military current and fly off. As soon as you have acquired a serious barrel, blow to the military base in the first zone, around it there are still YELLOW TRIANGULAR signs “STAND FIRE TO DESTROY”. I found there a bunch of gun cartridges and some military documents in a white case. I don’t know what to do with them yet. Also, poke around the carriages on the railway with a collapsed bridge there are several caches with artifacts.

I would like to suggest how to find cool suits:
1. At the very beginning, the stalker rescued at the factory (quest with a flash drive) has a job, to find a jacket, the jacket can not be given, but left to yourself. Another, slightly worse, lies in the corner, in a pile of boxes, in the building next to the elevator.
2. Quest Agroprom, in the Shooter’s cache – behind a large pipe, in the corner is a stalker suit, still there, on the wall, an excellent upgraded machine gun, on which you can then attach a sight and a grenade launcher.
3. On the basis of duty (how to get there is described by the author above) from Colonel Petrenko you take a quest to kill a traitor who has gone to Freedom, kill (as described by the author above) and get an excellent suit, and almost at the beginning of the game.
4. I found the same suit in the Wild Lands (towards Amber) there is a platform with a leaky canopy, and a building with boarded up windows, but one window is not clogged, pull the box and climb in one of the rooms, in the safe a suit (there is radiation).

In the location “Army warehouses” (there is also a base of the “Freedom” grouping) not far from the entrance to the location, to the left of the road, there is a village with bloodsuckers (to destroy these bloodsuckers you can take a quest from the Hunter in the bar), in this village, in the subfield of one from the houses (inside the house) there is a 6-round RG-6 grenade launcher for VOG-25 grenades, there are several such grenades nearby.

Do not openly kill members of the “Duty” grouping, even if you are offered such a quest (“Svobodovtsy”, for example ..), otherwise there will be big problems with visiting the bartender. And if you sew someone in the bar, then everyone will turn against you..

Check the wooden grave crosses on which the iron is nailed? a sign and a gas mask hanging, usually under it is a disguised cache.

The box with documents from the military base on the first level can be given to Sidorovich after completing the first special assignment. It will be like the second special mission.

1. On the map of the military base, go to the village. We go to the water tower by climbing on it. Voila artifact spring – gives only plus and no minuses (+30 hit)
2. Many probably tried to find the lost gun. So here it is in the underpass at the very end. Go through traps carefully and pick up artifacts. By the way, the artifacts here are always different, so for example I came across 2 artifacts there +103 tired. Most often there is a cheaper analogue of this artifact..
3. In my opinion, the best armor is given to scientists after the completion of the mission in the 18th laboratory.
4. Snipers are bullshit. There is no way to use it in full force in the game. A Kalash with a sight will replace it or a vintar. Besides, you can’t run with a sniper. Bazooka – too heavy, no use at all.
5. Helicopters at nuclear power plants are endless.
6. If you decide to take out the Svobodovtsev base – it makes no sense, the soldiers are infinitely reborn again.
7. The ending of the game (desire) depends on the reputation.
8. The game is buggy and you can earn a bad reputation even from a simple task: build an artifact, bring a weapon, clean up the area from mutants.
9. Search all corpses. They may contain important information: caches, passwords for locked doors, zone history, etc..
10. At the location where the helicopter crashes there is a house (near the railway station). Climb onto the roof and carefully make your way through the hole in the roof. Go down carefully along the beams. in one of the rooms in the house there is a safe, in it there is armor (at the very beginning of the game, you better not find it). You can get out of the house through the window. In the printer, you can enter the house through the window (drag the box), then press the button to sit down and shift.
11. Well, in general, run everywhere look. The most rare things are always found where you never thought to look for them.

1) Complete the tasks of the bar visitors. For them they give unique artifacts that I have not met anywhere else (+5 bullet resistance; +30 to electroshock, etc.).
2) Also, many dudes give tasks to bring them unique armor or weapons. They give you the coordinates of such caches, but no one bothers you to keep them for yourself.
3) At the end of the game, there is a cache in the sarcophagus where you can take an exo-skeleton – the best armor in the game. In one of the rooms there is a staircase down – and there is a blue box. But there is strong radiation, so it would be nice to have a corresponding artifact.
4) To see the 2 endings of the game, you need to take a quest to the doctor in an underground cache in the agricultural industry, a room indicator with a decoder will appear on the map in Pripyat, we will also take it in the sarcophagus, at the very end, not far from the wish-fulfiller, where you can go around the corridor there is a staircase upstairs. Get out, go to the door, open it, go inside.

1) Scientists give more money for artifacts than others, such as a bartender.
2) As soon as you go to the location that goes to the burner, behind the stones, almost reaching the booth with a barrier, there is a bag with grenades for an underbarrel grenade launcher (6 pieces).
3) An artifact with a stamina of about 100% can be found in the area where the helicopter with the scientists fell, behind all the cars in a recess in the wall, in the grass. Although its position, as I have noticed, may change.
4) In the same place we climb the crane, jump into the driver’s booth, there is a lot of useful things and an armored bandyuk vest.
5) Things can also be hidden in car trunks.

In STALKER it was said that weapons cannot be repaired. With some persistence – you can! At the base of Svobodovtsy there are several “permanent corpses”, and if you put the necessary weapons in their backpacks, for example, pumped but killed trunks, then you can eventually achieve 95%. By the same principle, if we put weapons in backpacks for which it is difficult to get cartridges – SVD, Gauss cannon, etc., then we have a constantly replenishing stock of necessary cartridges.

I would like to suggest how to find cool suits:
1. Quest Agroprom (Shooter’s cache) – behind a large pipe, in the corner is a stalker suit, still there, on the wall, an excellent upgraded machine gun, on which you can then attach a sight and a grenade launcher!
2. On the basis of duty (how to get there is described by the author above) from Colonel Petrenko you take a quest to kill a traitor who has gone to Freedom, kill (as described by the author above) and get an excellent suit!
3. I found the same suit in the Wild Lands (towards Amber), there is a platform with a leaky canopy, and a building with boarded up windows, but one window is not blocked, drag the box and climb in one of the rooms, in the safe (there is radiation! ) Good luck!

In the dungeons of the Research Institute of Agroprom, near the tunnel with “jellied meat” there is a side room. It looks like there is nothing there … but if you climb up the hill near the far wall, then there is a “Sea Urchin” – a rather rare artifact. In the same place, if you sit in the room a little longer (I don’t know how everyone else), a bloodsucker still appears.
When you find Shooter’s cache, search it thoroughly. There should be a “Fireball”, AKM upgraded, stalker kurtets and small cartridges. See also info about the Arrow).

There is a very convenient secret in the dump. It is located at the havod \ factory where stalkers and bandits are always gathered. There in the building there is a central part, and on the sides there are recesses. If you enter from the side of the road, and not from Agroprom, then this is the first opening to the right. There is a chest of drawers. We need to open its doors and look at the tape recorder. Here he is. In the course there is an eternal war and this cache is very useful for putting things there..

At the same dump, on the northern aisle, there are debt workers. If you feel bad about going in there when they won’t let you in, then you only need to kill 1 debt. He is standing with a shotgun at the very doors between 2 more dudes. Those. you need to kill him and quickly run forward and you will get exactly where you got hot.

At the dump, where the dump of transport is, at the end of it there is a den of bandits, which the Imp also asks for help to clean. If you go further, then there is a tempting field of artifacts, inexpensive, but there are many of them. Despite their attractive appearance, it is better not to go there – some simply fly away into the sky under the action of anomalies that are activated when you approach, while others are in HUGE radiation. In general, your sortie will not give anything useful there =)

Such a feature helps a lot in the Arena – turn on night vision before taking part in the battle. Without turning it off, we agree on a fight. And we find ourselves in the Arena with the included night vision even without protection. suit.

To see the 2 true endings of the game, connected with awareness, you do not have to take the decoder in Pripyat. To do this, go to the coded door with a gauss cannon (it is easy to find it in the sarcophagus). Save, because it may not work the first time and you will waste ammo. Then get close to the door, lean to the side and shoot at the door handle and it will bounce off, but then close quickly, so you need to be patient and catch the best moment to break through..

In the Wild Territory, you can find two rarest artifacts (they always lie there)
1. In the tunnel not far from Gordon Freeman, the film is called (so green) + 30% of the chemical. burns, price 5000r.
2. Opposite the sniper tower there is a truck that crashed into the garage, and in the next one there is an anomaly of jellied meat (green bubbling liquid), near it there is a mica artifact (-400% bleeding, 5000r).

After talking to the demon and completing the task of pacifying the bandits for him, we run a little towards Bar. There are some concrete floors on the right where the bandits are hiding. So, if you lure them closer to Bes and make sure that the bandits knock him out, you will get a shortened AK with an integrated silencer. I’ve never met such people anywhere else.

When turning to the burner (exit from the Duty base), we first go through the workshop and only after it we go to the next level. So, before you leave, turn left, there is a bush, and behind the bush there is a cache with a cross. There are 5 F-1 grenades.
At the dump of equipment Bes will ask you to help repel the attack of the bandits. If you really want to spend bullets and time – wait. A whole bunch of bandyukov will heap, and if you don’t want to, then before talking with the Demon (save yourself before entering the dump), run to the bandyukov. They sit behind the dump. Prepared. You don’t need to come close to them – they will notice. Go around them on the right, throw 3-4 grenades. And rush back, or the rest will be shot. And then talk to Bes. He will remain alive forever after the attack, and the bandyukov will be with gulkin…
At the location of the Svoboda people, someone wrote that they found in the village, to the left of the main road, in the basement, RG-6. He should be there. This is a quest with a chef.
In the wild, you don’t have to go into the station house to get a suit through the window. Why such difficulties? climb the stairs to the roof of the neighboring house and carefully follow the pipe to the station house. Only when you go down into the hole in the roof of the house, try not to fall into the hole with sparkling – you will not get out. Game, as they say, Over.

An unlimited amount of money can be obtained from scientists (Sakharov) on amber. To do this, after returning with a round from the assignment, go to Sakharov and activate the conversation start key. He thanks and immediately gives the soul artifact, which he also buys. Further than gratitude, the dialogue does not continue, but exit the dialogue mode. You start talking again with sugar. He thanks again and gives this artifact, which we sell to him. You can do this as many times as you like until you collect the required amount of money. For example, I bought an exoskeleton from a curmudgeon based on freedom and armored suits from the same Sakharov, after I turned off the emitter.

To get a vintar there is a third way, after talking with the barman, go to the base of the debt, they will let you through, since the bartender gave you a word, after which you will talk to the senior of the debt, he will give you the task to find BULLDOG – 6. He is on the base freedom, after completing the quest you will receive a vintar and an improved long-time suit.

When you leave the landfill in the bar, when crossing the fence, pay attention to the anomaly that stands right on the road. Look, there must be something interesting near it. For example, I found there a “Thunder”, and even converted for cartridges from AK. It’s just that when the military leave the bar and run towards the Outpost of Duty, then they just fall into this anomaly. Before my eyes, a couple of military men ran like that, hit, took off, spun and exploded. So there may be some useful things..

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