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December 15, 2020
6 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Settlers / Heritage of Kings, The: Advice (Tips & Tactics)

Kahlua. This mission can be completed easier than described in the main description.
First, about the robbers – they have only two camps: one side by side and the second near the camp of the peasants. Because of them, there is absolutely no need to prepare a defense of pikemen and swordsmen, just at the very beginning we deal with them with the help of our heroes and their super abilities and forget about the robbers completely.
Secondly, when we start to buy out the mines, then it is easier to give them 2000 and forget about them than to build towers with ballistae against the peasants and fight with them, they will not attack us.
Thirdly, when we repel the attack and defend the port town, it will become clear that the Mordred troops are attacking only from one side – from the side of two towers. We build there about 6-7 towers with ballistae and keep heroes and peasants nearby for repair. A tower with ballistae is enough to repel attacks, even though there will be cannons among the attackers. Now about our artillery: normal siege cannons with an improved chassis, they hit well, but are slow to build and require a lot of resources. In addition, they require a complete upgrade of the steel shop and a bunch of what else! But the most inconvenient thing is that the workshop makes only one cannon per building click. Conclusion: nafig they are needed. We build a stable right next to the two towers of the port town and completely upgrade it, we upgrade the forge and armor, we occupy the second village center for more capacity of residents and for a larger number of soldiers. We create only heavy cavalry (such that the horses already had horseshoes) to the eyeballs. Together with the heroes, we send them (divided into two squads) to the Mordred base. The heavy cavalry will destroy the turrets with cannons in 10-15 seconds, and the second squad will hold back the enemy infantry. For 2-3 raids (maximum 4) nothing will remain from the Mordred base.

I went through this mission in a different way, perhaps for many, my version of the passage will help to pass this mission faster.
We really don’t touch the mines with iron that the peasant points to (they are located near the river, not far from our castle), since al will constantly try to recapture and restore them, and we do not have much time in this mission, besides you can capture and hold one mine, but then the enemy will constantly raid on it and we will have to keep heroes there for the defense, and we need them in other places badly.
The task concerning water for the priest and reconnaissance in the enemy camp of the girl Ari can not be done – the victory will not be taken away from us because of this, but we will save time!
What we do: we activate all the mines that are in the priest’s area, settle down, extract resources, but we are not very carried away, since there is little time. A small supply of iron in the priest’s area is quite enough to make the necessary discoveries at the university and a couple of upgrades related to armor. You don’t have to build the market, as well as cavalry in this mission. As soon as the peasants have the opportunity to build towers with ballistas, we send them along with the heroes (if the iron mines were not captured, you should not worry about the defense of our camp – no one will attack him) to whose allies we need to protect, we are only interested in one building – this the main castle since the enemy destroys only it and only after its destruction the mission will be lost. Near the main castle, we find a bunch of ally’s crossbowmen and put heroes side by side, and the peasants must build towers – 6 of them are enough to hold back the attack. Naturally, we add pickers to the heroes – the more, the better. We leave the peasants who built the towers nearby – in which case, they will help to repair the towers (3-4 farm laborers are enough) .
As soon as winter comes, we will have only 20 minutes before the enemy attack. Attack from two sides, from one barbarians from the other troops of the Mordred. In the first minutes we do not pay attention to the barbarians – our main task is to destroy the Mordred’s cannons (they are rather weak), and the allies will hold the barbarians for now. After the destruction of the cannons, there is nothing complicated and dangerous – you should not get into the bases of the mordred, and there will be no repeated attacks from his side. The main thing here is to keep an eye on the palace and not go far from it. After the bulk of the barbarians is also destroyed, al will begin to send 2-3 barbarians and so on ad infinitum. To interrupt this boring process, we cross the lake exactly along the same path from which the barbarians came, and cross to their camp. The route is very successful, as walking along it we do not come across towers with ballistae and go straight to the barbarian castle. After 5 minutes of fucking the castle we are awarded the victory.

Following the previous tactical advice for this mission, I completely improved the heavy cavalry. But by the time of the last upgrade, I already had the “Weather Tower” ready. Then everything is very simple: we turn on winter, strictly to the east along the fence of the port, further along the ice almost to the border of the map we send “Serva”. It goes to the foot of the plateau, and it is on it that the vile occupants have taken hold. We click him on the top of this very plateau, here is our valiant scout and shows the only way from the rear to the main castle of the enemy. “Serva” let them kill, he did his job. I only had 6 units of heavy horsemen (6 captains and, accordingly, 3 privates each), 30 seconds and the main castle of the enemy was destroyed, and if I send “Eric” with the cavalry, with his ability to increase damage, then time to eradicate evil, vice and tasting will go away twice as fast. And inappropriately breaks through all the enemy fortifications!!!

You can skip the winter, but after the first two towers we turn to the south and along the water edge to the rear.

If you run up to the treasure box with several players at the same time, then you will get several treasures at once.

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