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April 23, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Sheltered: Tip (Hacking Inventory with ArtMoney)

Found an easy way to multiply items using artmani!!!!

Hacking works when there are at least 2-3 items. We do it very simply – we collect the expedition on the map and before sending it on the screen for replenishing the team’s inventory we do this:

For example, we need to make a lot of nails..

1. Turn on artmani to search for all values ​​of the number of nails in a given storage cell.

2. We transfer items from the warehouse inventory to the team inventory, following with the help of artmani the changes in the warehouse inventory. ATTENTION! In no case should ALL nails be allowed to move to the squad’s inventory! At least one must remain in the vault, otherwise the artmani will lose tracking the cell of the vault inventory where the nails lay.

3. There should be 2 values ​​”Integer 4 bytes”.

4. We fix these values ​​with the help of artmani and continue to fill the inventory of the expedition members with the number of nails that you need.

5. Now comes the most important thing. If you cancel the expedition, everything will be lost. And in order not to be lost, the expedition still needs to be sent. But, as soon as they go to the exit, you calmly click on the transmitter, open the map, and demand the return of the expedition! Voila! The guys came back almost immediately with pockets full of nails.!

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