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October 14, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Silent Hunter 3: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

In principle, you can fully understand the controls in this game in 3 days. But to learn how to play so that you are not drowned, it will take much more time!
Read books! The tactics used by German submariners during World War II also work in the game..

Council number 1. When patrolling, especially at night and always in bad weather, spend more time underwater. An acoustician can hear the sound of ships’ propellers through a hydrophone at a much greater distance than the watchmen can see on the bridge. Just do not overdo it, watch the amount of CO2, otherwise the team will simply suffocate!

Council number 2. Do not under any circumstances engage enemy aircraft! Dive urgently at the sight of enemy planes. With their bombs, they can cause quite severe damage to the boat. And it is difficult to bring them down; even if you do, you will pay for it with dead crew members and destruction on the submarine. It is not worth it.

Council number 3. When attacking single ships, one or two torpedoes should be fired, depending on the size of the transport. After being hit, surface and finish off from the deck gun. But! This works until a certain time, until they began to mount guns on the transports (until about 1942). If you see prow or stern guns through the periscope, stay underwater.

Council number 4. The convoy should attack at night. It is at night that you will have the opportunity to approach the convoy as close as possible and attack with the highest efficiency. Choose bigger goals. If there is a large tanker, be sure to shoot at it with two torpedoes. The remaining 2 can be fired either by 2 small ships, or by one large one. After that, turn around 180 degrees and shoot from the feed apparatus. You can choose a ship that did not sink after the first torpedoes.

Council number 5. On the other hand, it is very difficult to attack a convoy when the enemy has radars on the escort ships, but there is no radar on the boat, or it is worse. Therefore, proceed as carefully as possible! Attack at the extreme distance or close to it. We release torpedoes and immediately to the depth.

Council number 6. Learn to use a magnetic fuse on torpedoes! It is necessary in the reference book (which is located to the left of the periscope or UZO) to find the desired ship and see the depth at which the keel is. Then, on the tactical map in the settings, set the desired depth of the torpedo stroke and switch the magnetic fuse on the torpedo. Ideally: the torpedo passes under the bottom of the ship as close as possible to it, but without touching; the fuse is triggered, and the ship (almost any) is broken in half!

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