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April 17, 2020
28 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Sims: Makin ‘Magic, The: Advice (Game Tips & Tactics)

Calculate the path of a star
And plant gardens,
And tame the typhoon –
Magic can do anything…

You settled on Sim Lane just a few … just a couple of years ago … During this time, your tiny house has turned into an architectural masterpiece like the Winter Palace, you got married three times, got divorced twice, had children eight times, twice dogs, spoke with social workers several times, acted in films three times, and recorded six albums. In general, we had fun with all four … six … eight … in general, with numerous add-ons to the fullest. But, fortunately, or vice versa, unfortunately, this is the last one. So what is he preparing for us?

In the City of Sims, there are two types of magic: spells (or, as our people, who have long been accustomed to the fantasy genre, call them, spells) and spells. Spells are cast using a wand and require some special ingredients. The lion’s share can be bought, although some have to be earned by hard righteous and hard unrighteous labor. Spells are cast only once. Enchantments are spells that are cast on objects that remain in the house and, after a single production, can be used several times. In general, the analogy with Harry Potter is obvious. Who knows will understand.
Of course, if you wish, the enchanted object can be sold.

– Are there any spells to make money?
– Dozens. But you can’t get the ingredients. What no one can understand, continued Miss Price, is that very few spells work without special attributes. You see, you must have what you transform, and what you do it with.
M. Norton.

To cast a spell, you need to find the right ingredients. All but one ingredient can only be found in the Magic City. There are three ways to get them: buy, exchange or beg. Moreover, there are several ways to get the same ingredient. Some can even be obtained at home. Children, for example, in the Magic City do not sell or exchange anything, so all the ingredients they need for spells, the children get at home … Again, there is discrimination, but what can you do!
To buy an ingredient, you need magic coins – a special type of currency like tokens on the Rest Island (they are added to your inventory in the same way). Only the Sim who possesses them can spend magic coins. They are not available to all family members like Simoleons. But by the way, you can also buy some useful things in the magic kitchen for simoleons, for example, the same food products. To purchase magic components, you need to go to the appropriate vendor and select the “Spend coins” option. However, there is a small trap here: items that are worth more than your cash will not even be offered to you.!
Some ingredients can be asked for by completing a quest for them. To do this, select the “Talk” option, and you will be sent on a mission, which, however, does not require much mental effort and financial costs from you. After completing the test, go back to the seller and select “Talk”, and you will receive the desired product as a reward.
Finally, some ingredients can be traded. Once again, approaching the seller, click on the “Barter” option. The seller will ask you for something in exchange. If the required item is in your inventory, you will receive the required item in return..
There are only three vendors in the Magic City. Apothecary Todd, dressed in plaid overalls and a black hat, is usually seen on the large yellow and gray lots, as well as the large and small green lots. On the last two lots, you will also find Queen Mara with wings on her back. And on gray lots you can find Vicky Vampiress, a deceased with an earthy face and in high black boots.

In addition to the vendors, some items can be exchanged with the snake charmer Nagganaste, who is usually located in the same place as Todd. You will immediately recognize him, he wears a turban and a robe.
Only adult Wizard Sims with a wand can complete the tasks of the wizard vendors. The sellers’ tasks themselves are different, for example, you may be asked to transfer an ingredient from the seller to someone present on the lot, or, on the contrary, take the ingredient from some Sim and give it to the seller, disperse the sleeping clouds, raise the mood of the Sim specified by the seller, win a competition to recolor toadstools, solve a gravestone puzzle, or even defeat a salesman in a magic duel.
To send a package to Sim, just find a Sim with this name on the lot, select him and click on the “Ask about” option. If you mix it up and give the package to the wrong Sim, then you will not be able to demand it back and you will not receive a reward from the seller, so be careful.
To, on the contrary, get an ingredient for the seller, you need to find a Sim who has it. To do this, you will have to click on all Sims on the lot and select “Ask about”. Moreover, even if you find a Sim with the desired product, he will not want to give it to you for free and will sell it to you for 25 simoleons.
To improve Sim’s mood, just talk to him. Again, make no mistake. Spending an hour chatting with just anyone … will not be superfluous, but it is very insulting.
To dispel sleep clouds, you need to click on them and select the “Dispel” option until they all dissolve and disappear.
In the competition with toadstools, you need to find and touch as many toadstools as possible. When Sim performs the “Touch the toadstool” option, its color should change to blue.
Wiki usually gives the task to put the puzzle out of the tombstones. If you click on one monument, all that are on the same line horizontally and vertically change their position to the opposite. If they were hidden, they appear, and vice versa. The puzzle is considered solved if all monuments appear on the surface.

Below is a list of ingredients and methods for obtaining them.

Sold for Simoleons:

Bakery mix 10
Butter 20
Elderberry 15
Grapes 30
Honey 20
Pet food (if, of course, you have Unleashed installed, sold in Studiotown) 40
Sugar 8
You can get your own oil, elderberry and grapes, or you can buy it on the counter in the magic city. Dragon food is not suitable as pet food, only food for cats and dogs. And the spell itself with it is available only if you have Unleashed installed.

Ingredients sold by Queen Mara:

Diamond dust 199 MM (magic coins)
Gold thread (for facelift, not otherwise) 14MM
Dust Elves 31 MM
Sands of Time 25 MM

Items from Vicky Vampiress:

Dragon Toy 8MM
Dragon nest 49MM
Dragon Scale 21 MM
Dragon’s Tears 24 MM
Dragon Treat 5 MM

Apothecary Todd sells this:

Beeswax 17 MM
Llama Saliva 25 MM
Magic Beans 27 MM
Toadstools 9 MM
Toad sweat 21 MM

Ingredients that can be traded:

Four-leaf clover = honey for Mary
Rubber Chicken = Elderberry Nectar for Todd
Garlic = Wiki’s Beeswax
Serpentine venom = golden thread to the snake charmer

Finally, the ingredients to beg for:

Clown confetti (they can only be obtained from lots where there are clowns), most likely confetti is given by Apothecary Todd.
Ice glass with equal probability will be given to you by any seller.
Pegasus feathers are usually given by Mara.
Mage’s eyelashes (obviously yours won’t work), most often obtained from Vicky Vampiress.

In addition, other ingredients are sometimes used. Black roses, for example, if, of course, you have Superstar installed. A fan brings them to the Sims Stars when their Fame rating is over two and a half stars, and places roses on the ground near the house. But what if your Sim is not a star? You can use the SimCategoriser program and then buy these roses with the move_objects on code enabled. True, I don’t see any particular expediency here. Why do you need to conjure yourself world glory if you are not going to be a star?

Finally, there is magic dust. It is used in children’s spells and can be obtained by playing with toys from an old pink chest. True, it does not appear every time. The chest is sold in Buy mode -> Miscellaneous -> Entertainment.
Most spells are cast on objects other than the caster, so if you only have one Sim in your family, there will be much less fun. If all your previous Sims were loners, do not be lazy to create a new family, where there will be at least two adult Sims. One of them may be a wizard, and the other, following the familiar terminology, a Muggle – a guinea pig, in other words…
Spells vary in a wide range, from useful in the household and almost irreplaceable, to completely stupid and worthless. Keep track of how much and when you cast. Just like in Harry Potter, there is an organization that strictly monitors the use of magic. If you dig too deep into the use of spells, or a Sim who does not own magic sees the process of casting a spell, you will be fined a very large amount. By the way, children who use magic are also not immune from fines..
If you are greedy … tight-fisted … economical … In general, in this case you can make some ingredients at home. Almost like a vegetable garden in Unleashed, only now you can buy vines and elderberry seedlings and plant them on the corresponding beds, which are available in Build mode. Then you can grow elderberries and even set up your own vineyard! Moreover, as in the heyday of magic, that is, the Middle Ages, subsistence farming is flourishing. You now have the opportunity to buy a spinning wheel and spin Golden threads or buy a churn and make butter with your own hands, and much more….
Another nice thing: the official site of The Sims has uploaded a new object called the Magic Cabinet. Outwardly, it is not much different from a bookcase, but it allows you to store ingredients inside, and, as a result, share them with the whole family, including children. Wonderful!

First word, first step…

Whenever a new family moves into the house, or when you first start playing with an old family after installing Makin ‘Magic, a mysterious stranger appears. He rings the doorbell, drops the box, and leaves. It is impossible to communicate with him. It is believed that this is an employee of the Ollivander & Co’s wand delivery service, but there is no evidence of this.
Now, if one of your Sims opens the box, they will find a cover letter, some ingredients, and some starting equipment inside. You will get a Hole in the ground, an e-book of spells (progress, twenty-first century in the yard!) And a charger for the magic wand … These objects you can move while in Buy mode, but keep in mind that Nora must always be outside rather than in your carpet in the middle of the living room. In addition, you will be presented with a magic wand, 35 magic coins and three ingredients for free. When you empty the box, it will disappear.
Now place the items in their places and make Sim look at the spell book. Be sure to make sure that the Sim with the wand is doing it. Otherwise, the poor man will have a slight shock and a rude, unpleasant surprise. First of all, select the “Ask about” option. After satisfying your curiosity, select “View Spells”. Spells are presented by type and divided into six pages. The required ingredients are listed for each spell. There are 21 spells and enchantments in total, but the specifics of each of them are not explained to you. Before the spell fully appears, you need to try casting it. However, if any wizard in the family has already cast this spell, then another member of the family who has a wand can, using the book, cast it too.
So, click on the first spell, select it and go through the list of required ingredients. By some amazing coincidence, these are the ingredients you already have: oil, toadstools, toad sweat. Now go to the stick power unit and add three ingredients there. Then select it and click on the “Charge wand” option. Your wand can now cast a new spell once. Come on, come on, what appeared in the book of spells? Look it over again and you will find that a spell called “Toadification” has appeared. Now you can temporarily turn any Sim into a toad!

Want to try? Right now? Excellent! Pick another family member as you usually do when you want to chat. Now select “Conjure” (you may need to press Tab for this option to appear). Then choose a spell: you still have one. It doesn’t matter where the caster is, but where the target is, and what is the distance between them. If the spell succeeds, you will watch a large warty frog jumping around the house instead of Sim for a few brief moments! Congratulations!
Now that the first spell has already been learned, you do not need to repeat the entire sequence of actions to cast it again. A quick recharge of the wand will be sufficient. You will still need the ingredients from your inventory, but you will no longer have to mix them like for the Toadification spell. Just go to the Power Supply of the stick with the necessary ingredients in your inventory, select “Recharge” and then the name of the spell.

I wanted to make a thunderstorm,
And got a goat,
Pink goat
With a yellow stripe…

As soon as you get some money, it’s time to expand the list of available spells. To do this, you need ingredients, and for ingredients you need magic coins. They can be obtained by performing simple magic in the Magic City. But keep in mind that the more difficult the spell you show, the more you earn. However, even if you fail to conjure anything, you will still receive a small monetary reward “for courage.” Try it, try is not torture. There are three places in total where you can show spells. This is a small table, a stage and a mystical scene. Luck on the standard scene is based on the Mechanics rating, while on the other two objects it is directly related to the Logic skill. So working out at home is not a bad idea. Nevertheless, watching failures is terribly funny, so before casting a spell properly, please yourself and others, make a mistake at least a little!
Once you switch from spells to enchantments, you need another special device. The principle of its operation is very similar to the principle of charging for a magic wand: it also takes three items to learn the spell proposed in the book..
In general, have fun for health. If you do not abuse this harmless occupation, then everything will be in order. One small “but”: you shouldn’t try your spells on other magicians. Yes, using muggles as white mice is inhumane, but after all, any bully will never climb to an equal in strength, and even more so to a strong enemy. Because you can get it on the neck. Here is the same story, with the only difference that hooliganism is the most magical, and a lightning strike will be more dangerous than a couple of cuffs.

– Would you like to have a dragon?
– All my life I wanted, from an early age…
From a conversation between Hagrid and Harry Potter.

Who, like Hagrid, hasn’t dreamed of his own little dragon? Now you have a chance to make your dream come true!
Go to the Magic City and go to any gray lot that has Vicky Vampiress. Buy a dragon’s nest from her and while you’re here, get a dragon treat and a chewy toy at the same time: let the baby sharpen his teeth! The dragon’s nest will cost you 49 magic coins. Typically American trick: apparently, one coin will be thrown off to you in honor of some sale, on the occasion of All Saints Day or International Day of the Magic Constitution, who knows…
Once you get home, your Sim will lay out a nest – a small crib with a dragon egg. After going to the Shopping menu, move the nest to wherever you like. Now you can lull the egg, rotate it or play music for it (the last option is SOMETHING!) Remember how many problems there are with a small child? You also need to lull him, feed him, sing … You need to get up to him in the middle of the night, not go to work for three days … But here is not even a child! The dragon is no joke to you!
Fortunately, newborn babies are much more obstinate than non-hatched dragons. As soon as the dragon hatches, this comparison will obviously change not in his favor, but that will be when! In a day. Exactly 24 hours, and then the dragon will be born. What he will be – it depends on his embryonic development, so to speak.
The purple-purple dragon or, as it is also called, the Torch is spoiled, lazy and passive. The thing is that he was lodged too much. If the Torch tries to die in flames, it obviously does not try properly: at least it never succeeds. The torch is a cute and obedient dragon, he behaves well, does not spoil things in the house, and in general, having such a pet is a pleasure! Cradle the dragon egg at least six times to hatch the Torch..
A red dragon or Burner hatches if not given attention. A burner is a rip-off, a bully and a fidget, revenge on negligent owners. If you don’t let him go free, he will set fire to everything that he comes across – and according to Murphy’s law he will come across the most expensive things in your house – and half the house to boot. Actually, Burner is quite obedient if he is in a good mood, but it’s very easy to get him out of this good mood! If the Burner breathes fire, whatever it hits will immediately go to flames. The burner is not a perfect pet, but a lot of fun. If the fresh life on Sim Lane bored you, start the Burner – you will not regret it. Getting it to hatch is easy: just don’t lull it or do it less than five times.
Golden Dragons are a cross between Burner and Torch. Their species name is Pyriti, and they are much more active than their purple counterparts, but not as excitable and aggressive as the Burner. Getting Piriti to appear is also easy: you just need to pacify him five times, then turn on the music for him and leave it there until hatching. Pyriti are very, very profitable dragons. Keep them and do not let go, and soon they will please you. But their fire-breathing ability is quite high, so be careful.
Actually, the number of interactions with the dragon egg is a decisive factor, but not the only factor. Have you heard the opinion that pets are in many ways similar to the owners and have more than once laughed at the phlegmatic Great Dane walking next to the serene owner? A dragon is not a dog for you, and yet … The personality of a dragon is largely determined by the personality of its mage master. For example, if the owner is very pleasant and calm, then even after fourteen actions with a dragon egg, you can end up with a Torch. Experiment and may luck be with you!

– But it’s illegal, ”said Ron. – Keeping dragons is prohibited by the Witchcraft Convention of 1709, everyone knows that. How sorcerers can hide from muggles if they keep dragons in the yard?..

Taking care of dragons is a pleasure, because they are extremely unpretentious animals. Do not discard the dragon’s nest after hatching: it will serve as a crib for your pet. Dragons sleep whenever they want, so you don’t need to worry about replenishing their Energy rating. In addition, they do not need bathing, TV and upholstered furniture: they replenish the Comfort rating while sleeping in the nest, and entertain themselves. You can play with the dragon from time to time, or you can just give him a chewy toy, and he will be happy without your tiresome presence. In terms of communication, dragons easily play with their own kind, and in the absence of such they are ready to be content with their own society. As Gringoire used to say from the immortal work of Hugo: “I spend time communicating with an interesting person – myself!”
In general, if the dragons need anything from you, it is food. A favorite delicacy of dragon cuisine is garden flowers. To make sure that your pet does not swell with hunger, always have five to six flower beds on the site. Moreover, flowers downloaded from the Internet or homemade flowers will not work here: perhaps their aesthetic qualities are good, but gastronomic ones leave much to be desired. Therefore, you will need “native”, Maxis flowers. Each flower bed will cost you only five simoleons – not too much to pay for such an exotic pet. Unfortunately, if you have a dragon, you can say goodbye to the dream of a well-kept garden. Look for positive moments in life: on the other hand, dragons do not gnaw bark like gophers and rabbits! So you can be calm for your shrubs and trees.
Having a dragon is, however, very risky. If you torture the beast, and it gets into a bad mood, then, regardless of its temperament and appearance, it will try to burn everything in the neighborhood. From your billiard table – just because it turned up under the arm – and ending with the coolest computer. One consolation: as long as you have half a dozen flower beds on your site, you can not be particularly afraid of the fate of the house. Come on and put on a fire alarm, of course!
Dragons do not appear on the list of your family members, unlike cats and dogs, but you can communicate with them as with ordinary pets. The benefits of dragons are also many, for example, you can get Dragon Tears or Dragon Scales. And for children, this is generally the only way to get these ingredients..
Four actions are applicable to dragons: “Release” (it is available only to adults), “Favorite” – pick up and stroke, “Brush” and “Tickle” – as a result of the last two actions, useful ingredients may appear. They can not only be added to the inventory and then used in spells, but also sold in the Magic City for magic coins. As a result, if you give your pet a lot of time, the dragon will pay for its existence with fantastic speed..
Plus, if you have The Sims Unleashed installed, there is an extra bonus waiting for you. The dragon plays with Al Bandito until this impudent creature runs away. Now from the rumble emitted by this cheeky raccoon, your Sims will stop jumping at three in the morning.
Finally, if you’re fed up with the dragon (read: fed up), you can always get rid of it. To do this, just select the “Release” option. Confirm the action and the dragon will stomp away from your property. Sometimes he can make such a decision himself: for example, if you neglected him for a long time. But only in this case, he will set fire to everything that he can reach, as the last .

– What is this, a witchcraft duel? – asked Harry … – And if I wave my wand and nothing happens?
– Throw it away and kick it in his nose, Ron said..
J.K. Rowling.

Are you still bloated like a soap bubble from the feeling of your own superiority? Can you make fun of the poor Muggles already? And to fight with equals? Weak? And with magicians one level higher?
So, choose a Sim wizard and head to the Magic City. Find a scene for duels, in the Magic City there are two such devices: on a large yellow lot and on a small gray one. For participating in a duel, you do not have to pay half of the annual income, on the contrary, you will receive a certain small amount of Magician coins regardless of whether you win or lose … But who goes to the duel to lose?!
Click on the scene to select the Sim you want to challenge to a duel from the list. You can fight with any of the Sims present on the lot who own magic. You can even challenge the vendor to a duel. If you are already confident in your abilities and are able to find and defeat a Sim with advanced logic and good magical talents, then a duel is a great way to earn Magic Coins. Since the duel does not affect the Sim’s abilities, but depends on yours, it is quite easy to win. Take it no more seriously than a rock-paper-scissors game. By and large, this is it, only furnished with cheap tricks like fireworks.
There are five colored balls on the steps, one of which becomes inactive for each duelist at the beginning of the round. The higher the ball is, the stronger the spell is considered. However, as in a card game, this “hierarchy” is closed: the weakest spell is stronger than the strongest. Each spell corresponds to some power. A sign resembling a snowflake is a black storm; the wind symbol is called a blue tornado; a sign that looks like fire is yellow sulfur. The red wave is indicated by three symbols – a dot with brackets on the sides. And, of course, there is also white lightning – how to do without banality? – marked with a lightning bolt.
There are four rounds in the game, and in each you can choose one of four spells. If you and your opponent choose the same spells, the round does not count. The goal is obvious – to win more rounds than your opponent, thereby winning the entire duel.
Each round, you and your opponent choose a spell. Therefore, all you need to do is to carefully monitor the color of your opponent’s spell, and then choose your own, which is stronger than him. You can determine which spell the enemy is going to use by the color of the flashing spheres on his side of the stage. A spell of each color corresponds to two spells that are stronger than it, and, accordingly, two spells that are weaker than it. But don’t wait too long with the choice.
By their strength, spells are built as follows: black storm, blue tornado, red wave, white lightning, yellow sulfur. At the same time, a black storm is stronger than white lightning and yellow sulfur, but weaker than a tornado and waves. And, for example, lightning is weaker than sulfur and storms, but stronger than waves and tornadoes, although tornadoes are stronger than yellow sulfur. Once you grasp this system and remember it, all Mage Coins are yours

From time to time, if your lot has a magical feed, or, in other words, it is sometimes used to conjure, various magical objects may appear on the lot. Listed below are these objects, their reasons, and how they are used..

Sun geranium

These are very beautiful and colorful flowers that Sims love. They grow in three stages, although they generally fade fairly quickly. When they grow to their maximum size, they can be used as nightstands or bedside tables, although Sims themselves do not use them this way by default..

Root of evil

The most unpleasant rubbish of all that can appear on the site. Curved, twisted roots of a dirty brown color. They also grow in three stages, but they are completely useless. Rumor has it that they appear if you overuse magic and conjure too much. But since there is no evidence of this, most wizarding society believes that these are just dirty rumors spread by Muggles..


Just like in the famous fairy tale about a seed of a bean, your Sims can raise a Bob and climb up into the skies. And what’s in there? That’s right, treasure!
You can only climb the stalk of a bean when it is about 16/17 of its maximum height. Unfortunately, not every bean can grow that tall at all. Each plant has its own height limit, beyond which it will not grow. This limit is determined when the bean appears and is an arbitrary number between 8 and 17. Therefore, the probability that the bean will grow to the height you want is about one in five..
On magic lots, the situation is a little different. There, the growth limit changes randomly in the range from 1 to 17 every time you come there, and it is impossible to find out it by any method. Therefore, with a successful coincidence of circumstances and a successful arrangement of stars in the sky, it will be possible to climb on.
Another disappointment awaits you in the event that you still manage to climb up. Maxis has reduced the size of the treasure to three magic beans, and the promised giant is none other than “Father of The Sims” Will Wright. Lolling in the seventh heaven, he sleeps and sees sweet dreams…
On magic sites, the bean grows by one for every 18 hours. In normal areas, the growth pause is 18 to 35 hours. If the bean has completely stopped growing, it will be quite reasonable to sell it. Moreover, all other things being equal, the game seeks to create one type of each of the four magical objects (geranium, beans, roots and crystals), and then begins to generate them randomly. Therefore, if you want a new bean, it is more profitable to get rid of the old one. If all three types are already on the site, but there is no bean, then it will appear first. Another “oh trouble, trouble, disappointment” – there is no way to influence the height of a bean that has stopped growing. They grow if you often conjure.


When a lot of magic mayhem is done on the lot, magic crystals may appear. To provoke their appearance, cast at least 10 spells every 6 hours if you live in the Magic City or, if you live in Sim City, at least 15 spells. The growth of crystals, as well as the growth of beans, is also impossible to influence in any way, they grow by themselves. There are 7 types of them in total: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and black – the main colors of the spectrum plus your favorite colors of magic. These crystals transfer magical powers to any Sim who touches them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a child or an adult, the main thing is that Sim has a wand and the ability to handle it. Therefore, get to the crystal yourself before selling it.!
To learn the spell from the crystal, just click on it and select: “Entertain”. Each Sim can use the crystal only once. But more is not needed, since the abilities acquired from the crystal remain forever. But one crystal can train up to three Sims, if it happens on a regular lot, and up to five, if on a magic.

So, a yellow crystal teaches the ability to perform magic tricks, white – to levitate, red – to set fire to the interlocutor’s legs, and green – to scare him. The purple crystal teaches teleportation, the blue one – hand beep, the black one – to suddenly disappear. Well, as usual, there is age discrimination: children can learn witchcraft only with the help of yellow, red and purple crystals. All learned tricks can be demonstrated by selecting them in the “Entertain” option in a conversation with the interlocutor.
Pay special attention to the fact that the appearance of the crystal depends on the presence of other magical objects on the site. If you want to get another crystal, but you, for example, do not have a single bean, do not even hope…


Toadstools are useful as ingredients for some spells. It is easier to grow a toadstool: it is enough to place many chairs in the shape of fungi around the site and do not forget to read them with your presence several times a day.

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