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March 13, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Sonic Adventure DX Director’s Cut: Tip (Game Tips and Tactics)

It’s no secret that new Chao can be obtained not only by crossing existing individuals. Eggs with them can be found during the game. True, it is not so easy to get the most rare specimens..

Silver chao egg.
Found in the Mystic Ruins. Touch the large slab to the right of the waterfall. In a few seconds, the silver egg will be washed ashore. Take it and go to the cave to the left of the waterfall. Get on the trolley, it will take you to the transport in Chao Garden.

Golden chao egg.
It can only be obtained after passing the Windy Valley level. Station Square. Go to the house in front of which Sonic’s first battle took place at the very beginning of the game. There is a stone egg on the lawn in front of the house. Take it and go to the antique shop. In the display case, you will see a golden egg. Take the golden egg, leaving the stone one instead. Take the find to Chao Garden.

Eggs will hatch gold and silver chao, and the shell can be sold profitably in the market.

Black chao egg.
On the Egg Bearer (Amy or E-102, but what’s the difference) near the so-called “Amy’s Prison” (right) lies a black chao egg. If you play Amy, it is better to break Robotnik’s record first (if the game has not been completed), otherwise the egg will disappear during the mini-game and you will have to come back for the egg again.
Shell cost in the store: 500 rings.

Once you start a new game, you can only play Sonic. First, you will need to defeat Chaos. This is a trifling matter, because you only need to hit him 3 times. Attention! You must have at least one ring to get into a fight with the enemy. If you have none, and the enemy hits you, then you have a khan.

Pay attention to all the things around you. They can tell you what to do next..

This is followed by the stage “Emerald Coast”. After this stage, you can play Tehils. When you start playing with him, go to Twinkle Park. There is a ditch, go there. There you will find something like a hatch, go upstairs. There you will find a bonus for yourself.

What can I say about Sonic, after the Windy Valley stage (I don’t remember how in Russian), if you have a Russian version of Sonic, there is one shortcoming of the translators. When you touch the hint near the station, some text will be hidden there. My hint: go where you fought Chaos for the first time. There will be a hatch, jump there. Then you jump upstairs and you have a bonus. Also: immediately after that, go to the hotel, go up the stairs. There is a door. Press the button and use your boots. There will be another bonus.

When fighting Perfect Chaos, speed up. This is the only way you can gain strength and bang it. When he gets stronger, try to jump over his shots. So you will keep your speed and rings.

When you pass with Amy, Zero (robot) will chase you in any level. Do not hammer it often, otherwise it will not be possible to hammer it at all. Dash him when he is aiming at Amy, otherwise … the khan will be! After 3 levels, there will be a final battle! Hammer him to the side where the electrical wires are, Amy should not touch them herself. Then hit the button with a hammer, this should be repeated 3 times. After that, Zero will end. So Amy’s Mission Will End.

To defeat the boss (Viper Bomb in the last level as Sonic), first hit the buttons on the viper’s body when Eggman gets out of his cabin. This process will be repeated 3-4 times. After the snake will begin to break the platforms, eventually reaching yours. Stick to the end of the platform where there are rings. To attack Eggman, you must first jump on wheels with needles.

To earn mini-games, you need to go at least 3-4 levels. What hero? Yes, for anyone. Just keep in mind, you need to complete the levels in the “Adventure”. Then in the main menu a line will appear between “Tasks” and “Settings” – “Collection of mini-games”.

It’s no secret that the game has emblems outside the levels. One of them is located at the Train Station. It’s best to get it by playing as Tails or Knuckles. You enter the platform in front of the train, reach its center and fly in the opposite direction from the train (Behind Tails). There, above the door, the Platform on which the emblem.

The other two emblems are found in the Mystic Ruins. They can only be obtained after the battle with Egmann. One on the roof of Tails Workshop. It’s easy to get it. The second is on the ledge behind the Workshop. There is no point in trying to jump. You can only get it for Tails.

There are two more emblems in the Jungle. For Sonic, you can get it only after the “Heavenly Deck” level. The first emblem can only be obtained by either Knuckles or Tails. She is near Big’s house, in a tree trunk. The second can be obtained for any character. She is behind a branch of a tree, on a path.

On the Egg, it is twice as difficult to get the emblems. For one you will have to fly to the umbrella, over the place of the battle with e102y. It’s in the very center of the platform. The second emblem is even more difficult to get. You need to go in and transform the ship, go out and go in again, but this time down. Check two doors – behind the same room with tables, there is a button, pressing it to expand the bed, on which there will be an emblem.

Chaos 6 can be defeated in 2 ways:
1) Shoot down a flying thing, wait for Chaos to start sucking in everything. Or throw the thing yourself.
2) Aim the rod well and throw (if playing Big).

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