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November 16, 2022
2 minutes

It’s no secret that there are emblems outside the level. One of them is at the station. It is best to get it, playing for Tayles or for the slide. You go to the platform in front of the train, reach her center and fly to the opposite direction from the train (for Tayles).There above the door platform on which emblem.

Two other emblems are in mystical ruins. They can be delivered only after the battle with Egmane. One on the roof of the workshop of Tailza. It is easier to get it simple. Second on the ledge for the workshop. Trying to dope does not make sense. You can only get it for Tailza.

Two more emblems are in the jungle. For the semonika can only be delivered after the level of “Heavenly Deck”. The first emblem can be obtained only either for the slide or for Tailza. She is near the house Big, in the trunk of a tree. You can get the second for any character. She is behind the branch of the village, on the path.

On the egg, get the emblems are twice as harder. One will have to fly on an umbrella, above the battleground with E102Y. She is in the very center of the platform. To get the second emblem even more difficult. Need to go and transform the ship, go out and go again, but this time down. Check out two doors – at one room with tables, there is a button, clicking on it to decompose the bed on which there will be emblem.

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