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February 11, 2020
12 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Space Rangers 2 / Dominators: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

If you need a cool weapon, then find a ship, scan it, if you like the weapon, then type [ctrl] + [shift] + Drop, and your weapon!
The code also works on dominators, but it’s a pity you can’t scan them. Or this code can be applied in a different situation. For example, some ship that wants to dunk you is chasing you, and you have, for example, a 170/459 structure, and you type this code, and now you can dunk it, and it runs away!

Did you know…
…that in “Space Rangers 2” you can optionally play any quest, planetary battle or arcade battle?
To do this, in the main menu, press:
• Calling the list of quests: Ctrl + Shift + livebook
• Call the list of maps of planetary battles: Ctrl + Shift + robotrumble
• Activate arcade mode: Ctrl + Shift + fastfingers
…how to see portraits of developers in KR2?
Connoisseurs of the first part are probably already wondering where they were hidden this time. Now they “sit” deeper than before.
You need to fight Terron on his planet (or load the terron battle map, as indicated above) and bring one robot with a bomb and full health (!) To the room in the center of the map. There blow it up – and watch the effect…

And I will say even more about the code: [ctrl] + [shift] + Drop – if you need faster and more money, then in the same way scan ships (preferably pirate ones) and be sure to see what and how much it costs, who has more expensive equipment – then DROP’ite, then we quickly sit down on the nearest planet and sell all this good (or our own, and put a new one for ourselves!)
P.S. It is a pity that this code only works once every 60 days, but believe me, I made a fortune !!! 8)))

It is often necessary to kill a particularly malicious pirate. The pirates are not fools at all – having gotten into a lobster from all the trunks, they run away to the nearest planet and sit there until the hull is repaired. To avoid this, I advise you to hide all the guns in the hold when the pirate has a couple of days to travel to the planet. Then fly away from this planet – the pirate will chase you.

If you are too lazy to bring down the leaders, use this feature!
There is such an artifact in the game with which you can summon dominators (most often blue Kellers arrive). You arrive in the system, well, for example, in Orion, there is a Blazer (red).
Bring down all the ships except this Blaser bubble, then use the Dominator Summon artifact and watch what happens!
(WARNING: it is better not to kill Keller in hyperspace at the beginning of the game, this is possible and not difficult (he felled himself in 3001!))

If you need money, but you don’t want to become a cheater, then hire a partner, sell him EVERYTHING, order the contents of the hold to be thrown out, pick it up and repeat the operation. Just do not throw away the things that he can put in the slot: do not smoke back. only without patch 1.5.

In the beginning there is no ship, the equipment is the same. What to do?
If you are a master (or wherever you are), then feel free to fly to bring down the dominators.
Note that if you hand over gear from them to the scientific base, then a very sweet bonus is given there..
At first it will be difficult, but as soon as the scientific bases “work”, i.e. high-tech will enter the intergalactic markets, it will be a pleasure.

Another safer option.
we carry out tasks. Desirable planetary battles, for which they give more attendants + good modules. evstevstvenno swing charm.
Remember that money for work depends on charm and title..
after the full pumping, I earned 200,000 per flight …. really spent.

There is also a way to quickly save some money. Just fly with other ships on the dominators, destroy them and collect the parcels for 1000-100000 bucks, then go to the science center and sell them for double the price. I came across an item for over 225 thousand!

I have developed a whole tactic for a profitable and interesting war with the dominators. Using this tactic, I easily and alone liberated systems and entire sectors. So the recipe:
1) you need to equip the ship: 5 multi-resonators, a powerful droid (the cooler the better), a hull of about 700hp, and a capture of 150 units. The rest is optional. This is the minimum starter kit required..
2) theory: many have noticed what kind of weapon the dominators have. I mean especially vertiks and IMHO-9000. This is a weapon of mass destruction: when aiming at one ship, it affects all vessels of the same type within range. “Our” multiresonators are a bit similar to vertiks and IMHO-9000, except that they do not strike everyone around, but only those who are directly next to the target. So, if you equipped the ship according to point 1), then fly to any system captured by the dominators.
3) after arriving, head to the nearest uninhabited paynet and hover over it. Dominators will flock to you. Moisten them from five barrels, and aim at the middle of the pile and watch the effect. When the body armor is already somewhere in an area dangerous to death, sit down on an uninhabited planet.
4) the whole point is that while you are sitting on the planet and pressing “space”, the droid repairs the case. When it is repaired, take off, and repeat point 3). And so on until the system is released.
5) if you manage to collect 5 vertices in a collection, then you won’t even have to land on the planet))))). Such a battery will take down all the little things in two moves, and the rest without the little things are already easier to figure out.
6) at first it will not be very smooth and easy, but if you set up a “business” of selling dominator hats to scientific stations, then there will be a lot of money, and money = everything…
7) having a ship with the following characteristics:
Hull 1270hp, 23 armor, 5 vertices 54-120 damage, defense 60%, droid 70 units, capture 500, other “at the level”, I released systems in a row, one by one, without even sitting down to fix it. There was more than 10 money and it was not decreasing. And I started from point 1)
8) when you are already getting stronger, fly to distant systems, and collect ALL offal (after taking care of the roomy body). There you will not be disturbed by other rangers with their parading.

Another way to make good money on assignments.
There is such a drug in medical centers, it is called a doubleplex, you will have to look for it, it periodically appears in all medical centers, as well as other drugs. Nothing is clearly written in the description of this drug, but at the end it says that it increases the amount of reward for completing tasks. By accepting it, we get the maximum amount of reward, most of all is obtained for completing text quests. I got almost 300,000 at a time for some !!!! And this is not the limit, the further the game is, the more money is offered. So you can earn a couple of millionaires and boldly wet the dominators without thinking about the price for repairs.

If you are a pirate, then you have good advice: when you want to rob a ship, then take a pirate with you because (if the pirate is afraid of you) when the ship has few lives left, order to give money or throw the cargo, and then tell the pirate so that he unhooks and the liner (or someone else) will give you money.

Here’s one way to get some cool equipment early in the game (3000-3005g)

1) First, I advise you to look for the “fragmentation weapon”. Quite a powerful gun to start the game. If you play with codes, then type the code for “big money” and fly to the scientific base, where you pump everything. You also need a good grip, preferably 60-100 units.

2) With this ammunition, fly and bring down the dominators (at the very beginning, set the level of the dominators to “cool”, this is a must). Then, when I first met them, they had weapons such as a disintegrator and a multiresonator. As soon as I came across a flock of dominators, having soaked them, I got 2 dents (46-60 weight (!), Dents, especially at the dips). It is advisable to have the “Blast Wave Locator” artifact with you. If there is no artifact, then you can use drop on the pin. You may still be lucky and a “turbogravir” will fall out of the equator, but it weighs 150-200, it’s a shame, not to lift it.

Way to make money:
You can, of course, complete quests, but it is better to hand over the Dominators’ gear at double the price. It is very good to hand over the coordinator, it costs 7-15 pieces + double price. The same desentegrator costs 30-100 pieces (!!!), but scientists do not take weapons at double the price ( goats).

Attention! This text is recommended for reading only for those who either cannot pass some quest in any way, or for those who want to find new ways to complete some task. For those who have not yet tried to complete the task on their own, the text is contraindicated, the pleasure of the quest can disappear completely!

The text quests in the second part of “Space Rangers” remain one of the best parts of the game. Compared to the first part, their number has increased, and the content has expanded significantly.

The text is intended for those who have already tried to complete the tasks, so detailed descriptions of them are not given here, but various ways of passing and hard-to-reach things are considered.

Since in many quests the starting conditions are generated differently each time, it is very difficult to give one hundred percent tactics that always work, so if you cannot go through the proposed method, try again and it will work..

Most quests have several ways to successfully complete the quest. I tried to briefly consider all of them, but I also cite one of the detailed ways of passing (where possible).

Here is a list of all of the game’s text quests:

Military enlistment office
Hyde no
Easy work
Ski resort
Master of Iike-Baana
Amusement park
Plasma checkers

The Prison quest is highlighted separately due to its features.

Goal: remember your task and complete it
Customer: Gaals
Execution planet: bearings
Player Requirements: No

After waking up in the hospital and paying the bill for our treatment, we go free. The state – as after a week of binge – I don’t remember anything, I don’t know anything, I can’t imagine what to do. First you need to find out what we have forgotten on this planet. We go to the spaceport and search our own ship. This does not add clarity, but now we have a stuner. Before further adventures, it is better to make a few preparations. At the grocery store we buy a bottle of vodka, and at the hunting store we buy a silencer and an optical sight.

Having prepared in this way, we go to the house of the orderly who picked us up. Before going to him, we listen to the voices coming from the next apartment. We enter there, we jam the maloka with a stunner and demand a weapon from the bearing. We become happy owners of an automatic rifle. So that the bandits who robbed the apartment do not suffer, we destroy both. And we pay off the arriving law enforcement officer with a bottle of vodka.

Next, we go to the orderly. After talking with him, we know about the Gaalets from the bar “Golden Lily”. We are heading there. The Gaalese partially restores our memory with his story and, having provided the password, sends us to the hunting store. Arriving there, we say the password and we get a map with the location of the drug lord and several cartridges for the gun. We return to the bar and together with the Gaal we head to the villa of the mafia.

Now the combat part of the mission begins. Hiding in the bushes, we shoot at the first guard. We go around the house and, having met two guards, we order the Gaalian to shoot at one, while we ourselves deal with the other. We go into the house and go down to the bunker. Together with the Gaalian we shoot bearings and pursue the escaped guard. He will stop at a locked door. To open the door you need to solve a problem. For those who do not want to think about it, I give a formula for calculating the lock code: X = (10 * (2 ^ n)) – 10; where n is the number of days. When the door opens, we go there. We open the nearest door and paralyze the malok sitting at the table. We examine the monitors and go down to the lower floor. Having burst into the drug lord’s office, we run into an ambush and prefer to save our life by surrender.

After that, you can laughingly learn about what our mission really was on this planet..

The quest has several additional options. So, with the help of the password received from the killed bearing (who still had a small friend), you can get into the clutches of the bandits of Bullet Kosoruky. If you get out of this confrontation with honor, then the player’s pockets will be replenished with additional cartridges. A large number of ocher can be killed in the drug lord’s villa

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