SpellForce / The Shadow of the Phoenix: Tip (Tips and Tactics for the game)

There is one spell “CHEAT DEATH”, the developers have not thought of one trick. When you use this spell, you supposedly die. But no! If you want to become invisible, then just click on this magic and when he uses it, step aside. Magic is endless! But be careful not to use focus on the Kanyeon mission. By the way, you better specialize in White or Black magic..

It is best to play the Game as a black magician. At the same time, it is necessary to increase such skills as death and necromancy, with sufficiently high scores for these skills, you can find weapons and armor with magical abilities, even superior to conventional weapons.
With the “Necromancy” spell, you can always replenish health, and such a powerful spell as “Death” sometimes kills quite strong opponents the first time. In addition, the black magician is practically immune to the “Flame of Fire” spell, which is very unpleasant for other characters..
It is better not to touch the rest of the skills at all.

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