Star Wars / Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy: Advice [Player Models and Lightsaber from Multiplayer Single Player]

As you know, not all mods on the character model and swords can be used alone. Now we will solve this problem with you..

Player Models from MP to SP


Let’s take the Darth Maul skin as an example, open the .pk3 file using WinRAR and see the following picture:

Go to the folder “models” → “players” → “The name of your skin”. There we find the file “”. We transfer it to the desktop and make two copies. Rename one file to “head_a1”, another one to “torso_a1” , and one more in “lower_a1”. Now download the archive from the link above. Put everything from the archive and those three files that are on the desktop in a .pk3 file and transfer it to the Gamedata / base folder. Save all this rubbish, go into the game and enjoy life.

Lightsabers from MP to SP


We go to the .pk3 file of your lightsaber → “ext_data” → “sabers”. There we see our lightsaber, in the “.sab” format. Open it with a notepad. On the very first line, not counting the one on which something is written like “// This mod made by MikiMaus” will have the id of the lightsaber. Either remember it or copy.

Now go to the “Root folder of the game” → “GameData” → “base”. There we see the file “assets1.pk3”. Open it using WinRAR and see the following picture:

Go to the “ui” folder and look for the “” file there. Open it with notepad. Press “Ctrl + G”. ATTENTION! If you want to add a sword with one blade to the game, then enter 734 in the window that appears and click “Enter”. If you want to install a sword with two blades, then enter in the appeared window 792.

After that, we are thrown to the very swords that are on the menu. Something like this will look like this:

You won’t have Darth Maul’s sword, I added it. Now copy the line @MENUS_STAFF (or SINGLE, depending on which sword you have) _HILT

We insert it on the next line after @ MENUS_STAFF_HILT5 and assign any number to it, the main thing is that it does not repeat those that were already before your sword (that is, do not insert numbers from 1 to 5). After that, press the spacebar and write id in quotation marks your sword from the mod. Save, a window will pop up in the style of “The file has been changed, change it in the archive?” you press “yes”. Done, go into the game and enjoy life. Only after setting up all this, do not forget to install the sword itself into the game.

Installation requirements

  • Hands from the right place
  • Follow the instructions. Otherwise I know they will download the mod, they won’t read the description, they won’t look at the installation, and then they write “I followed the instructions and the mod doesn’t work -10!”

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