Stoneshard: Advice (Hacking the game for the simplest elements: money, pumping, vitals and not so)

Simple hack games for money, pumping points, morale and sanity, hunger and thirst.
For all this we go to the address C: \ Users \ (username) \ AppData \ Local \ StoneShard, if you don’t see the folder appdata, then open start, and in the search you write execute, in the window that opens, write % appdata%
Required document GameSlot1.sav
You open through a notebook you can Notepad++, but my notebook was more convenient in this case.
We do backup (copy of all files / document / folder) the entire StoneShard folder and getting started.


1) Find several bags for coins.
2)We put several coins in each bag to facilitate the task and remember / write down figures.
3) Save game and leaving to the main menu.
4)We open GameSlot1.sav
5) Edit> find “stack”, remember numbers
from 2 point, similar?
If no then do not touch, if coincided then instead of them enter 2000 to the point, don’t need to touch after.
7) Save
8)We go into the game, open the inventory, check.

So you got money, but the assortment of some sellers is not happy?
Save the game, go to the main menu and load again, the assortment will be updated within the framework of possible variations from a specific seller, so you can get the necessary armor that you don’t want to appear at the blacksmith, weapons and books to replenish stocks of medical supplies, consumables and scrolls.

Glasses pumping

1) Preserved and came out to the main menu.
2) Opened
already known document 
Edit> find “LVL” (your level) .000000
4) (your level) change
 by 1
5) Edit> find “XP” (Current XP).
000 000
6) (Current amount of experience) change
per 100000 (more is possible)
7) Save document.
8) We go
in Game, rejoice before repeating manipulations keep and start from 1 point.

Morality, Reason, Hunger and Thirst

1) Saved to the main menu.
2) Document opened.
3) Edit> find “Morale” (your stats).000 000
4) (your indicators) change to 100
5) Edit> find “Sanity” (your stats).
000 000
6) (your indicators) change to 100
7) Edit> find “Hunger” (your stats).
000 000
8) change (your indicators) to 0
9) Edit> find “Thirsty” (your metrics).
000 000
10) change (your indicators) to 0
11) Save
document and go in into the game, and for the near future you death threatens neither from thirst nor from hunger

This document is your preserving, so these indicators will not be able to adversely affect him, but changing other numbers can break it. So if you change something else it is at your own risk. 
If n ….. c yet happened and the game won’t load? Then use backup and exhale.
Did not help? Demolish
the game, put on a new, we go through the prologue and use backup and woo-la, all back to square one.

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