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March 11, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Stronghold: Crusader: Tips

1) Build a sapper’s guild and call a couple and assign them any key ctr + 1 to 0 then click to dig a tunnel a hole will appear which you can close the entrance of the enemy’s castle then press the key (which was assigned to the sapper) and fire him all the enemy’s economy is destroyed! 2) Do not forget that the firing range of the rifle troops is proportional to the “fear factors” 3) By the way, when you press Alt + H in the map editor, time stops and instead of knights, some horses appear the same way with horse archers. Alt + E this kills all animals Alt + V resurrects the lord, even if he is not killed the lord appears absolutely full of life. 4) To determine where the traps are, choose a barn for construction and drive next to the enemy’s castle. Where there are red squares, it means there is a trap … 5) Build some bulls or sawmills in the enemy’s castle. By setting them on fire with slaves, he himself will set fire to his fortress. 6) If you order the catapults to shoot a cow, and then immediately cancel, they will still shoot, only with a stone (even if you do not have one). 7) It is very easy to get rid of enemy fire ballistas : you need to put a sawmill or a leash for oxen next to it. The fire from the building on fire will destroy the ballista! 8) You can increase the number of workers in the field without completing anything. This is done like this: 1. First, build the building. For example, a well. 2. Then, when the worker has almost approached the place, quickly-quickly press “ZZZ” two times. As a result, the employee does not have time to leave his place of work, and another worker rushes to him. (Works on almost all buildings. I warn you – you need to press very quickly!) 9) Not satisfied with the distance from the warehouse to the resource extraction site? There is a chance to cut it. Here’s how I do it:

During the game, remove the first tile (at the beginning of the mission) and all that you have built. Find the best place for a warehouse near the resource production, and build a warehouse there. P.S. The highest income comes from the immediate proximity of the warehouse to iron ore mining sites.
10) You don’t know whom to choose as your allies?

I can recommend “Pig”. There are many advantages to this: 1) In alliance with PIG you will never feel hunger, because during the game you can repeatedly demand a large amount of cheese from it. 2) He is good in terms of combat tactics. 3) He almost never refuses a request for a joint attack on the enemy. 11) If the castle is built as close as possible to the sign from where the enemy soldiers come out. But not at the very last point, but a little further away, so that you can make fortifications of the castle, in particular, you need towers! Then, as soon as the enemy soldiers approach the sign, you can fire at them even before they ungroup!
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