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April 20, 2020
2 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Sudden Strike 2: Tips and Tactics for the Game

  • Tip 1:
    If you want to defeat the enemy without too much loss, use the sipers. The tactics are as follows: the 1st sniper looks through binoculars (this allows you to see further), and the second one destroys the enemies. This way, you can clear the area of ​​enemy soldiers without much loss..
  • Tip 2:
    Enemy soldiers may be hiding in some buildings. But they do not open fire if tanks or other heavy equipment drive up to the building. Therefore, before letting soldiers into the city, it is advisable to bring tanks into battle first (after destroying buildings), and only then – soldiers.
  • Tip 3:
    If you have flamethrowers, then you can try to capture an enemy tank / truck / armored personnel carrier and other equipment. The tactic is as follows – flamethrowers set fire to the tank, forcing the enemy crew to crawl out. Then you shoot the enemy soldiers. After that, we put our people in the tank, and then we repair (if the damage is serious enough).
    P.S. Instead of flamethrowers, you can use anti-tank shooters.
  • Tip 4:
    Always try to collect ammo boxes. If you have a truck, the boxes can be loaded into it and taken to your base. It is advisable to distribute cartridges to snipers, grenade launchers, anti-tank shooters.
  • Tip 5:
    If you have a lot of tanks (fully repaired, with all the crew), then you can get additional soldiers. The advice is simple – order each soldier to get out of the tank. If 1-2 soldiers get out of the tank, this will not affect its firepower in any way.

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