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August 17, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

Sudeki: Council (all totems)

For the first 3 totems found and brought to the altar, spheres that increase characteristics are given. For the fourth – the best weapon in the game. Each character has their own totems and altars.
Totems for Tal (KARISTON ALTAR)
1. We solve the puzzle at the exit from the castle, you need to climb the stairs, press the button, escape in 10 seconds down to the opened room, and open the chest.
2.In New Brightwater at the New Brightwater lighthouse there is Jim, after returning from the world of shadows, and maybe earlier in the game, he will talk about the shipwreck and ask him to bring him something from Brightwater Beach, I do not remember, and will also advise talk to the people of New Brightwater as each of them had cargo on this ship (the necessary items will lie on the beach, not all will appear from the first call). After completing one of the assignments, get a totem.
3. Upon arrival in Transcentia Talu, you need to move the boxes on the right side, behind them are the chests, in one of the chests totem.
4. Again, in Transentia you need to defeat the Hunter-Slayer, for this you need to agree to a competition offered by the robot, at what level of the city – I don’t remember exactly, but it sounds something like Man or machine, etc. In a fight, the best tactics are a block and single strikes, you will have to fight for a long time, the main thing is, when the robot starts to glow with blue sparks, run away to the other end of the site, otherwise, if an explosion occurs.

Totems for Buka (MO ALTAR)
1.Rath to Shadani-Mo, Spirit Canyon, there is a waterfall, behind the waterfall there is a wall for Buka, you climb the wall and take a totem in the chest.
2. When you pass Mo’s tests, for this you need to talk to the leader Malik in the village, in his tent (Malik’s tent). To pass the tests, you need to leave the village, turn left and cast a spell behind the Alish wall. Buki will enter the cave – and rushed.
3. Complete the pearl collection quest (21 pearls) for Sunder-Rah in Still Waters. Standing at the save point, he will ask you a question about your fighting skills (fighting something there), select the top answer, and the quest is received. When you are done, get the key, at the top at the entrance to the city, the village, in the village, go behind Buki into one of the tents and climb the wall.
4. On the way to Transcentia for Buki and Alish, for Buki you climb down to the buttons to turn on the bridge and go further along the site, there is another wall, climb up and take a totem in one of the chests.

Totems for Eilish (OLIVITESS ALTAR)
1.Brightwater Beach, enter the beach house as Alish, switch to 1st person view and disenchant the wall, it will be indicated by glowing sparks in the air.
2.Parham County, again, you need to disenchant the wall with sparks and go down into the well.
3.In the Shadani temple, you need to put colored spheres in the cauldron in combination to get green, in a room in one of the chests totem.
4.In Transentia, in the observatory, they will give the quest to collect the omnium (21 pieces), after completing the quest they will give the key, climb the wall behind Buki, walk along the site, open the door and take the totem from the chest.

Totems for Elko (LEBIUS ALTAR)
1. In the Shadani temple, in a room with a fountain, you need to come to the room for Elko. To the left of the entrance on the jetpack, fly through the hole in the floor.
2. On the way to Transcentia for Tala and Elko, for Elko go down the stairs, a little ahead of the trader a hole in the fence, refuel the jetpack, fly to the button, press and in 10 seconds fly to the grate, behind which the chest, where to fly – they will show cartoon, like with Tal in the castle.
3.In Transcentia, when completing the quest about repairing the elevator, on the other side of the mechanism there is a platform with a chest, you need to fly to it from the same platform from which you flew to the elevator, only climb the stairs.
4. In Transentia, near the Rusty Cog tavern there is a robot girl, talk to her, she will give the HEART’S HEART quest. To do this, go down to the mines of the Research Center (where you go to get the batteries so that Elko can open the door to the processor), kill the security robot and get a totem from the girl in exchange for a heart.

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