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November 3, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

The Matrix – Path of Neo: Hint / Hint (Unlock Cheats)

Master Mode
Defeat the first wave of enemies in Have You Ever Dreamed A Dream, Neo level to unlock Master mode.

In single mode
Successfully complete Do You Have a Dream, Neo level without dying to unlock the only customization difficulty, which is the most difficult customization difficulty.

Completion bonuses
Successfully complete the game on Easy setup difficulty to unlock the “Indestructible Melee Weapons” and “Bullet Reflection” options. Successfully complete the game on Normal difficulty settings to unlock the “Vampire Health” and “All Weapons” options. Successfully Complete The Game With One Difficulty Setting To Unlock The “Infinite Health” Option.

To unlock the cheat function easily, successfully complete the game in Easy or Normal difficulty setting. Then, enter the level selection screen and play the first level again. After killing the Agent and the man in the white suit, kill Agent Smith. The only setup difficulty will now be unlocked. Enter the level selection screen and play the final Boss, Battle With One difficulty setting. After defeating him, all cheat functions will be unlocked.

Collect hidden portfolios and successfully complete the specified level to unlock various bonuses. Note: Some portfolios are listed as rewards for completing hidden goals.


Machine gun Strike combined: Chase – I need an exit: briefcase-in the corner of the market square behind the fruit stands. To make a combo, press Strike (5), Focus + Strike, Special Attack + Strike, then press Strike quickly.

Quick Buzz combo: Storming the Plum: Push the two upper platforms to the penultimate number. To make a combo, press Strike (4), Focus + Strike, Special Attacks + Strike.

Start End combo: Sir Apology: Return to the teahouse, out of the theater and destroy one of the tables and all eight support columns. To make a combo, press Strike (4), Focus + Strike, Special Attacks + Strike, Focus + Special Attacks, then press Strike Fast.

In Codebreaker combo: Weapon Training: Operator’s secret stash case in the upper hallway when returning to the teahouse.

In One combined: Burly Brawl: Defeat thirty Agent Blacksmiths and a briefcase will appear in the center of the level. To make a combo, press Strike (5), Focus + Strike, Special + Strike, press Strike quickly, press Focus + Special, press Strike quickly, press Special, press Strike, jump, then rotate the Analog-stick full circle on top.

Ultimate Hyper Strike combo: Redpill Rescue – Guard: Defeat the Rapid Response Team on the stairs within the time limit. To make a combo, press Strike (4), Focus + Strike, Special Attacks + Strike, Focus + Special Attacks, Strike.


Blur Cinematic Documentary: Air Combat: Collect Briefcase On The Floor Of Keira Rowan Building After You Or Agent Smith Thrown Inside.

Nature Concepts 1: Dojo Training: Successfully complete all training programs by defeating Morpheus, both in wrestling and racing.

Concept Nature 2: Taking the floor: Defeat three additional waves of Agent Smiths after Key Maker opens the exit.

Concept Level: He walks the Street: Get to Trinity on the first floor exit.

Research Level: Captain Rescue – Morpheus & Trinity: Get to the raised corner with health food. Wallrun up to second ledge, has hidden briefcase and grenade launcher.

Visualization 1: Downside AP: Blow up all columns with enemies by exiting them before they are all defeated. Hidden portfolio will appear
Visualization 2: Smith’s Ministry: Smash the statues on the second floor until a hidden briefcase appears.


Storyboards Sequence 1: Red Tablet – Key: Successfully complete the bonus objective in the second room without using any weapon.

Storyboards Sequence 2: Frenchman: Kill the first, many enemies, go to the red cross, into the dungeon, go right to find the briefcase.

Storyboard Sequence 3: Distorted Dimension: In the “Face 2” zone with three doors, press the Focus button and move the block and open the gate to the center of the door to find the briefcase.

Storyboard Sequences 4: Distorted Dimension: In the “Face 3” area, move straight from the entrance. Drop several levels down to find a hidden portfolio in a niche.

Storyboards Sequence 5: After pulling the previous portfolio into a niche, find a large stained glass window. Wallrun up, then follow the ledge to another, hidden portfolio.

Personnel Type Combo: Kung Fu Tutorial: Perform three silent grabs on all three enemies in the tool shop.

Sword Type Combo: Sword of Training: Break the pot behind the waterfall.

Kind of melee Combo: Distorted Dimensions: In “Face 1” area, wallrun up the wall with windows, then the main focus is Go to focus-pack. Look left, then Focus Go to portfolio.

Zion Archive level
Updating the icon at the 8 o’clock position on the Atman Principle continuously unlock the Zion Archive level, at the selection screen level.

Dive through walls in the Dojo
In the Dojo, when finding Fatal Blow, you can get through the doors easier by swimming through them from the Square instead of knocking them down. You can also tell the difference between a fake and a real door by walking through them this way.

See through the leaves
In the intermission sequence to the garden, Troitsky says “take the sharp knife away.” They turned to face the camera, and you can see Neo’s hair through the leaves as they cover their head.

Agent Smith’s failure
To defeat Agent Smith at the train station, you must first weaken him. When you hear an announcement that a train is coming, grab it and throw it on the train.

Defeating the Witch
Before fighting the Witch, you must choose one of the three Exiles, select the Vision Code. If you choose the right one, she will help you defeat the Witch. Once the fight begins, use the Bullet Stop ability to throw various objects in the room at her. Each one has a lot of damage. When she casts a Barrier spell, avoiding her or your weapon will interrupt and you will be stunned. Make sure to disarm her as soon as possible. Note: Try to make sure the Links don’t kill. If Links are alive at the end of the fight, she will show you the exit, but if she dies, you will not see the door with the Vision Code. However, if you go to the back room in the Northeast area (mainly where the Witch is standing), you will see a door that you can go through to exit the level.

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