The Outer Worlds: Advice (Hacking all attributes when creating a character)

There are only 6 attributes in the game, so each will have to be broken manually separately

1. We set 1 attribute to the maximum (in our case, the strength, very high), look for the value 552 in CE, decrease it by one in the game, weed out 551, respectively, and so on. to one value

2. Without leaving the cashier, again maximize our strength (up to very high) and in a new search we are looking for 4, we reduce, we filter out 3, etc..

3. As a result, we get the table shown below (550 and 2), 6 attributes = 12 rows

4. Scatter the rest of the attributes in the game (randomly, in order for the button to be active further), put down the values ​​552 and 4 in the table, respectively (6 lines each)

5. In the final slide (confirmation of the character’s choice) we see that our characteristics are maximum


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