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November 13, 2020
10 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

The Sims 3: Tips & Secrets

– The Deathfish in The Sims 3 is found in the lake in the graveyard. You can catch it after midnight using the “angel fish” as bait

-Cockroaches in The Sims 3 can be found near the Outlaw’s Career Building

-To draw a still life in The Sims 3, you need to click on the easel, select “draw a still life”, then use the Z and X keys to adjust the image size and press C

-If you catch a butterfly (or a beetle) and go into the luggage, find it there and drag it to the table, then the insect will appear in the glass aquarium

-The caught fish can be placed in the aquarium and even given a name! You can also make a stuffed animal from the caught fish and hang it on the wall.

-By collecting rough stones (tops, ruby, diamond, etc.) you can cut them. To do this, go to the luggage, click on the stone and there will be “cut”. After that, the sim will send the stone by mail and receive it faceted in a day. Having laid out a stone from the luggage and clicking on it – you can see several options for displaying jewelry – just without anything, on a red pillow, on a stand.

-Food in your luggage and refrigerator can go bad

-Trapped insects can be sold to the Science Center

-Books can teach your Sim a lot.

-Rare seeds can be collected around the science center and the cemetery (in principle, they can be found everywhere, but there – 100%)

-The flower of death grows near the entrance to the cemetery (such a bush)

-If the sim dies, death will come for him, and the sim has a death flower in his luggage, then death will not kill the sim, but only take the flower for himself.

-If a Sim eats an onion or garlic, they will have bad breath. Brushing your teeth will help.

-To change clothes in Sims 3, just click on the sim and select “Change Clothes”

-In the settings, you can change the lifespan of a sim

-In the catacombs of the mausoleum in the cemetery, you can find a lot of interesting things

-Crazy Sims can have fun with self-talk

-If you “observe the galaxy” with a telescope, you can see a falling meteorite, and then find it and study

-New recipes can be purchased at the bookstore
also books on fishing and new melodies (sheet music) for guitar.

-If a fire is big, one firefighter may not cope and more firefighters will come running to his aid

-Also, a sim’s bottom can catch fire and a firefighter will extinguish it.

-A rubber duck, laid on the edge of the bathroom, after bathing adds +15 mood for 5 hours (“Quack-quack time”). Not always, but it happens. The more time spent in the bathroom, the higher the chance.

-For decent sums of money, you can become a co-owner of the bulk of public institutions (shops, cafes, stadiums), and for even more significant funds you can buy them into property, after which you have the opportunity to fire everyone and rename the institution. In addition, the institution, if you are a co-owner or owner, generates income – 2000 every few days (you have to call in for money).

-The exploration of the catacombs and the Video Glasses raise this damn, eternally striving to zero Leisure very well, but there is a (decent) probability of getting a negative mood, and for a long time (in the catacombs for a bear attack -35 for 8 hours).

-Pressing the “Space” key (traditionally) takes the camera to the location of your active character.

-By sending a rough stone for processing to jewelers (by mail) you can get back instead of a jewel – a garden gnome

-Trash can and mailbox can be rearranged

-“Independent investigation” in the career The guard goes through 2 work shifts, and, as a rule, ends in failure, BUT fills the career growth scale to the maximum

-Digging through the garbage can of wealthy neighbors, you can find rare collectibles, such as plutonium or pink diamonds.

-And other useful things – a duck for the bathroom, for example Everything that is found is transferred to a backpack, including garbage, because of which characters (especially Chistyuli) can get upset.

-Rubbish and newspapers are absolutely useless things, not even suitable for fertilization. The teddy bear can still be useful to characters with the “Eternal Child” trait and just children.

-An elementary (and relatively cheap) way to make your home more comfortable is to hang curtains and lay carpets..

-House flowers do not require watering. Flowers outside the house too.

-Parking for your car can be located anywhere on the site.

-In the central library in The Sims 3, it turns out that you can not only enter, but also read books there, and in the library books are read faster than at home

-If children or teenagers are late on the street unaccompanied by adults, they may be arrested

-When Sims are swimming in the pool, new interactions are available to them: Hold your breath and splash.

-Now you can have a baby at home or in a hospital.
When giving birth in the hospital, everything goes well.

-The “Lucky” trait does not give 100% security from the Thief.

-The “Unlucky” trait saves from accidental death (for example, if your Sim burned out or died of hunger, death does not take him away, but says “(Name), I am pleased with your eternal bad luck. I do not want to deprive myself of such pleasure. Today I will not become pick you up. “And you continue to play.

-The Julius Caesar Award is one of the best investments. The indicator “Cheerfulness” does not fall so quickly (for example, at work from 8.00 to 16.00 Cheerfulness drops to 1/3, with a reward – only to 1/2).

-In the Politics career, you have the opportunity to spend your working day developing “new ways of working.” A dangerous thing, if you fail, relationships with colleagues and bosses fall very seriously.

-In the career “Politics” after a certain level (5-6) you will need money for the election campaign. Hosting a fundraising party is one of the most effective ways (about $ 68,000). The party takes place for 4 hours in a public lot, ideally with music and grill. Do not call the characters “evil” and “wicked”!

-In the career of “Politics” you can steal money from the party fund. If a lot of money has been collected for the company (green smile), then you can “borrow” up to $ 5000. There are suspicions that they could be fired for this..

-Fireplace in the room gives +20 to mood.

-Money tree wallets cannot be planted, but after a while, seeds begin to respawn next to them (with trees, not wallets).

-The bailiffs have a teleporter in their pocket, so you don’t have to remove the doors, they’ll take something anyway.

-Gardening is the most profitable, bringing in $ 15,000 a day. Also, the food will always be fresh, but if you decide to do it, you need to get the coolest bed in order to quickly replenish vigor, it is still profitable to trade in lime.

-Catchable Garden Gnomes Alive…

-The gradual rise in the price of interior items is from the days of the first sims. The painting, which originally cost $ 5, could be sold much later for $ 50, but by that time it was already becoming irrelevant.

-By the way, if you use the developer’s code and hold down the ctrl key, you can click on the moodlet with the mouse and it will disappear. For example, the fear moodlet after visiting the catacombs.

-In this game, you can still marry a ghost to a Sim, but for this you must first send the grave to the laboratory

-In order not to run far after the fish, you create a pond on the site,
buy or catch 10 pcs. fish of the same species,
you click on the pond, choose “natural pond”
and put a fish in it. So it is possible with every kind.
Moreover, the death fish is caught even during the day.
If you shove 20 pieces. and more, then it should be caught faster.

Interesting Facts:
– Your paintings will occasionally appear at the Sunset Institute of Contemporary Art
– Your books will occasionally appear in the Library
– Failed books can be found in your neighbors’ trash can
– Listen to your Sim’s favorite music, eat your Sim’s favorite foods, and decorate your house to match your Sim’s favorite color – all of this will be better displayed in moods and moodlets
– Want to break your technique quickly. Then study the device in the included form
– The game has a new hidden need “Relaxation”. As I understand it, the higher the need, the slower the other needs go down.

-In order not to sleep at all, you buy a typewriter for glasses – “mood management”.
When vigor (or nutrition, etc.) comes to zero,
click on the sim and choose “medicine” (the car must be in your luggage).
This machine needs power. You can click on any sim and take energy.
You can also treat them, so that one car is enough for a family for the first time..
You do not have to wait until the struggle drops (before going to work),
take energy from yourself and immediately recover with the help of medicine.
Doesn’t always work the first time (better against a wall).

-Any fruit can be grown on a miracle plant – just fertilize it with the desired.

If you fertilize the plant:
– Fish is death, then it will wither;
– fruit of life, it will grow faster.

While in your luggage:
– fire fruit increases mood (warmth of the fireplace)
– the flower of death will save you from unexpected violent death (it will be a ransom for Death)

Cooking Applications:
– fruit of life + death fish = ambrosia (resets the age of the sim within its age category)
– fruit of life, eaten raw, gives a little life (1 day?)
– fire fruit + egg = angel pie (improves mood for several hours)

-The watering pad can be bought in the section of things “for outdoor activities” and in “household appliances”.
Having pumped the mechanics to the 1st level, it is better to improve it (in the sense of a watering pot) to automatic.
She always turns on at 4 am and works until 7.
Watering the garden by hand is also better at this time. Nest a sprinkler (which isn’t auto yet) and turn it on yourself at 4am. Then at 7 or later turn off.
Overflowing does not affect the quality of the plants in any way. Underfilling kills them

-Try to read ALL books, textbooks, homework assignments and other literature in the library.
Firstly, there is a lot of what the store offers for free (in a glass cabinet).
Secondly, skill leveling, learning recipes, lessons and reading itself happens there many times faster!

-Be sure to read all children’s books to your baby. Each of them pumps skills up to level 3. And you don’t have to waste time in adulthood. In addition, it will improve family relationships..
As a last resort, when upgrading your skill in the library, take your baby with you – they themselves know how to read any children’s books. Put him in the children’s section and hand him a book, while you yourself study your reading. Quick benefit to both!

-If you place store-bought bubble baths on the edge of the tub, the “bubble bath” function appears.

-If you put bubble bath and a duck on the edge of the tub, the “take a delicious bubble bath” function appears. Gives a moodlet – relaxation

– Book club members receive a new book weekly

– Books can be folded into a bookcase The more books there are in the bookcase, the more the shelves will be filled

– Sims can reread books

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