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November 12, 2020
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

The Sims 4: Hint (Quick Hack Satisfaction Points)

The Sims 4: Hint (Quick Hack Satisfaction Points)

I read in the “folders” how to hack the whole thing on the forum, except for questions, nothing came of it, I will explain on my fingers how to hack, I do not pretend to be the leader in this matter:

1. Choosing a Persian
2. Click on the star in the lower right corner
3. In the menu that pops up, click on the icon with a gift (awards store)
4. We look at how many points you have there and remember (let’s say 50) – in fact, this is, points (happiness, pleasure, I just have points on my license.
5. We go to the desktop, launch Artmaney, Detective story, Chat Engine, in general, any similar program.
6. Open the gameplay in it, in our case it is TS4.exe (If you or the repack creator did not change the name, but you will see it anyway)
7. We start filtering out the values, 1 search, enter the value that you remember, we push 1 search, your program finds many values ​​(addresses) This is all done on pause, although it should automatically turn on
8. We do what the Persians want, there is a cloud over our heads, as soon as we received the award, let’s say 20 points, we look again at how much it turned out, item 4 – 70 points are obtained. Remember how much happened.
9. We go to the map of the city, just a map, etc. where you choose where to move in, go, enter which family to play. (in the game menu this is called managing cities)
10. As soon as we left, we go out to the desktop again, without closing the game naturally.
11. We cut in the dropout (second search) the value is 70 (or what you got). The program finds 2-3 addresses, change the value in these addresses to 99999, I do not advise anymore, the game can be cleared, but this is enough for everything.
12. We go into the game.
13. We look at point 4 you should get 99999 points there, for the license, since there was no synchronization with the server (I don’t know about the pirate), there are glasses but nothing can be bought.
14. Save under some name, for example 1111
15. We quit the game, in general, start the new one and you have 99999 points.

And there is no need to shamanize with the place of entry, as if it is impossible in the house, etc. The trainer will only hack these points from 1 character, which is selected by the game first in the list by default.

PS. Sorry for such an abundance of text, I could explain in 2 words all this to people familiar with hacking programs, here I had to explain the weight of the process, in fact, all this takes about a minute.

PSPS. In this way, everything in the game is hacked, ANY numerical value (money, experience, etc.)

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