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August 18, 2020
25 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: Game Tips and Secrets

Played the game many times, made all 16 endings.
Of these, once on the insane passed (!!!) and 7 times on the dark (the set of damned objects is worth it).

Step by step tips when passing.

The first rule is that the game has useful (and not quite) abilities that can be obtained during the game..
As well as talents…
How to distribute them?
Many people ask this question, wanting to create a real legendary witcher Geralt of Rivia … And I will try to help.
Memo-what and how to do.


Be sure to take “Throwing knives” and “Parry” (the first level is enough)
Then I recommend “Reflecting Arrows” (immediately to the 2nd level of skill) – then we can not only defend ourselves from arrows, but also beat them back into archers!
By the way, later, we can further improve this useful skill with the help of the “Archer Storm” ability, which I will describe in the first act..

“Fortitude” – also swing to the maximum – gives a good increase in energy recovery
DURING THE BATTLE, this is very useful,
regardless of whether you follow the path of the sorcerer or you like a strong swordsman.

Alternative skills that I do not recommend downloading
-These are “OUT OF BATTLE energy recovery” and Hardening (+10 health).
Outside of battle, you can always have a little patience so that the energy is restored, this is not critical.
And “Hardening” – gives too little health bonus to pay attention to when there are more useful skills.


First of all, let’s immediately consider some unusual dialogue abilities that allow
get additional benefits, learn more or avoid unnecessary bloodshed when communicating.

There are only three of them and each has 3 levels of pumping (that is, to get the 3rd level of the ability, you need to successfully use it 3 times
-I recommend saving before each dialogue, just to be sure, until you pump them!

“Compulsion with the sign of Axii” (or Illusionist) – allows you to enchant the mind of the interlocutor.

“Intimidation” – the witcher knows how to threaten his enemies very well, I advise wherever possible, we choose intimidation- (eye with lightning), until we pump it to level 3.

“Persuasion” – we also try to choose until there is a 3rd level of ability – 3 successful applications, eloquence has not harmed anyone yet.)

I advise you to pump all three skills as quickly as possible – there are times when, for example, even the pumped skill does not work in the dialogue or, the most pumped one (for example, Intimidation) is somehow absent in the dialogue.

Now consider
Once in the Foltest camp, do not forget:

1.Skill Experienced – 10% extra experience.
If you destroy 10 dummies, you will get an extremely useful skill that gives a 10% experience bonus.
As soon as we leave the tent, where we indulged in love pleasures with Triss, I strongly recommend going straight to the courtyard where the soldiers train, there are 5 dummies.
Destroy them and the skill can already be considered half as acquired.

2. Hired Assassin – Back Attack Damage + 25%.
Everything is simple here, going downstairs to destroy the ballista, as soon as you finish off the soldiers, take a look around the convoys near the walls, there will be a corpse of a dude in the clothes of an assassin from the game Assassin Creed.
When you approach him, Geralt will say something like “They still did not understand what was going on” and you get this ability.
What the developers wanted to say is of course an interesting question, but there is only room for conjecture.
However, in conjunction with somersaults, this is a very useful skill.!

3. Pyro (other translations as Pyromaniac or Pyromaniac) -chance to set fire to the enemy with a blow + 20% (!)
An easily obtainable and oddly highly valuable ability in battle, which should be obtained as soon as possible..
To receive you need to light up 20 times.
We are looking for the nearest bonfire, take off our clothes…
We jump 20 times into the fire and immediately jump out…
We are waiting for the health to replenish and repeat until the ability is obtained
(I recommend saving after each fire just for everyone)

4. Before we go up to Ariane La Valet, we have an involuntary choice, which I recommend to make in advance…
We should immediately decide whether we will go along the path of Roche, or along the path with Iorvet.
Roughly speaking, we are with people or non-people.
For those who go for the first time, I recommend the Roche path (for him a little easier), and then the Iorvet path.
Unfortunately, making the typical choice of the witcher – “my hut is on the edge” will not work, in this game we cannot be neutral.

A) We decided to choose the Roche path.
Then we can get the useful skill Executioner- + 1% to kill with the first hit.
To do this, we kill Ariana La Valeta. (In the dialogue it is necessary to immediately determine what we want, you can fight with him one on one, or you can fight with the whole crowd. with all the code is very difficult).
To get the skill in the future, we kill Adam Pangratt and let Roche kill Henselt.
Thus, we have had this skill since the beginning of the third chapter..
By the way, maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that it works more often than if there was a 1% probability…
In any case, we will not regret!

B) We decided to choose the path of Iorveth and help the dwarves with the elves in the future.
In this case, I recommend that you persuade Arian to give up..
Then, the first chapter will begin with the skill “Strong back” – + 50 to the carried weight.
Early game is a useful skill!

Small amendment – they claim that you can get the Strong Back skill by losing any fist fight 1 time and / or entering the battle overloaded.
Personally, I didn’t succeed, but many do…
In any case, you can try!

In the monastery, when talking with Tyler, I recommend choosing “hit” in the dialogue – so we will rather pump “Intimidation”

Also, during the conversation with Melky, with which the quest “Heart of Melitele” begins, I recommend that you say that you doubt that the amulet brings good luck.
In this case, Petty will meet you in armor when you leave the dungeon and in gratitude will give you a book about dragons.
Then he will lead the soldiers aside…
I strongly advise you to go and beat all three of them, as soon as they see you, even Small will get involved in the battle (ungrateful brute!)
somersaults + kven + guizarma will help you to easily cope with them.
After the battle, take the drop and remove the amulet “Melitele’s Heart” from the corpse of Small.
Until the quest “Heart of Melitele” is completed, I recommend depositing the amulet as soon as possible in the 1st act, since the effects from it are given if we carry it with us, but at this stage it gives only -10% of armor, which is obvious to us not necessary…
Act 1.


1. “Barrier” -Ignore damage: + 10%.
Definitely the most valuable skill, recommended for obtaining, as one of the most useful in battle!
It is relatively easy to get it – when we get off the ship, surrounded by Triss and Roche, as soon as Triss puts up a protective field from arrows, we IN NO EVENT go beyond this barrier!

I suspect that if you searched everything and everywhere, even going into all the doors in houses and collecting a bunch of rubbish and not only, thanks to which, you began an act with an overload…
My advice is to try to do it with overload – but it will be a tough task….
Or, you can throw out all that is superfluous at once in one bag – when you reach Flotzam under the shield, you should immediately return for the drop and thrown out things.
By the way, along the way there will be a chest with drawings of a silver sword…
Be sure to take it away – there is nothing to do in the forest without a silver sword!

Immediately after rescuing our old friends, Zoltan and Dandelion from the gallows, we have the “Vile Proposition” quest (“Obscene Proposition” in other translations).

2. Ability “Experienced”, part two.
Before completing quests, I recommend that you finally get the “Experienced” ability, which gives additional experience + 10%.
Since we have already broken 5 mannequins in the Foltest camp, we still have 5.
We choose from here:

Location of the remaining mannequins.
2 pieces in the barracks, on the second floor, which are in the shopping area.
It’s easy to find – a couple of guards are standing / sitting near the entrance.
An important point is save!
Taking out weapons in front of the guards, you risk getting hit on the head by the guards.
And if you kill them, you will find yourself in an awkward situation, or a large fine, about 200 oren
(at this stage of the game, money is especially scarce)
It is best to remove the sword and beat the dummies with fists – in some cases, the guard will not show aggression and you will calmly do it.

2 pieces in the shopping area, between the gates to the city and leading to the forest.

2 pieces between the gates to the city and leading to the forest, in the Inhuman quarter.

There are 2 more mannequins at the Loredo residence … if others don’t suit you)

Then, in order not to run again, I advise you not to rush to complete the quest “Vile Proposal” – after gaining the ability, it is better to go to the tavern.

After going through the fist fighting championship (by the way, it’s a good way to make money if everything is financially critical), we receive an offer to participate in underground fights that will take place at the Loredo residence .
In the evening, near the inn, there will be a man who will take us to him and this is a good opportunity to immediately complete the “Vile Proposal” quest at the same time, right after the fistfights.

By the way, do not agree to merge the fight for Loredo, otherwise they will not give money, and they will stupidly shamefully kick you out…

In the “Vile Proposal” quest, when you sneak past the soldiers, save more often.
If you complete this stage well (I recommend stunning all soldiers so that they do not interfere with our looting), then you:
1. Overhear Sheala’s conversation (the completeness of the plot is always interesting)
2. Make good money in the backyard – by the way, when you sneak, the overload does not bother you)
3. Get the part of the trap on the keiran-iron frame. Trap Blueprint can be purchased from Cedric.

3. Ability “Trade” – discounts in stores 20%.
Necessarily “must have” – ​​even a well-trained witcher, but poorly dressed, is a rather weak threat to his opponents, and what else, if not financial help, will help to dress him up?
Getting the ability is easy.
In the quest-Keiran: The question of the price, first we demand a reward 2 times more and BECOME AXIUM.
After killing the keiran and having received the agreed reward, we get this ability, which will be useful to us in the future.

There is also an alternative way to get the ability if we follow the path of Roche, but the truth is only in the second chapter.
In the Kaedwen camp, near the dining room, the religious Julian hangs out.
By donating a small amount to him, we receive the book of the prophet Lebed.
After reading it, we go to the brothel, outside the gates of the camp, there is a dwarf named Raimund Gessler.
Show the book and get the ability.

3. Poisonous blood-30% chance to poison the enemy who struck Geralt.
A very unusual ability, since the chance is added not to the blow of the witcher, but as a punishment to the opponent who hit him.
It is very easy to get, you need to get poisoned 3 to 5 times.
I get this – when communicating with the elf Cedric, we study his goods, find the recipe for the “Devil’s mushroom” bomb, make 5 pieces at once, go into some dead end and throw a bomb under our feet several times. After being in this poisonous cloud, we get this ability.

4. “Thrower” – damage to knife throw +5.
Immediately after completing the “Vile Proposal” quest, visit the Roche squadron, you will be taken to the party of the Temerian special squad.
Save immediately!
Then we talk with Bianca – she invites us to compete in throwing knives.
We agree, since in case of victory, we will get this ability.
Many players have a problem in passing, as they do not see the target where to throw.
It’s simple.
There are only three goals.
There is a paddle in the corner. A ham is suspended from the ceiling to the right. And even more to the right is the map, which is just hard not to notice.
Listen, where to throw and throw!

After we reassure Roche, convincing him with a word or fists, so that he does not beat the peasants, we will be offered to compete in arm wrestling .
There are two opponents.
Defeating the second one, we will get a good sword (given our meager arsenal at this stage of the game, it will not hurt, and it is never too late to sell it if you have something better.

5. “Minesweeper” -probability to avoid damage from traps and bombs + 50% (although for me, the ability works more often),
As soon as we go out into the forest, we will be faced with the fact that there are quite a few traps in the forest..
To get the ability, you must either set the trap 50 times (for me, an unreasonable choice)
or choose an easier way to obtain – interrupt Geralt 5 times, while neutralizing the trap (the simplest is by pressing “neutralize” – immediately poke the medallion with the “Z” button)
Traps are my favorite trap!
Firstly, they get it for free and in large quantities while walking in the forest.
Secondly, after being triggered, they are not destroyed, so the used ones can be reassembled for repeated use..
Thirdly, bumping into a trap, the enemy lingers for a couple of seconds, which is also very useful in heavy battles.

“Crown of Summer” – replaces the standard Kven sign with the Solar Kven.
When an enemy hits a Kven shield, there is a 10% chance that the enemy will catch fire!
On receiving, you can of course immediately run to the altar, behind the bandit hut, but I do not advise you, you still have to return…

The best way is to complete the quest “Trouble with the troll”.

(If you have not yet had the rule “Collect all herbs on the way”, then I recommend that you have it.
Grass has no weight, it will not lead to overload, and we always need elixirs, and bombs can come in handy …)

First, we fight the troll, remove half of the health.
(before approaching it, I recommend placing all the collected traps in one place and then luring them onto them)

Then we communicate with him.
He tells us about the fact that his “woman” was killed by some bandits.
We promise to help.
We look around in this stream, we find a good sword – “Strong cord” (!)
We run back to Flotzam, proceed to the quest “Poker with Dice: Flotzam”.
We beat everyone, after which we are offered to play with the Burnt from Bindyuga.
Having won against him, we get the head of the trolls and the tongue of the troll
(which will be useful to us in the quest “Heart of Melitele”)
learn about Dimitar…
Having threatened the bandit in the tavern with reprisals, we learn that Dimitar is in the cemetery.
Getting ready for battle – drinking elixirs, using talents..
(I will mention how best to pump Geralt later)
Having dealt with Dimitar, we take from him the key to the bandits’ hut.
Personally, during the first passage, I did not get there, and as it turned out, in vain.

We go to the troll, we speak first (!) About the head – he gives us a drawing of the Raven’s wonderful armor

(although in the original they are called the hunter’s armor, but not the essence, the stats did not suffer from the translation) -if you do not go through the game on a dark level and do not try to collect the cursed armor of the Holy Father, then this armor is the first worthy armor, until you meet with the keiran.

From the troll we visit the bandits, in the shack we select the best sword of the first act – “Excellent cord”.
Attention! We are in no hurry to leave!

6. The “Crown of Summer” ability! Your kven shield turns solar – anyone who hits it has a 10% chance to catch fire! Behind the bandits’ shack, the altar, we approach it and get a bun!

Now a little trick on the quest with the troll, since we did not kill him, we go to Bindyuga and receive 200 orens as a reward from the headman (though he does not pay immediately, it is worth threatening)
And right after that we go to the troll again.
We say “And yet I have to kill you …”
We kill him.
Getting the best damage trophy in the game!
+9 damage.
Then, returning to the city, on occasion we will look into Ludwiga Mersu and AGAIN we receive a reward for the troll (Merce needed him more dead), although he will give only a hundred orens.
But considering that we get the troll’s tongue, a wonderful troll trophy, skin and another 100 orens is also a very good bonus!

7. “Strong stomach” – resistance to poisoning + 10%.
Before the fight, drink the elixir of the mongoose from the tenecost (tenecost in the cave hidden behind the waterfall)

By the way, in this cave you can gain good experience and earn extra money (by making runes from Yigist) – the drawing requires the essence of water (the recipe should be taken) and the hearts of the nakers, of which we can fill plenty in the cave.
If interested, then we do this: we clean the cave, return to the exit, meditate for a day, clear the cave of creatures, meditation … In general, until we get bored.

After killing Keiran, we have a continuation of the main storyline and the opportunity to get the ability:

8. “Resistance to magic” – protection from magic damage + 20%
(note, very rare, but in some cases incredibly useful stat)
The essence is simple, we go along with Triss, but we do not have sex with her, instead choosing in the dialogue “let’s get out of here” we destroy two walls with Aard, for which we get the ability (supposedly we did not succumb to the love spell of the elven baths).

9. “Thunderstorm of archers” – chance to kill with a repulsed arrow + 20%.
It turns out quite simply.
Standing in a block, if our reflection of arrows is pumped to the second level, we periodically hit the arrow in the opposite direction. After the fifth killed archer, we get the ability!
(Personally, when I ran into skoyataels, those who climbed into close combat, I killed, leaving the archers, whom I finished off with their own arrows.
Maybe a little early, you can get it later, but in other acts this is a very useful ability!
So, “we are preparing sleds from the summer” .. =)

10. “Parry” -when blocking, chance to rip off automatically + 10%.
It takes about 20 times to successfully ripos.
Although personally I strongly advise against spending money on a skill.
To somersault and immediately hit the enemy in the back (!) Where the damage is higher than the frontal attack … And if it is also with the “Hired Assassin” skill, it is more effective, since the damage is higher, the chance of getting it yourself is minimal. and at the same time, we do not receive any damage at all and do not waste energy, as we do if we stand in a block.
Even in the original story, the witcher was a mobile fighter, not a tank that fights in one place.!

Act 2.
Everything is simple here, the abilities that we can get depend on the chosen path..

Roche’s path.

1. Exorcist damage to ghosts + 10%.
Obtained when we disenchant Henselt in the story.
In fact, the ability is so-so … Since the ability is received only at the end of the act, and in the third act there are almost no ghosts.

2. “Swordsman” -sword damage bonus + 4.
A trifle, but nice. We get the story, reflecting the attack of two assassins who attacked Henselt.

3. “David” – damage to large monsters + 10 percent.
To get it simply and again according to the plot.
After examining the assassins’ shelter, we kill three elementals.
Faced with the example of the dragon in the third chapter, you will be very glad that you have this ability!

4. “Executioner” -chance to kill with the first hit + 1%.
If we killed Ariana la Valetta in the prologue, and in the second act we will not regret Adam Pangratt, and later Henselt, then for our cruelty we are given this wonderful bonus.

Iorveth’s Way.
1. “Ornithologist” – additional damage to harpies + 10 percent.
To get it, you need to complete two quests “Contract for the Harpies” and “Contract for the Queen of the Harpies”.
There is little benefit from the ability, we get it by killing almost all the harpies, and in the third act there are almost none. You can, of course, work hard with clearing the quarry and sleeping for a day, but for me, there are ways to gain experience easier and earn, which I will also mention…

2. “Patanatom” (I suspect that I was originally a pathologist, but this is a misprint in translation)
– Damage to humans: + 10%
Obtained during the quest “With a Trembling Heart”, when we get the shards of the sword from the corpse.
I think to explain that the skill is very useful, unnecessary…

3. “Child of the night” – + 2 to the speed of restoring health at night.
Small thing, but nice!
We get the ability if we decide to sneak through the Kaedwen camp to Henselt.
Slightly more difficult than the other path, but the ability is worth it in my opinion.

There is a wonderful quest “Memory of Old Years”, which, as it is commonly believed, can only be completed if you have chosen Roche’s path, but this is a mistake!

Passing for Iorveta, leaving the camp and passing through the bridge, we turn towards the brothel and go beyond it….
After passing through the crevices, we come to the house by the river.
We destroy the barrels, go down to the basement, activate three candles in the correct sequence (I personally used the brute-force method, I was too lazy to remember, there are still few options)
Having opened the secret room, we get an encrypted manuscript, taking which we start the quest “Memory of Old Years”.

An easy way to earn at the end of Chapter 2 if you play as Iorveth.
During the quest “Siege of Vergen” we must climb the wall and activate the switch with burning oil…
Personally, I was in no hurry.
The soldiers barely had time to climb the stairs, they received.
Methodically and slowly interrupting them, I raised the experience badly, but the most important thing is that the drop “Kaedwen sword” fell from EVERYONE (well, occasionally dratva and other trifles). I collected an incredible number of swords (the overload was under 1200) and only after that I activated the oil…
Having descended, as soon as the gate was knocked out by the magician, I walked (overload, after all) slowly for the second gate. Zoltan ran alongside. As soon as the gates closed, Saski offered to check the catacombs, on the way we look into the tavern (oddly enough, it is open, although there are almost no visitors and there is blood on the floor)
Having driven all these swords, I received about 10,000 orens of net profit and after that I continued the quest.
3 Act.

1. “Secret Knowledge” – +5 damage with signs, if you completed the “Contract for Gargoyles” and solved all the puzzles.

2. “Shroud of Winter” (Winter shroud) – your Aard sign is converted to “ice” and a 20% chance to freeze the enemy with Aard is added.
We must go to the altar for the third act.

It is relatively easy to find it – from the road along which we went down, inverted carts are visible – we go to them – there are two head eyes.

(After defeating them, among the carts we find a sword that will come in handy in the last battle with the dragon, called Deytven (+25 percent damage to large monsters – with three fire runes – ideal for fighting a dragon))

Coming out of this crevice, we look at the left rocky edge – we see a barely perceptible cave.
We go in, we find a way out and ascend … we go up, we go along the mountain path … almost approaching the city wall, we see as if “a kind of drifting snow under our feet and we find a book about rituals. Next to the book is a place, standing on which we press the button” use “.
Personally, I hardly used Aard in the game, I was interested in the moment itself, see “what it is”)

weapon mark.
if you open the chest of gargoyles, there is a wonderful sword “Kerm”.
Unfortunately, most of the players are even experienced. claim to be the strongest steel sword…
So, if you play as Roche, then you have a chance to see how wrong they are…

If you decide to save Anais (Triss will save Summer anyway), after going out into the street, Roche’s former spy turns to us, if you agree to help, the quest “Lilies and Snakes” starts…
Study the location carefully!
You will find a cave with a corpse, which has a book about some wolves…
And then a real werewolf attacks you!!!
We wet it, look further, what is left … At the battle site we find a good silver sword and a wonderful steel sword “Dancer”!
Look at his stats …. Insert preferably three runes from Yigist…
You will see monstrous damage with good critical stats!)

And a note on the quest Memory of Old Years – in some versions of the game, a bug is triggered – when the guardian of lies is in the hall, and we have not gone down yet – throw a couple of knives at him! He will throw at you in hand-to-hand (easy prey) from him a useful drop, such as the lining of lies, a good staff and a dragon’s skin. Raise our head-BA … and he still stands there as if nothing had happened!
We talk – he gives us a chance to redistribute all our talents from scratch.


Learning thread.

“Fortitude” -2nd level
Deflect arrows-2nd level
Knife throwing-1st level
Parry-1st level

then i rocked the warrior branch.
Protection-1st level
Footwork-2nd level
Might-2 level
Mill-2nd level.

after that, the alchemist branch – emphasis on intoxication and the resulting bonuses

Elixir Specialist-1st
Oil specialist-1st

Then the sorcerer’s branch:
Magic Power-1
Superior kven-2
Magic Power of Life-1st
Sense of magic-1st

the outcome.
We get a clever witcher, cleverly avoiding somersault attacks, good and “painful” wielding a sword, with a pumped-up Quen and a bunch of special abilities, which allows him to feel comfortable in an average battle.
But as soon as he eats the elixirs
(given the number of ingredients in the game, you can constantly walk under them),
with intoxication, we get a sick psycho who can withstand serious blows and very actively grow the adrenaline scale.
And when using adrenaline, not only Berserker damage is activated, but also the sign of Heliotrope, which allows the slowed down by Heliotrope, strong opponents to kill in a couple of Berserker blows, taking out the entire squad or flock during the duration of the sign without even receiving damage and still under the active Quen God forbid anyone hit from behind – the answer from the shield will punish a scoundrel who loves to beat him in the back … =)

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