The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt / The Witcher 3: Advice (Hacking gwent games using the Cheat Engine)

Many people were interested in how to win a game in gwent without spending too much time and effort on it. After a little digging, I nevertheless found a way to bring parties into gwent:
For hacking, I used the Cheat engine, but I am sure that Artmoney is also suitable for this, the principle of their work is the same.
And so, we will look for the number of enemy cards, namely those random 10 cards that are given to you and your opponent at the beginning of the game. Try to start the game so that your opponent goes first and he has 9 cards, or wait until you and your opponent have the same number of cards (or use a spy card and change your number of cards, in general, so that at the end of the search you found only the value of the number of enemy cards) Search type 4 bytes. At the end of the search, you will get 2 values, add them and change both of these values ​​to 0, and then freeze. After that, making his move in the game, we see that the enemy can no longer make his own (the game thinks that he has 0 cards, and accordingly does not give him a move). Then we collect the necessary points and win the round, just as we can win the next round (our opponent will still not make his move). At the end, when you win, I advise you to immediately unfreeze the values ​​that you have left in the Cheat engine, the game crashes if they remain frozen after 1-2 minutes, and crash immediately.
If someone is completely in the tank, later I can post a video and show what needs to be done to make everything work out for you

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