The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt / The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: Advice (Obtaining the sword of Eredin)

First, we’ll need a console.

Launch the game, press ~ (E).
In the console, enter: additem (‘Eridin Sword’)
Exactly as written. The upper apostrophe is on the E key. 
We get the improved sword of the Wild Hunt. 
We put instead of a steel sword, rejoice. 

1) The sword may seem too long for Geralt. Although this is an insignificant trifle.
2) Since Eridin wears it on his belt, and Geralt carries all the weapons behind his back, an insignificant bug occurs. Geralt puts it into a “sheath” (which is not there) behind his back, but the sword is immediately transferred to the belt. (Screen number 2)
3) Also an insignificant bug. Geralt gets “air” instead of a sword. But as soon as you start attacking / waving it, it is already in your hands. By the way, the sword sits well in Geralt’s hand. Without any bugs. (Screen number 1)
4) The sword is a little bloody. 


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