This War of Mine: Advice (Hack with Artmoney)

Hacking description of all things on any stage of the game without departures.

If you start from the first day, then collect all the trash in the house. (you can craft a bed or even change). The main thing is that before the night hike, you have at least 5 units of any of the resources in your invertar (Our things) (no matter what, wood, herbs, sugar, etc.).

Then, after nightfall, we choose a Persian who will go in search.

We will analyze further actions using an example:

In my inverter (Our things) there are 9 pcs of sleeves.

1. Add all 9 pieces to the backpack (left window).

2. We are looking for 9 (Integer Standard) in ArtMoney.

3. We go into the game and put 1 piece back into the inverter (Our things), then we filter out the value, and so we repeat the procedure until the value 1-3 remains in ArtMoney.

4. Once you have found the value you want, put all the sleeves back into the backpack (as in step 1). In ArtMoney, your value should change to 9.

5. Freeze this value.

6. Now we return the sleeves from the backpack (window on the left) to the inverter (Our things), you can safely return more than a thousand pieces (it all depends on your patience).

Once you have “returned” the number of items you need, unfreeze the value in ArtMoney.

If you want to add other items, then proceed as follows:

1. Remove all items from the backpack (window on the left)

2. Add the item you need to your backpack (for example, canned food). Important!!! not less than 2 pieces.

3. Repeat steps 5-6. You do not need to search for the value of the item again, it is the same for all resources. 

Important information.

When looking for values, it is important that there is one type of item in the backpack (only wood, or only sugar, etc.)

If you are looking for the value of a tree, then keep in mind that in ArtMoney you need to enter the value of all boards. Suppose you have 5 stacks of 2 boards in your backpack, so enter the value 10 in ArtMoney. Or 3 stacks of 4 components. then the value will be 12.

– Why at least 5 units of any of the resources ?

– Because it’s easier to weed out in artmoney at the first stage.

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