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November 24, 2020
4 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Torchlight 2: Tip (Console Activation)

So, let’s go! Please note that like any other game there is a console!
To activate it, we climb into the documents folder on Win7, or into my documents on XP, we find
the folder with the game “Runic Games”, we climb into the folder with the name of the game, then into the folder “save”, and find
there file “settings”, and open it with notepad, find the line “CONSOLE: 0” line 3, and replace it
on “CONSOLE: 1”, that’s all!
holding [shift] press [~] enter Help, and it displays the entire list of codes!
Unfortunately, I could not translate! don’t judge me harshly!))

God – Immortality Mode.
CLS – Clear Console Code History.
Disablepet – Activate or deactivate the ability to use pets.
Belt – Shows a complete list of belts.
Boots – Shows a complete list of boots.
Chest armor – Shows a complete list of all chest armor.
Fish – Shows a complete list of different fish.
Socketable – Shows a complete list of stones.
Gloves – Shows the full list of gloves.
Helmet # – Shows a complete list of helmets.
Potion- Shows a complete list of all potions.
Scroll – Shows the complete list of scrolls.
Shoulder Armor – Shows the complete list of shoulder armor.
Spell – Shows a complete list of spells.
Trinket # – Shows a complete list of all sorts of things in the game.
Weapon- Shows a complete list of possible weapons.
Difficulty – Shows the current difficulty of the game.
Allstats # – Add a certain amount (#) of all stats.
Defense # – Add a certain amount (#) of the defense parameter.
Dexterity # – Add a certain amount (#) of agility stat.
Fame # – Add a certain amount (#) of Fame.
Help – Display all possible codes.
Magic # – Add a certain amount (#) of magic stat.
Money # – Get rich with a certain amount (#) of money.
Skill name / # – Learn a certain (#) skill.
Skillpoints # – Add a certain number (#) of skill points.
Statpoints # – Add a certain amount (#) of stat points.
Strength # – Add a certain amount (#) of the stat of strength.
Ascend- truancy under the floor.
Descend – walk across the floor.
Identifyall – Identification of all things in the inventory.
KIllall – Destroy all monsters
Quests – Activates all quests.
Playernotarget – All mobs become non-aggressive towards the player.
Alwayscrit – Every hit will be critical.
Reload – Reloads all game textures.
Resetpetlevel – Restore level.
Resetskills – Restore Skill Points.
Resetplayerlevel – Restore player level.
Resetplayer – Restore skills, level and stats from the player.
Restartlevel – Overloads the current level.
Room – Displays the player’s room.
Questcomplete – Complete quests.
Questactive – Set quests in progress.
FPS – Displays the number of frames per second.
Speed ​​Toggles – Additional speed.
Godspeed – Enable invulnerability and speed.
AIFreeze – Activates the freeze of all mobs.

Item 5410
Item 5418
Item 5261
Item 5269
Item 5310
Item 5323
Item 5331
Item 5396 are specifically the largest and highest level stones.

4948-5020 – All Staves
orange staves 5000-5020
well, also among 3257-3296
all 6 lvl. (for example, to get the cure (1824) level 5 we write: Item 1823) – well, it seems clear

gear (you can figure it out by yourself)

Transcendence Set

fish of endless action

Giant Perch – Fish_Treefish_giant
Giant Crab Egg – Fish_Adzefish_Perm
Huge Flying Fish – Fish_Birdfish_giant
Huge Jackal Perch – Fish_Muckfish_perm
Huge Krivoril – Fish_Batfish_Perm
Giant Spiderfish – Trout_perm
Huge Bigmouth Perch – Fish_Pocketfish_perm

reinforcing fish

Frenzy Fish – Frenzy Fish + 33% attack speed and running speed for 5 minutes

the best stones (the level of stones varies from lvl 1 to lvl 7 – change rank7 to rank * by choice)

Giant Blood Ember – tl2_bloodember_rank7
Giant Chaos Ember – tl2_chaosember_rank7
Giant Flame Ember – tl2_flameember_rank7
Giant Ice Ember – tl2_iceember_rank7
Giant Iron Ember – tl2_ironember_rank7
Giant Spark Ember – tl2_sparkember_rank7
Giant Venom Ember – tl2_venomember_rank7
Giant Void Ember – tl2_voidember_rank7

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