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February 4, 2020
8 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

True Crime / Streets of LA: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

Snoop Dog: Collect 30 dog bones that are scattered throughout the streets.
FMV Ending: Finish the game with all three endings.
Soldier from Call of Duty: Collect 10 Soldier Heads scattered throughout the streets, then use the Dogtags name on your license plate.

You can give the name VAKLAM. I only succeeded once. You will play as a dead girl.

At the very beginning of the game, where you have to hit 10 targets, some tactics come in handy: hit one target, reload, hit another target, reload again, etc. This is due to the fact that if you do not reload, then shooting at the next target you will run out of cartridges and the target may be removed. You can of course shoot a whole clip at one target, but with reloading it is better. I hit all 16 targets this way, instead of 10.

Try to kill as little as possible. This is not a GTA, and you will not be praised at all for that. There are several types of lads in True Crime. The first one belongs to small fry and usually they only need to beat out of the car as they raise their legs. The second one is already cooler, they can run away without reacting to you. They can and give in the face, moreover, more than once. And not only with your hands … Well, the third – only a bullet will stop them … If you kill a bandit, say, the first type, then you minus one point of local charisma. The more you kill like this, the worse the ending of the game will be. By the way, about GTA: now you don’t have to be intimidated by the sound of the police radio, but, on the contrary, be interested in a new task. In general, the tasks sometimes come across very strange, and always under Nick’s nose. By the way, the streets of LA, as in our country, are full of onlookers. As soon as you start fighting, a crowd will immediately gather.

The game will have such a freebie as search passers-by. Don’t miss it, because if you find something illegal from a random counter, you become the owner of the same free point of the same local charisma. Let’s say you need to travel somewhere to complete an assignment. So take a walk. You see, you’ll score about five points. But sometimes among the passers-by there are the most, that neither is, radishes. Seeing that you are searching someone, they leave (or even run away) in the other direction. This is the first sign that they have something illegal. True, not always, there are also athletes who decided to run (or maybe they forgot something at home ?!) Some (type 2 and 3 bandits) resist the search and not only. Several times it happened to me: I was running down the street, I didn’t bother anyone, and suddenly I got it in my face …

In the game, I also noticed an advertisement for the soundtrack of the game and the movie on the game.

You didn’t notice that when you take a car, the majority of people in cars take exactly the same car, (only in a different color) as yours. This is very noticeable on buses..

Tactics in a mission, where first you are chasing, and then you are: starting to play, immediately turn left, there you will see such a path, you go there. Try not to destroy the fence yet, we still need it. Don’t worry, they won’t follow you. Then go straight on until you come out of this alley. If everything is correct, then you should be roughly opposite to each other. To begin with, I advise you to change the car, did they kick you a little? Now, destroy the fence and drive inside the courtyard. Since the bandits will not be able to enter there, just shoot them slowly. I had a small incident in this place: I had destroyed the fence a little (by accident), and they came to me. The bandit car had little “health”, mine even less. And when my car was already on fire, I managed to jump out of it. The bandit (who was driving) got out of his car (although they had it intact and almost unharmed compared to mine), the other one remained standing, leaning out of the car. My first thought: what will happen next? And then it was … I approached them, the weapon was in their hands, but they did not shoot. Well, I didn’t, we are civilized people! There were crowds of people, as in Soviet stagnant times. I walked away from the brothers a little, (I thought the glitch would end now, and they would shoot me in fig) but they just walked me off with their heads and continue to stand. No, you should have seen it !!! Having had a little fun, I shot them, while they did not shoot at me at all. Starting to shoot, the crowd of onlookers immediately fled. Only at the last moment I remembered that I had to capture all this … But, unfortunately, no matter how I tried, I couldn’t get more such moments. I zaprints only their dead. If someone has something similar, send us, we will definitely publish it. And remember, this was not a fiction, but a real glitch. In the same mission, to continue the game, you just need to drive away from the place of disassembly.

In the second mission of the fifth episode, you have to chase a truck with two bandits in the back. Since all fast cars are passenger cars, then you are likely to take one. But in vain. It will be riddled quickly and you will probably “ignite”. But still, you can survive on a passenger car, overtake the truck and shoot in front of it (so that the bandits do not smack at you) Of course, it will be difficult, but this tactic works, though not always. And it is better to just drive in to the side and shoot, or it is better to skate a few times, (even in a car, you will calmly gouge them) and then finish off if necessary. Slow aiming mode helps a lot (not only in this mission) (press “Fire” and hold for a few seconds), so once, say, the car will explode into the tank. With the same accuracy, you can hit the driver or behind a sitting (standing) bandit.

A little joke in the end: stand on the sidewalk in front of some fence or fence (but not walls) and when someone passes by, click “Search” (you just need to have nothing for the passer-by). Then Nick will push him away out of habit and the passer-by will pass through the fence. The trick is to see how the passer-by will behave.

There is such a problem in the game – it is very difficult to go through any upgrade the first time, and there is only one shield (or there are few of them). You can, of course, drive around the city, complete tasks, receive shields … But there is another way. Everyone knows that before you enter the building to level up your character, the game is automatically saved … For example, we entered the shooting range, did not have time to shoot all the targets, a message appears – “Repeat training for 1 shield?”, Press “No” and after pressing quickly press [Esc] and click on “Exit”, then load the game again and you have as many shields as you had during autosave. Do this several times until you complete the training..
P.S. Of course, they will go out for a very long time and will survive, but it’s worth it (in the first chapter, I completely pumped my pistols and a car!).

Having caught up with the criminal, you most often have to fight with him and, in order not to drag out a long battle, you can shmallow at him a couple of times during the chase, and then finish off and arrest.

Complete street affairs and search citizens to earn as many shields as possible.

Maybe you noticed graffiti on the walls of the city. On the one hand, these are just someone’s nicknames. But if you enter them instead of a license plate, then they work like a code.

Approach the fence (or the wall) and start running towards it and hitting it with all your blows (Num 4, num 5, num 6) and after a few seconds you pass through it.

How easy it is to find out that passers-by have something illegal:

1. Passing by a passer-by who has “something” – Nick will say “hmmmm”.

2. People passing by pay attention to you; look at you, turn their head in your direction. If you go to a meeting with a passer-by and he doesn’t look at you, he has 99% of something. Works in 99% because the difficulty is caused by people with telephones – they do not look at you at all, even if they have nothing.

If you have completely pumped the pistol in the shooting range, then you can not bother yourself much when chasing – just shoot the gas tank (under the car number). The car will explode, but the criminal will not die, but will get out of the car. This method does not affect the rating in any way, except if a civilian is sitting in the car.

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