Two Worlds II: The Council (activation of the second chapter)

After you bring the Gandahar diary to Kassara, the game will require you to re-enter the Serial Number. Supposedly you have passed Chapter 1, and for full access you need to enter it again. It’s simple:
First: In Russian localization no options “Activation by phone” Internet only. Therefore, you need to replace the Language.wd file in the WDFiles folder with the English one. (Example: D: \ Games \ TwoWorlds II \ WDFiles) The file is attached, but it is also on the Reloaded disk image in the Install \ Eng \ WDFiles folder, so if you don’t trust, feel free to download the image and pick it from the disk.
After replacing the file, your save will have names in the game of this type – ????? ??? ????? ???? That’s right, for the English. the version of the Russian language does not understand, just by looking at the picture download the last save, and when it asks for a key again, generate its Keygen from the same Reloaded, click OK, and then you will see a button Activation on Phone , it will issue a Key that must be entered into the Keygen – Activation Request field in order for it to generate an Activation Code, which you will then enter. Congratulations, chapter 2 is open! Have a good game.

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