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April 21, 2020
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By Jonny Gamer

WarCraft 3 / Reign of Chaos: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

Some tips for completing campaigns:
In the company of people there is a mission where you have to smash the city in order to kill zombies. Here, firstly, you need to immediately run and look for houses, since there are many of them. To destroy a house, select the attack function and move the cursor over the house, and then click on the left mouse button. After a while, the lilac people will turn into monsters. It will be very easy to deal with them. You should NOT immediately attack the lord of darkness who is opposing you. It is better to first accumulate strength and give your hero the opportunity to pump better. And in general, you should not attack the enemy base. You can also leave your own by building 2 towers – all forces into battle. And remember, time is not on your side here.
Also, I want to pay attention to the company of orcs, where we need to escort under escort. Here it is best divided into two groups: one, the stronger one, goes to the cleanup, and the other, the weak one, covers the column, since the column has its own defense..
The last mission in the Night Elves campaign, and at the same time in the entire game, is truly difficult. I can give you one piece of advice: immediately start producing units, and, consequently, increasing living spaces. We must quickly go to take up the defense of the people and the orcs, along the way building defensive towers – believe me, this will be very useful. And wait. You need to hold out until the perfume arrives completely. Two waves of evil will go on you. The first one you must completely restrain. Here time will already work for you.

In the mission of people where you have to defend a village called “Harglen” there is one trick – destroy the building in the shape of the letter “G” in the lower right corner of the village (it can be destroyed, since this is not a decoration, like the rest of the houses, but a unit) there will be boxes, and in them … a lamb!
Hit it, and a very good artifact – your Elixir of Rebirth! 🙂

In one mission, there is a cage for people in the city, when you destroy it, a ghoul whose name is Timmy runs out from there, it is very difficult to kill him (I only managed to shoot units) after his death, a cool ring falls out.

There is such a mission for the Urkok (Orcs) – to cut down 15,000 trees, and you do this – take a shaman 2 wolf cubs (wolf riders) and a trawl and there is a mine of wali eared (elfs) and build a palace, and then…

In the mission “harglen defense” for people there is an extra. quest where you need to destroy the undead train. It is not necessary to kill the guards, it is enough to distract one suicide infantryman. The guards will beat him, but the corpse vehicles will go on. After destroying the last one, the quest is completed and you get a very good medal (strength and intelligence +4). And if you also kill the ogres (or rather the commander of the ogres), then you can get a pretty decent gauntlet (strength +3).

Elven Campaign.
To be honest, I don’t remember exactly what the chapter is called, in my opinion the third mission, when you need to get to some place. I didn’t get through right away, so I will help you:
Ox – the first, when orcs, undead or humans fly in your direction, take people away so they don’t shoot, because they are most likely flying to fight not with you, but you will simply attract their attention. Do not waste time and attack people, and through them you will go to the gold mine next to the place where you need to get. There is only 5 thousand money, so don’t waste it. Attack the infected elves and the path is clear! And also … don’t waste money on building new barracks or trees of life … dig them out of the ground and replant them! Further missions are easy too, but the last two – you have to try (I have not passed them yet).

In 1 mission for Undeads in the city you need to kill horses.
One of them has an artifact that will help a little in the initial missions..

In the last company of elves, when it is necessary to restrain the onslaught of the undead, I practically did not use elf units, but hired mercenaries, you need to hold out with people for as long as possible, then protect the orcs with mercenaries. With the orcs I held out until the end of the mission.

In a mission where you need to destroy the citadel of Malganus, well, in the north, I advise you to leave the first base and go to the dwarves.
And more … In the same place. You need to wander around the area and find ants. You can pump well on them.

In the second level, the undead have Ticondrus in the lower left side of the map. He lulls and then kills the peasants.

As an undead you enter Dalrn (City of Mages and Cherodees), you can find two mages in the lower right and left parts, and each of them has an item. When you destroy the first part of the arcane aura, go left, you will find a cell inside which stone golems of level 6, destroy them, because these golems are immune to the arcane aura, they will help you a lot.

At the level for the ghouls “Digging up the dead” you can find a strange thing called “Panda Recreation Area”. To do this, in the second part of the level, where you need to get the urn, after you kill the first paladin, cut a path in the forest to the left of the barracks and lead the hero to the waterfall.
There is also a secret society of Sasquatch’ev. To find him, go straight up from your base, cut trees near the poles with skulls, and go forward..

In 3 missions for the Alliance (where Jaina is attacked by two orcs, and she summons a water one and defends herself) there is such a joke:
1. We take our armada.
2. We go not forward, but back and to the right.
3. Finding the lair of the orcs.
4. We kill everyone
5. There will be a sheep – we beat it!
6. Drops out a ring (agility +1)!

ALL creatures can give out gags if you click on them several times in a row.

Passage of the 4th mission for the Alliance.
The most important thing here is to destroy the Undead camp, and then everything will go like clockwork. In the beginning, you are given several foot soldiers, Arthas, Jaina, the healer, and a mortar. We take the last two aside, and keep 6 infantrymen, 4 riflemen and heroes on the defensive. After the next battle, send healers (hire another one) to heal the units. Send 2 foot soldiers, 2 riflemen and 2 healers to the 2nd mine (to get through). We storm enemy buildings only with mortars until we destroy the Temple of the Damned. Then we change tactics, make 2 detachments: 1st – 6 mortars; 2nd – all your defenses.
Shoot buildings and novices with mortars, and the rest – ghouls. When the Halls of the Dead and the Acolytes are destroyed, nothing will remain.

In the campaign for the orcs, where you need to take possession of two airships, when Thunder does not obey and randomly attacks people, you can combine your attacks with Thunder’s attacks and then you will have a better chance of winning the battle.
Also, so that your base is not destroyed – build it under the “wing” of your allies closer to the end of the map, then the Thunder soldiers will guard their base and, without knowing it, your.

Undead Campaign
On the seventh level (siege of Dalaran) to the left of your camp is the burning town hall and farm. Unfortunately, they don’t give anything for them, but there are boxes to the south of them. One of them contains a scroll of mana. If you go a little to the left you will see an ascent to the mountain. There is a magician, a tent and sheep on this mountain. The magician gives a stone of health, and the tent – an anti-magic elixir.

The Goblin Telescope can be found in the Undead Campaign in Chapter 2. To do this, after killing the third paladin, do not take the urn immediately, but go further down the road. There will be a barn and a pen with sheep. When one of the sheep is killed, the telescope will fall out. And then cut the path with a catapult, because the entrance to the corral is blocked by trees.

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