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May 29, 2020
27 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

WarCraft 3 / The Frozen Throne: Tip (Game Tips and Tactics)

When playing with a computer, you can stamp 10 or more shadows as undead, block the passage to the mine with gold, and then opponents will not be able to extract resources from this mine, but if the enemy has a clairvoyance stone, then this trick will be useless.

Actually, I play for the Elves. But I will share with you some little tricks for the Undead.
1) If you make a corpse wagon (upgrade), hire magicians. With such control of the corpse carts and mages, you can go on the attack. The secret is that mages will summon skeletons and skeletons – mages. And corpse wagons constantly deliver corpses.
2) If you make a sorceress (I don’t remember the name, but they move into other units). They have magic. For example: If you direct it to the Ice Dragons, then they are n – th number of seconds. unbearable.

If you play as a horde and the enemy is an undead. Then you can attack with one boar and Farsir with wolves. In most cases, you can achieve victory.

In the campaign for the elves – the second mission is easier not to storm the camp of the Undead, but to bypass it by breaking through trees with the help of ballistas (as the ballistas stand – and gouge, shrinking to the right-top of the map).

Playing as the night elves, you can customize moon wells, from the expected side of the offensive, enabling them to automatically heal your warriors (it is advisable to upgrade the main tree (in my opinion, the tree of life) to level 3, so that in the elven blacksmith you can upgrade the moon wells, so they will be faster restore your energy, and their number will increase to 500). When the enemy attacks, place your soldiers next to the wells, as soon as your soldiers are wounded, they will immediately heal. In principle, the more wells, the better, because there is not so much energy in all wells, and so, when there are a lot of them, you can forget about energy, and about the problem of stepping on you too.

If you click on a neutral creature on the map (Sheep, boars, deer, etc.) for a long time, they will explode.

As the undead of the first hero, build a crypt lorda and swing the first spider magic. At the cemetery, make five spiders, let one branch out. In this case, you must have two finds and buy an artifact in the store that was carrying skeletons. You already have 5 spiders + 2 findes + skeletons – this is a good army and you can take out orange creeps. It is desirable when there will be 2 base upgrade so that you have 6-8 funds. Then you can build 2-3 banshees without upgrading and sphinxes. Quite an efictive tactic for the undead!

Beat the game on the hardest difficulty level and you will be shown a twenty-second video from Starcraft 2 made on the engine from WarCraft3.

One strange thing can be found in the undead level “Digging up the dead”. It’s called the “Panda Recreation Area”. To find it, you need to in the second part of the level, where you need to take the urn, after you kill the first paladin, cut a path in the forest to the left of the barracks and lead the hero to the waterfall.
There is also a secret society of Sasquatch’ev. To find him, go straight up from your base, cut trees near the poles with skulls, then go forward.

Not a bad stratum for Orcs:
At the very beginning, one peon builds the Altar, 4 for gold. We order 2 more peons (for a tree). Then, after the third or fourth go to gold, one builds burros … We continue to order peons up to 7-10 pieces … As soon as 360 gold and 120 trees are typed, we build 2 barracks … By the way, we take FS as the first hero … When he comes out, we pump Volkov for him and run either to harrash or to creep. After the construction of the barracks, we build grants … as soon as there are 5-7 of them, we beat them off and build them … After that, you can visit the enemy. Don’t get involved in a major fight. Bring the number of grants to 10. As soon as the loot accumulates, we do 2, and then immediately 3 centuries. As soon as the second is done, we build the smithy … After the third build, 2 totems and stamp the torens, after 2 we pump the spray…
A perfectly workable tactic … does not work against an orc blade (Herokill). Maybe not a ride against the undead with Lich.

If you play in the Extreme_1.0 corridors, then playing for the light ones you can choose two heroes who will play only for you. To do this, select Admiral Proudmoore, two of them will appear, one will die for 15 seconds. and then it will appear and you can change them to other heroes. But if you are resurrected then only one will be resurrected.

When playing with a person, you need to know what type of army he is.
For example, against Archerok Ilut Grants, against the Ice Dragons are Archerki, etc.
The siege weapons and melle units with a large supply of helz go against the elves of the best (grant).
When playing in a team for the Alliance, it is more profitable to take AM first because of the blizzard.
The first to pump him Vodn.el. then a blizzard, then mana, then you buy a book for forgetting skills and pump it completely onto a blizzard.
When playing Battle.net, it is advisable to immediately attack, and actively build on the base.
Make upgrades!
When playing 1 on 1, go to development and technology.
When playing 2v2 or 3v3, 4v4 go to mass units.
At the places of the expansions, put one worker at a time, in order to know where the second base is..
If the hero has the main skill strength or agility and it is more than 4th level, do not center the attack on him.
Develop your APM.
I recommend Click Mer
Good luck!!!

In the first level, near the undead, where you need to kill refugees, you can find baby Timmy in the upper left corner of the map, where else the archmage how to kill everyone there try to go to the upper left corner above I advise you to go in with the shadow baby Timmy sells Shards of Ice that is, a challenge to the Phantom Knight of level 8 buy as much as possible they will help you in the next mission.

The game has a hydrolisk. You can find him on the second level of the company for the dark elves, which is called. Go to the very top of the map to the right. There you will see ballistae, cut through the forest (attack trees), and look for a hydrolisk.

At the level for the ghouls “Digging up the dead” you can find a strange thing called “Panda Recreation Area”. To do this, in the second part of the level, where you need to get the urn, after you kill the first paladin, cut a path in the forest to the left of the barracks and lead the hero to the waterfall. There is also a secret society of Sasquatch’ev. To find him, go straight up from your base, cut trees near the poles with skulls, and go forward..

When playing as an alliance, create griffins, sorceresses and hawks.
Cover the volatile with invisibility and fly to the unprotected side of the enemy base.
Use hawks to block extra towers, and griffins to carve up the main building.

Playing night elf, the first hero is the priestess, pump to level 6, buy invulnerability potions and go to the base to the enemy, turn on the starfall and use invulnerability. The enemy has no half-base left, but what remains is destroyed by the army!

You can play FOUR RACES AT ONCE, for this you need to hire either the Dark Huntress and catch up with her ability “Submission” or Banshee.
We apply the spell on the worker (firefly, etc.) of the enemy, and you can build structures of another race and hire warriors.

On Chapter 1 for Undead. Either find, or type the code to open the map and you will see a place with a lot of people on the mine map. There will be 7 of your slaves and an arena where you can prove that you are the strongest.

If you play for the Horde, and you need to smash an enemy with iron protection, then this advice is for you.
Here you need 2 squads (to create a squad press Ctrl + 1/2/3 … / 10):
1 squad: 12 Wyverns (with the “poison” abgrate)
2nd squad: 4 Boogey, 4 wolf riders, 2 kodoi, 2 heroes (better let them be level 6).
And now, about the main thing, let the 1st detachment first wipe the workers from the rear (from the rear, not when the camp does not put up towers), then the enemy troops run across, half of them, the arrows, moisten them and then pour them onto the defensive towers together with the 2nd detachment. Detachment 2 drives in to the base, we wet the remaining troops, then the 1st and 2nd squads wet the barracks, then the altar, after the command center and then everything else…
Odds of winning 80 out of 100.

I can say good tactics for the undead.
From the very beginning, we send two slaves to gold and a vurka to a tree, then we stand a ziggurat as a slave, and then an altar, then we send it to gold. We build slaves, have accumulated gold and build a crypt. As the altar was built, we put the lich and swing the ice from him. a crypt has been built, we build a ghoul for all the gold, as the hero has built, we collect all the ghouls and go to earn a level. Then we set up a cemetery and then bunches. We upgrade the main building, build an altar, then a pit. we collect an aria of 12 spiders, 5 dragons, a couple of gargoyles and a hero, we collect it in regiments and go to kill the enemy. I myself crawl with this tactic. it helps me.

Playing as the Night Elves, do not get carried away by ground troops – a couple of mountain giants in support of the heroes and three or four bears to strengthen the attack will be enough. Elves are the only race capable of providing themselves with total air domination, which renders the enemy ground units useless. First, we call on the demon hunter and pump it, after updating the base, we call the priestess of the moon and pump her the aura of accuracy. We carry out all the research. We make heels of druids-ravens, the same number of archers on hippogryphs and how many chimeras will succeed, one or two forest dragons are possible. The thing is that the priestess’s aura of accuracy will increase the attack of ranged troops (that is, all air forces, and most of them) by 30 percent, and a bear’s roar will increase the attack of everyone in general! If a demon hunter is bought an orb of poison, then in the form of a demon he will receive the same reinforcement.
And druids – crows will overwhelm the enemy’s defense. Ground troops are only needed to hold the enemy while they will be blown up from the air.
However, in order to rebuild quickly enough, you need a lot of wood – make a lot (10 or more) fireflies or hire a goblin cutter, or preferably two.

It is worth thinking about why neutral animals bang from a lot of pressing on them. To quickly defeat the computer, just open the map you want to play. Press F6, the object editor will open. Find the main building of each race and add “Miracle (Neutral)” to the possibilities. We save, go into the game, make the map open, click many times on the enemy main hall and … broads. He burst in. Can also be done with any unit. The main thing is that the computer will not click on your hall.

Undead Starting Tactic.
At the very beginning, there are 2 servants for the golden chamber, and in the third we build: an altar, a ziggurat, a cemetery. We send the ghoul to cut the tree. As soon as there are enough resources, we build a crypt. In the altar we build the Lord of the Moguls and swing beetles for him. We approach the cemetery. When there are 5 bugs, go to the green neutral. In the crypt we build 2 spiders and 2 ghouls. Ghouls on the tree, spiders in the army. We are actively downloading upgrades and developing the main building as quickly as possible.

For starters, the people you wrote are mostly bullshit. Most of the tactics you wrote will fail at the slightest deviation from BO.
So that’s it. 2 tactics for the alliance.
1. Shooters and casters.
We send all the workers to the mine and immediately order 2. One from the mine is building the Altar of Kings, the second is the Barracks, and the third is the Farm. The first from the Town Hall goes to the mine, the second builds the second Farm. After that build 3-4 Infantrymen. Bring the number of Workers on the tree to 5-6. As soon as the first hero left the Altar (the Archmage should be the first) go to the creep. As soon as the opportunity arises, build the Forge and start churning out Shooters. After the number of Shooters has reached 4-6, upgrade the Town Hall. After finishing the apa, build 2 Temples of Truth. Build 2 Sorceresses and 2 Healers. Again up the Fortress. Bring the number of casters to 8/4, respectively. And the whole trick of this tactics is as follows: Sorceresses impose “Polymorph” on enemies, Healers heal the Shooters, and the Shooters themselves shoot at the enemies. And going into the air won’t help here.
P.S. The second hero is to take the Mountain King. (No. 1)
2. Griffins, Hawks and Knights.
See the beginning above. We try to make the 2nd ap. During the 1st up, we build the Sawmill. And during the second – 2 Griffon Nests. After building the last, we build 5 Hawks, and then Griffons. Also, do not forget to make 3-4 Knights as a cover for the heroes.
For the undead, it is better to act on the tactics Coil + Nova = GG. The first hero should be the Death Knight, the second – the King of the Lich (Lich). Then you need to CONSTANTLY beat the enemy. (No. 2)
For the elves, I have only one tactic: masses of archers. We build 2 packs of archers, preferably with 3 heroes (all except for the Nightmare), and after a while we plant the second pack on the Hippogriffs. Unfortunately, this tactic has not been tested by me in battle.net, but if anyone needs it, I can send a test replay.

For those who like to play as the horde, I have a clever and quick way to break the elf comp in battle..
So, we quickly create the barracks and the house of heroes (I forgot the name), we make 10 buhaychiks and the Blade Master. We raise the hero to level 6 and during this time we will create 8 more wyverns. Feel free to go to the elf computer. Send the wyverns to bomb the main tree and fireflies, and with the rest attack the guard trees (if any) and the enemy army. If you see that the enemy’s army is winning, make 10 berserkers in the barracks and run to the battlefield, and turn on the 4 spell for the hero. Until they come running, by this time the enemy should have a little army and a few houses. Finish off unfinished bugs.

As the night elves, buy naga and learn lightning and attack the enemy while trying to kill more workers.
Betting on development is a risk, so quickly build two trees of war and a hunting hall. We hire 4 archers and 10 hunters – go to clean up the mine, then make an upgrade and order a dark elf:
1) against the horde – life steal
2) against the alliance – silence
3) against elves – black arrow

Next, there are two branches of tactics
1) two trees of winds – hunters + dragons
2) two trees of wisdom – bears + dryads

When you play as elves against a man who relies on ice serpents, build an army of their only dryads and land on the airship directly under the “Native” mine of the enemy! Ice serpents cannot attack them, because dryads are not susceptible to magical attacks! Then slowly demolish enemy buildings! and at this moment you enter through the main entrance the main army led by the hero!

There is one plus of playing for orcs in “battles” or on a grid.
When you start playing, build the first Altar of Storms and a lot of farm laborers who mine gold. When the Altar was built, the formation of the hero Tauren Chieftain. You improve the aura of endurance with it and put it next to the spool and the laborers start to mine gold 10% faster!

In general, I only dial the code for gold and wood, but it is added to the enemy.
But let’s move on to the topic (by the way, tactics for the orcs) – from the very beginning, type this code and start building a farm and barracks and hire several workers. Then put a few buogays and a sawmill. Build an altar and send the bull to the tavern. Place a dark ranger and pump her dark arrow magic. Then send her to the base, and to this you should have a sawmill and towers around the entire perimeter of your base. Place some bounty hunters and a witch doctor. And then upgrade your castle to the end. And never put shamans and everyone else. Best of all the ones mentioned above and improve them that’s all..

A small but very important advice for all races:
Every map has a Goblin Laboratory. Buy a sawmill there and forget about problems with wood, as he brings 200 wood at a time. You can now remove all workers from the tree (or kill them) and build more warriors.

An excellent tactic for the Undead when playing against a computer: we finish building up to the spiders + the hero is the grave lord. We will improve the ability to “bury ourselves” and, under the guise of tourists, send the computer to the base. There we bury them near any enemy building that is not liked, and as soon as the computer has combed our open spaces (it is very good when there are invisible guards) (+ the computer must not completely crush you, this is the whole point) we dig them out and begin to methodically take out its buildings. As soon as His Majesty consents to appear, we abruptly bury them and put a detour sign. At this time, you can do what the soul decides. I managed to get 2 heroes up to level 10 + also 12 ice kites. But you shouldn’t be too cool, especially if you try it once, and this tactic is a “weapon of victory”.

In the Undead Campaign, on the final level, you guard Qel-Tuzed. If you can’t do this, collect another army and lead it to the Alliance (you can use the whosyourdaddy code or not use it) and so you will pass the level.

If you are a tough player, you will play against four allies on the open map.

1. Don’t let the enemy capture the second mine (sausage the slaves who start to build).
2. Fuck heroes, not troops (it is desirable that the hero was of a high level, but not the 6th), the most gold is needed to build a cooler hero.
3. If you see that in the battle you pi..ts, then use the scroll of teportation, if only the hero was intact.

And just do the coolest orcs, they have more life and are affordable.

P.S. Do not forget to capture a couple of mines and build them with towers. If you do everything this way, then the ending will just please you. It will take you half of the time to smash enemy bases without heroes (they have no gold). Be sure to watch the video for the enemy and you will just enjoy the moment he dies.

A good tactic for the horde, this is the tactic played by most world class players. On the battlenet, rolls against everyone except the alliance (if the alliance is a good player with a gut micro).
At the very beginning, we build an altar with 1 slave and order two slaves for gold, the rest for gold, as soon as 250 gold is collected, we build a farm by one of those slaves who mine gold, save 200 gold and build barracks, while hiring slaves to make them 10 pieces, 5 on gold 5-6 per tree, in the altar you order a blade, make 4 soils, along the way we put another farm and a store, we upgrade the building to the second level. We swing the hero on creeps. During the hall grade, we set up a sawmill and improve the hatchet, the hall has improved, we hire a toad and swing a hex (toad) from him, we also make 1-2 menageries and rivet wolfhounds for masses, improving the ax, shield and the ability to throw a net. Do not forget about your opponent and visit him, sometimes demolishing some buildings or killing workers. We make a catapult and go to the enemy, pump also the robbery. Throw nets often, especially on flying enemies and a toad, heal Persians and warriors.
Vryatli enemy will resist. It should be noted that to play Warcraft you need to be very good at microcontrol.

Quite a real tactic for the development of an undead. At the beginning 2 novices go to the mine, the third one starts to cost a barrack and the zikurat then also goes to the mine. We immediately order 2 more pasachnikov (while we are performing these operations, the ghoul given to us should have been running between the forest and our base for a long time). We will send the 4th passer-boy to the mine. Before the fifth appears, you must have another zikurat. The 5th novice begins to build the altar and follows to the mine. In the completed barracks, we hire 4 ghouls, then we study cannibalism. Before the altar is completed, you need to build a store (it is advisable to catch the time when the altar is not completed a little, This is done so that your hired hero does not stand idle for an extra second, but immediately purchases and shoots or creeps. faster than building a store). ATTENTION!!! the operation of hiring 4 ghouls, building a shop and an altar requires special attention. It is important not to hire a large number of ghouls at once, otherwise the money will go to the heights intended for the construction of the above, you need to closely monitor the time of hiring “toothy” and the amount of money for construction. If you did everything correctly, then we do not waste a single second in vain (something is constantly being built or hired), so in the shortest possible time we get 5 ghouls, a hero (I take a death knight), also purchased items (I always buy a scroll of manna and a wand skeletons). At the same time, there should be enough money for the 2nd grade of the main building..

In the last mission for the alliance, go to the left side of the map. There we find a large hall, at the far end of which there is a huge creep “Butcher”, guarding objects. One of these items – “Wirt’s leg” – the leg of Wirth, the same boy from Diabla 1 and the corpse from Diabla 2.

Dear gamers, I just cannot understand you. By and large, what you write raises serious doubts. One gets the impression that you are either playing only with a computer (moreover, with a level not higher than average), or with a person who has just recently started playing War. Such tactics amuse me very much, such as: a hero up to level 6 + 10 buggies + wyverns + something else and we fly to kill the opponent !!! At the same time, they also like to give the percentage of success of this tactic with a very high success rate. HA!!! There is a big question.
I’m wondering what the opponent will do all this time while you earn the 6th level of the hero and hire a bunch of different-sized units ??? One gets the impression that your opponent will just stupidly sit still without really developing => that you are playing with an average computer or with a novice player. Why did I take this ??? Well, let’s start from the beginning.
1) Pumping the hero to the 6th level. It is written: “blah, blah, blah, we run crying” It’s just stupid !!! When playing with a good opponent, you rarely get to the sixth level, the battle simply ends (the usual time with a strong opponent is 10 – 12 minutes). And where are you pumping on creeps ??? You will never be allowed to do this either by presing, or by constant control over your Weisks and after the otake of your troops when you creep in order to squeeze your units between two fires. Okay, the hero of the 6th level, I explained.
2) 10 buggies + wyverns + something else. Yesaaaaaaaa ………. It’s even worse than with the hero !!! Let’s estimate how long it will take us ??? Come on time, how much money !!! Let’s say you are somehow changing the raids, and the presing has created this “horde”, and everything is fine with you: the hero there is level 6, grades for units. You went into battle (while assessing the victory of this tactic as 80%). We come to the foe at the base, and there ……….. From this it follows 1) (in the case of 80%) that the enemy has half the army and a “clumsy” hero. And the second one justifies these 80%, that the warrior has the same number of armies + a hero with a level not lower than yours => that the chances of winning against a good player, and not a navichka or an average computer, fall from 80% to 50% !!! Oh yeah, I forgot that this tactic somewhere out there konala on LANs and tournaments. Believe me, not one tactic can give any certain percentage of success..
And lastly, since this is all the same section “tips and tactics”, and not “smash them all to smithereens” I will give a small and painfully bonal advice, which apparently they forget to use. Just keep your opponent in sight, watch his movements, do not pump up on creeps and capture a secondary level, and most importantly, do not accumulate units, constantly throw them into battle, thereby preventing your opponent from saving and upgrading the army.
P.S. Experienced players will understand me.

Thanks to Michael Ballack for his joke with a bunch of shadows blocking the mine from workers. FASHIONABLE.
I refined this idea and it became much less shady, so to speak. In principle, the idea of ​​obstruction is not perfect as well as mine. In the first, it did not work against elves and undead as they simply do not have “running” workers wearing gold, they are stationary. My tactics also work against elves (you can get to the undead figs !!!). The fact is that the alliance, horde and elves build their houses next to the mine for efficient gold mining. Here it is !!! just take 1-2 shadows and place them near the mine, thereby taking up space for the construction of the building. The enemy does not see us and cannot stick in the hole, beauty !!! BUT, he can poke her further, do not be afraid. In this case, adding gold will be much more expensive for him..

Here’s my old secret when playing as an undead:
We build an altar, a shop, a barracks and a ziggurat, we hire 3-4 ghouls on a tree, in the altar we take a Death Knight (with the Bloody Union spell (or whatever it is, in short the Red Hand)), we build a cemetery…
While it is being built in the shop, we buy an item for the resurrection of corpses. We go with the hero to green crits, on the way we kill some neutral passive (pig, hare, sheep), we resurrect skeletons from the corpse, we run to the crits, we expose the hero to the blow (do not let the skeletons lose health) when the Death Knight has less than 60 % hels, apply the Red Hand spell on the skeletons.
We look at the base – the graveyard has been gutted, we upgrade the attack to the spiders (and dragons, I forgot how to upgrade the name), we hire a few spiders (2-3), attach them to the hero, again on the way to neutral we resurrect the killed pig (or what will come to hand ), we also substitute the hero under attack, we use jamming.
The second sang we take the aura of Death. Abreydim the main building, see the enemy (the aura was taken by Schaub to retreat quickly).
Then we invest all the money in the development of attack and protection of spiders and dragons. While dragons are not available, we hire spiders (do not forget about the “network”).
Further, with the skillful use of spiders and dragons, you can quickly destroy the enemy.
Heroes 2 and 3 for your taste.

P.S. Do not forget about the item in the undead shop (with which skeletons are resurrected), thanks to it, you can gain a lot of EXP at the very beginning of the game. Also a good duet of the Lord of the Graves and the Death Knight (the first we call a cockroach, the second we convert them into our health).

Playing as the undead, you can build 5-7 upgraded ziggurats at the entrance to the base and bury 5-7 spiders 20 steps away from them. Catch attackers by surprise by surrounding them from behind.

In the mission where you first meet Anub “Cancer, when you rebuild the base, you are attacked by nagas. Kill them and then revive them with the spell of Arthas. Direct them to the naga base and … no one will beat them! Do everything there! , what do you want.

Tactics for the elves. Create the Priestess of the Moon and archers, then quickly pump up to the Tree of Longevity and create giants. Then to the Tree of Eternity and create
chimeras. Then create a Demon Hunter and any other hero. An army of three heroes of approximately 6, 2 and 2 levels with a bunch of archery with several giants and chimeras will defeat many.

In mission 1. TOMB PLUNDERERS you don’t need to play as undead. Instead, destroy the castle of people with one Bjorn. And you will win the mission.

In the fourth mission for the night elves, between the passage to the sea and the main base of the naga, there is a clearly visible clearing in which Granny the rat runs. You cannot kill her with either magic or a normal attack. You need to click on it for a long time, and it will explode, and instead of it there will be a talisman of protection, which gives snake agility (15% chance to evade enemy attacks.).

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