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September 29, 2020
5 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Worms World Party: Advice (Tips and tactics for the game)

If you want to sink an enemy worm with dynamite, put the dynamite on the other side of the water (if the water is on the left, put the dynamite on the right; if the water is on the right, put the dynamite on the left).

Mines in the game can be used for your own purposes. Just shoot with a rifle at the enemy next to the mine, he will approach her, the mine will begin its countdown and the enemy will fly to hell + you will have one more cartridge.

By the way, in the game you can beat two worms at once with one blow. For example, there are two enemy worms side by side – we drive one to the second blow from the gun, and then two at once.

Use a bat, if the enemy is near the water, hit at an angle to fly further.

If you run out of threads, bangs, parachutes, teleporters, zero gravity, etc. you can use a bow – stick an arrow into the wall and climb higher – delay the end before sudden death.

The grenade timer is set by pressing the keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

If you use then it is best to hide at the bottom of the map (Closer to the water) (if you did not teleport and otherwise get there then close up the entrances and exits) and then use.

It happens that you need to kill two worms in one move located at a distance from each other, a shotgun is good, but if the worms have more than 25 healths. Cows come to the rescue – we release one in one direction, then before the second cow comes out, you turn around and others two cows run the other way. Often helps.

You can also make a very high jump: firstly, if you turn away from the napalm barrel and press ENTER twice, then the worm will jump on it without any problems, and secondly, if you press BACKSPACE twice, then the worm will jump to a great height and make back flip.

If you are high above the water at the cliff and do not know how to go down, then turn your back to the cliff, then jump off it (double enter or backspace), of course, after selecting a rope and in flight use this very rope ….

There is a way to reach the highest rank in a fight to the death.
You just need to choose the worm itself with maximum health in the game and use a drill and a burner to dig deeper. Enemies become enraged with inaction and gradually undermine themselves. You just have to look and finish off with napalm / air strikes. In this way, I quickly and painlessly reached the field marshal (after the general).

If you don’t have a decent weapon, and you need to bang someone, then listen here!
Your opponent has a good position, right next to the attack barrel, do not rush to shoot at the barrel, because it will take a hit! What should I do to cause damage at least 60 health? The enemy worm stands near the barrel at a distance of no more than 2 cm! Excellent! Put the healthiest one (at least 40 health) with his back to the barrel, and the closer he is to the barrel, the less damage it will take (do not stand on the barrel, otherwise the number 0 may appear above your worm!). Everything is ready? OK! Now DRAGON STRIKE and your former opponent has at least 60, and you have 30 and how lucky!

Maybe someone does not know that from a rope, bungee, parachute, jetpack, you can throw, for example, grenades (Enter key).

Situation: a bridge, heels of enemies in a row and a couple of mines between them. We take the ultrasound, set the sight slightly above the horizontal and fire a burst. Opponents huddle together and, if you’re lucky, mines will be in the same heap.

A grenade placed exactly on the head of the enemy can remove 50 hits.

Another simple and short tip: use a skunk 🙂

Bots are cautious creatures, they don’t like to walk in the direction of mines or spilled gasoline…

The flamethrower can be used to burn through walls. Or, if there is a thin ceiling above the enemy, you can break a gas bomb on it – if it is enough to break through the ceiling, the enemy’s movement will be significantly hampered. Yes, computer bots do not take into account that gasoline scatters from the blast wave…

If there are a lot of THEM, and YOU are not enough, after a move, snuggle up to the enemy who will not move for the next n moves, where n is the number of your hearts. Very helpful in Deathmatch Mode.

Is your opponent a freezer lover? Calculate the next worm and throw a gas bomb under it, hehe 🙂

It is quite possible to push a mine with a jetpack. It turned out several times by accident.

Burrowing with a pneumatic drill, you can capture an enemy worm as a bodyguard. The maximum that threatens you is 30 hp from the fist. But then you can get out and carefully throw the same gas bomb into the depression. Since the walls are uneven, with some luck you can do without ropes and jetpacks, with only jumps.

A club is usually enough for the enemy to fly over a third of the map if hit with a 45-degree scope.

Selected but not activated parachute will be triggered if the worm falls quickly for some time.

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