Yoku’s Island Express: Tip (Unlocking the Development Mode and Level Editor)

Guys, easily digging through the soft body of the game, I found the config line  ui_show_dev_menu; 1 which you will need to enter into the file along the path …\ AppData \ Roaming \ Villa Gorilla \ Yoku’s Island Express \ config.csv (who does not know, the users folder is usually hidden from suckers), and who knows – the three dots are understood.

After that, the Dev line will appear in the main menu of the game, where there are several interesting functions in the menu (change the music to another in-game one, turn off the “vignette” darkening frame, etc.) But the most important and dangerous is the editor mode. The game will turn off, the next time you start, you can change the level at your discretion. Visual connections are prescribed, geometry is intuitive.

The authors created the editor so beautiful, as if they were doing it for sale and not for internal use. In theory, this tool can be used to share finished cards with each other. BUT! Everyone who wants to dig deeper, I must say, perhaps your save will be spoiled by you and the game will have to be replayed.

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