Warhammer 40.000: Dawn Of War – Dark Crusade: Tips And Tactics

It is very easy to go through the game for Eldarians even in the difficult level of complexity.

The biggest power of Eldarov is the ability to move around the map in 3 seconds using star gates. This ability is needed in the features when you play against necrons. In my opinion, all battles can be used using 3 detachments, 1 armored vehicles and hero. Sometimes armored vehicles are not needed, but when they attack the capital of the enemy’s hero, then she needs. First you need to build 3 generators. While they are built, recruit 1 sculptor (employee), 1 detachment of sentigible and other sculptors. When all sculptors are built, let them build a shower temple (place of upgrades). Voshori must, meanwhile, seize strategic positions located next to the base. After building a temple of the souls, it is necessary that 1 sculptor began to build the Baracks of Eldarov, and the remaining three – techno portal.

After their installation, we put on the strategic position of the tower. We are waiting for the towers and upgrade the increase in influence. So far, one turret upgrades influence another upgrades itself and t.D. Until we have some good towers (it will be better for one time on the map in the career, so as not to suffer then). Then we build a 2nd power infantry – WAPP spiders. Build all 3 and then build a seen (commander). While all of this is built by our cannon meat (sentigible), which can pick up a couple of similar in search of the enemy base. ATTENTION! Be sure to do in the temple of the shower to make upgrade – Psi-Storm. Having 3 soldiers of the Warpa spider in each 9 people and a psi-seeing storm you can attack. Wrap spiders can easily lay the infantry, heavy infantry and armored vehicles while seeing uses Psi Storm at the enemy headquarters. If you attack the opponent’s capital, we do differently. In the temple of the shower, the art of the war and the next after it. Turn on the techno portal and build a fiery prize with whom nothing is scary. We go to some point that is near the prison base and we cleare everything there. Then we give 1 sculptor and put stargate. Oples 2 and upgrade – Matrix of Travel. Click on your main database and click on the move matrix. Transfer the screen to star gates and transfer the building. Carrying out the buildings: crossroads of paths, barracks, technoportal and shower. Now we want to want or what you need and attack the enemy. With this technique, I won everyone in a difficult difficulty level!

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