WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2011: Advice (How to Unlock Road to Wrestlemania Fighters)

How to open the Rock
Wrestlemania: VS Undertaker
– Defeat Randy Othon outside the arena in Week 2
– Defeat Vladimir Kozlov behind the arena in week 3
– Before Battle Royale, defeat Dolph Ziegler outside the arena.
– talk to Big Show on week 9
– Week 12, Defeat Batista outside the arena
– Before Wrestlemania in GreenRoom with The Rock

How to open Steve Austin
Wrestlemania: Christian
– Week 4 after the Peep Show, before talking to Tiffany, find William Rigal and talk to him
– Week 5, challenge Kane to a match
– On week 8, talk to CM Punk
– Week 9, talk to Chris Jericho
– At week 11, find Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase) and talk to them
– Talk to Steve Austin before Wrestlemania in the Green Room

How to open Terry Funk
Wrestlemania: Rey Mysterio
– Week 3, talk to Edge and then Chris Jericho
– Week 4, talk to Edge and Christian
– On week 6, talk to R-Truz
– Week 9, talk to Randy Orton
– Before Wrestlemania in the Green Room, talk to Terry Funk

How to open Ricky Steamboat
Wrestlemania: Chris Jericho
– 1st week, talk to Miz
– Speak to Santino Marella before Battle Royale
– Week 7, talk to John Cena
– At week 8, talk to Marisa and find Hornswogl.
– On week 11, talk to Santino Marella to fight Big Show
– Before Wrestlemania in the Green Room, talk to Ricky Steamboat

How to open Vince McMahon
Wrestlemania: John Cena
– Week 4, talk to Seamus
– On week 5, talk to the MVP to fight as a team
– At week 7, win the belt match
– On week 8, talk to the Legacy.
– In Week 11, beat Legacy in Tag Team match against Santina Marella
– Before Wrestlemania in the Green Room, talk to Vince Mcmahon

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