Rise of the Tomb Raider – Secrets, Easter eggs and a little about the plot

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Secrets, easter eggs and a little about the plot.

Rise of the Tomb Raider – This is the eleventh game in the series about the young and charming Lara Croft, first released on boxes (Xbox One, Xbox 360) – November 13, 2015, and most recently visited the owners of PC gaming (Microsoft Windows) – January 28, 2016. And also at the end of 2016 will be released on a soap box (PlayStation 4).

What did everyone remember about this series of games? Firstly – this is an adventure thriller from the third person, although it is found on the gaming market, there are very few worthy representatives of this genre … Secondly – let’s not hide the fact that watching the suffering of a young girl, although not entirely pleasant, is satisfying lot. Thirdly, this is what the game can boast of, and has become almost a visiting card, namely – HUGE BUFFERS !!! MORE SISEKS, GOD !!! the heroine herself is for, which is very interesting to watch.

So what was Crystal Dynamics offered this time and were they able to replicate the success of past games? Let’s figure it out


Rise of the Tomb Raider takes place after the end of the story shown in the comics – The Ten Thousand Immortals. She is looking for an artifact that can save Sam’s life. The girl dies from an overdose of some substances. After a bright walk to Yamatai, Lara is trying to find a mythical city – Kitezh, better known as “Russian Atlantis”. The journey will unfold in Siberia with a friend named Iona (was in the last part). Young Croft intends to find the secret of immortality and eternal youth.

Easter eggs:

There are very few secrets in the game, this time the developers are too lazy to leave more references … But still they are, we present to your attention the secrets that we were able to find.

# 1 Ubisoft Hi!

Apparently the foremen really liked the image (and the clothes) of the main anti-hero of the familiar game Far Cry 3. Only you will see him slightly replenished and very friendly. And yes, if someone does not understand who they are talking about, then I will not be too lazy and tell you – this is Vaas. Well, as they say: “There should be a lot of a good person!”

Rise of the Tomb Raider - FarCry - Antihero

Rise of the Tomb Raider - Hero Vaas

# 2 … But they shot me in the knee!

Surely everyone understood where it came from, if not, then I will explain. After playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it will already become clear to you. Almost every guard will tell you about their unlucky past and sad outcome. In the game, you can meet with this reference in the tips.

Rise of the Tomb Raider - The Sad Exodus of Bots

# 3 Jokes A la politician.

An interesting conversation can be heard at the “Coast of Sorrow” location. On one of the brotherhood’s observation towers.

Two guards speak behind the wall:

– Where is this girl? (about Lara)

“I don’t know, but she’s very dangerous.”

– Who is she ?!

– I don’t know, but she already killed Vladimir Vladimirovich

– This Russian ?!

– Yes, and not him alone. I heard that she also killed Dmitry Anatolyevich.

“I heard they were brothers.

– Yes…

It may seem that we are talking about Putin and Medvedev … And yes, you are right!

This is where the secrets end. Yes, not enough, but it was said above, so do not be sad. If we missed something or forgot to mention, then write in the comments!

Rise of the Tomb Raide - old building

As for the impressions of the time spent with the game, we can say with confidence that it is worthy of your attention. Crystal Dynamics has managed to create a modern action adventure. It will appeal to both fans and people unfamiliar with this series. Of course, there are also disadvantages, but if you do not think about the script, then your attention will be presented to an almost perfect game with detailed and competently redone mechanics, excellent direction, and we understand the developers how to use free space correctly so that the player does not get bored. In the future, the game has every chance to compete with such a mastodon as Uncharted. And this is just in our hands. After all, the more collisions, the more original and tempting ideas we will be offered, just to choose their product …

Rise of the Tomb Raider - beautiful picture archer and seeker

Also in the game there is a hint of a continuation with … Better play yourself and find out more.

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