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January 20, 2021
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By Jonny Gamer

ArcaniA: Gothic 4: Walkthrough

Before reading this walkthrough, it must be borne in mind that it does not describe the numerous side quests of the game, which are not required for the story passage of the story..


Waking up on the throne in a delusional state, you, on behalf of King Robar III, need to overcome a small dungeon. A little later, you will have to face some resistance from the local undead. However, communicating with them using your sword should not cause any difficulties, so immediately after this short introductory part, you will get acquainted with the main character of the game and proceed to its direct passage.


First, go to the village and see Ivy’s father, who is sitting in the center of the village. Thunder will tell you that the hero will have to complete three trials to bless the marriage with Ivy. First you need to find in the caves that are located across the bridge to the north of the village, an ancient dagger and bring it to Gromar. On the bridge you will meet the farmer Knut, who offered you to rid his fields of the invasion of mole rats. You can agree, then Knut will give the hero his club. With its help, it will be easier for you to complete not only this side quest, but also to deal with opponents inside the cave, the entrance to which is located immediately behind the field. Having obtained the desired dagger in the dungeon, do not forget to search the chest before leaving and return with the trophy to Gromar. From him we get the second order – to drive out the smuggler who settled at the mountain lake. We take away the key from the old man and go through the gate to the lake. There we meet our friend Diego, who offered you some semblance of a training fight. After losing to you, he agrees to give up his old machete as proof of your victory, but only after you have dealt with a couple of goblins that are dripping near his boat on the beach. Get down to the water and blow off your opponents well. Having brought the machete to Thromaru, you will receive a third order from him – to bring him three pairs of deer antlers. Upon entering the deer thicket, you will meet Ivy again and she will inform you that you can take a bow in the hunting tower, which is just outside the gate. We quickly shoot deer out of it and take away their antlers. With this wealth, we go to her father and receive the last order from him – to make an engagement bracelet for your bride. To do this, talk to Halven, who is standing at the exit from the hut. He will tell you that he will be happy to make a bracelet for you if you can get some amber. This substance is in possession of the local orc Oruk. Oruk will ask you to serve him in exchange for stones – to bring blue toadstools from the cave, which is more common in deer. We find five mushrooms there, and we get amber in return. Take it to Halven and present the finished bracelet to Ivy.

Now the time has come to meet with Diego again to agree with him about leaving Feshir, and at the same time on the way to him and clean up Knut’s face. You will find Diego behind a waterfall near a mountain lake, and he agrees to help, but only after you take a bunch of magical herbs to the witch Lyrke, who lives in a forest hut. Exit from the other side of Diego’s cave and follow the forest path, fighting off the attacks of the wolves, until you reach the witch’s lair. After talking with her, you will wake up already in the dungeon, where you will be asked to deal with parasites that destroy tree roots. To make it easier to deal with them, Lyrka will give you lightning spells. Go ahead and systematically deal with the parasites. When they are hiding from the blows of your sword under the shell, hit them with lightning, and only then wield the sword. Having overcome 6 pests, you will have to exterminate from this world and their womb, which differs from its brood in its large size and danger to the hero. Immediately after that I will show you a video, from which it follows that Feshiru came to an end, and the main character miraculously escaped the unenviable fate of his fellow tribesmen.

Goodbye Feshir!

Once on the new island, head east to the Shattered Maiden tavern and find the magician Daranis there. But first, talk to the “sweet” woman Murdra, who showed us where to look for the magician. If you want, you can buy any equipment from her, and then go to the second floor of the tavern, where you will meet Daranis. From him we learn that the road to Stewark is blocked by bandits, but this is exactly where you need it desperately. The locals have a plan on how to deal with the bandits, but they won’t tell you anything just like that. First of all, we again communicate with Murdra and receive orders from her to bring a couple of barrels of mead from Garv. Exit the pub and follow the road to the right towards the old watchtower (southwest). For simplicity of solving the issue, we beat Garva and a couple of his fellow lumberjacks with faces, after which we calmly take the barrels and carry them to Murdra. Now she is ready to share with you her plans to rid this area of ​​bandits. If you mix iron mushrooms into the swill and give the robbers a drink, then they will easily open the gates for you and let you into the Stewark. You already have mead, it remains to get mushrooms growing in the old mine. The nearest entrance to the mine is located directly opposite the inn, but we do not need it, because we still cannot get through it into the adit. We need to find a cave located south of the inn and east of the watchtower. After passing under its arches, you will find a miner’s alembic, and a little further with its help you will blow up one of the walls of the mine (next to the deranged miner). It remains only to take turns to collect the desired mushrooms and go out directly opposite the pub. With the poisoned potion, go to the bandits that guard the passage to the Stewark, and one by one offer them a drink. As soon as the gates open, get ready for a fight with Dartan and his minions, and then open the gate leading to the bridge to Stewark. Having learned the way to the castle from the merchant, we run to it, fighting off overfed bugs and other rubbish along the way.


After entering through the main gate of the castle, go up the stairs until you reach the main tower, which is guarded by the Horn. He will tell you that Diego is now in jail on charges of the murder of an assistant baron. Going down to the entrance to the casemates and talking to the guard there, you will meet with the arrested Diego. From him you will learn that the only way to justify him before the baron is to find the missing assistant Mermund. First you need to talk to the guard Winstan, hanging around on the western outskirts of the city. In a conversation with this subject, it is revealed that he is acting in concert with the rebels who hid Mermund in one of the caves outside the castle. For ease of solving the issue, we beat him in the face and find out the location of the rebel camp. Exit the castle and find the entrance to the catacombs, located in the north-east of the barony. After passing the Ogtar farm, you will reach the entrance to the cave, where inhospitable rebels will already be waiting for you. Get ready to swing your weapon quite actively, since as you progress in the catacombs, opponents will constantly attack you. After passing the room with a row of beds, you will open the lattice door and face a rather serious enemy in the person of the main investigator of this lovely institution. Try not to fall under his mace and then you will cope with him without problems. After picking up the trophies and unlocking the locked chamber, you will release Mermund. The freed prisoner will tell you about the lost secret documents, which are very valuable for the baron. Having found them, you will easily win his favor and get a pass to the Valley of Blood. To do this, you need to return to the Ogtar farm and find a cave nearby. Inside it, apart from other rioters, you will find their leader, who has these same documents. It remains to take them to the castle to Baron Renwick and get permission from him for further travel. By the way, in addition to this paper, you can choose your own armor to your liking from the three models presented. In new clothes, leave the castle and go to the east of the barony until you reach the gate, guarded by a guard, who should show the received permission.

Valley of Blood

After passing the gorge and the forest path, you will meet at the estate with the castellan Giltor, hoping to find out from him information about the archives of Silverlake Castle. He will agree to help you only after you return one of his people – Doran’s standard bearer. Exit the estate and go north, where the subject is walking along the battlefield. After learning from him that he has lost the banner of Lord Hawaan, promise to help the poor fellow and go to the goblin caves east of the battlefield. Climbing up the forest ridge and facing a small group of goblins there, you will reach the desired cave. Find the banner of Gibean inside them and take it to Doran. Now head back south through the manor until you reach the castle. Climbing to its second floor, you will find Castellan Giltor in the hall by the fireplace. He will tell you that access to the archives can only be given by Lord Havaan, who was captured by the orcs during the battle. Naturally, you need to return the honorary prisoner. To do this, leave the castle and go forward along the Silverlake Lake. Soon you will stumble upon a bridge with guards who let you in on as soon as you tell the password. By the way, further on the shore of the lake you will see some semblance of a low observatory, whose surroundings are teeming with orcs. I advise you to exterminate them right now, and only after that go to the entrance to the cave nearby and talk to the orc Ogbosh, guarding the gate to the camp. He will let you through after you bring him a swill called skakhan. This fusion potion can be obtained from the Shaman Meloh of the forest hut to the south of here. After passing along the road across the river, you will find yourself in a forest, where you will soon come across a shaman’s dwelling, in which his master plays drums. In exchange for the word, he will ask you to find for him the son of the previous chief of the tribe named Irrai. To do this, follow the path from Melag’s house to the west and soon you will stumble upon Irraya sitting by the side of the road. He will tell that the orc Shalog took the personal amulet from him, and without it he is just a body without a soul. Go to the south of the forest, where you will run into a stone blockage that blocks the road ahead. Moving along this blockage, you will find Shalog, and after a short course of fighting, he will tell you that he hid Irrai’s amulet in the cave. The entrance to it is located in the east of the forest and to get to it you will again need to walk along the stone ridge. In it you will find a chest with Irraj’s amulet, which you can take to its owner in the shaman’s hut. From him we learn that now no one can defeat the current leader of the orcs Erhag. But if you put on Irraj’s amulet on yourself, you can independently challenge him, and at the same time free Lord Havaan. Receive from Meloh the ill-fated skakhan, and from Irrai his amulet return to the entrance to the camp and give the swill to Ogbosh. He will let you inside, where you will have to fight in a kind of throne room with Erhag and a couple of his bodyguards. Liberated Hawaan will ask you to deal with Erhag’s minions and free the people of Hawaan, who are forced by the orcs to work at the sawmill. You may have already managed to deal with Erhag’s minions when you chopped down all the orcs near the observatory on the shore of the lake. You can find prisoners by going up the path to the east, which is on the way back to the castle, if you go from the orc camp. After completing all the errands, chat with Lord Hawaan walking along the path along the lake and report on your successes. It remains only to return to the castle and study its archives (they are in the basement of the southern wing of the castle). After receiving the ancient map, go upstairs and talk to Lord Havaan again. From him you will learn that before you two more magicians were interested in the ancient temple, who can be found in Tuusha. He will also give you a scroll of a spell that destroys the stone blockage in the road blocking your path forward. Go to this rubble (not far from the place where you met the Shalog orc) and use the spell. As a side effect of its action, you will have to face the stone golem, a creature that is hulking, but quite resistant to your attacks. Having mastered it, follow the road forward until you reach a forest settlement built around the sacred Tuushu tree.


At the entrance to the village, you will be met by the local commandant Leboras, who wants to check your good intentions regarding the town. To prove your usefulness, you need to destroy 6 nests of gills that have bred in the swamps southeast of Tuushu. Having dealt with the clutches of eggs and their outraged parents, return back to the village and give the delicacy product to Leboras. Now chat with the locals, or rather with the sorceress Gelana. It can be found by climbing one of the stairs inside the tree itself through a huge passage at its base. Immediately she will not allow you to communicate with Magister Merdarion, but kick off to the magician Vultus so that you influence him and stop explosive experiments. Go down the tunnel to the roots of the tree, which is right next to the exit to the street and chat with the required character. He promises not to play the young chemist anymore, but also recommends that you not mess with Gelana – they say, she still won’t let you in to the master, unlike himself. In principle, you are free to choose whose tasks to complete in order to get an appointment with Merdarion, but we will consider the options for Vultus’s tasks. First, he will ask you to bring him a lost straw hat, which he allegedly dropped in the ruins located southwest of Tuushu. The entrance to them will be lit with torches, and next to you you will have to fight with the swamp-fever worm, so you will not pass by. After roaming the orcs and claw-claws in the dungeon, you will find a straw hat and you can take the trophy to Vultus. The second task of the sorcerer will be the desire to change the weather so that the bright sun dries up his laboratory. To do this, you need to find an ancient statue. Go strictly south of the town and a little later you will find ruins with a statue, and at the same time your old friend Zira. From her you will learn that parts of the statue are somewhere nearby, so you will have to look for them. Feel free to jump down into the dungeon and move forward, sorting out along the way with all, without exaggeration, numerous opponents. In one of the rooms of the dungeon, you will come across a locked door to which you need to find a key. Proceed through the hall with two stone golems and take the item you are looking for in one of the chests. At the end of this journey, you will find the missing piece of the statue and climb back to the pedestal. In a conversation with Zira, you need to insist on sunny weather, which she will absolutely not like. After convincing her with a weapon, go to the statue and repeat your request. After that, return to Vultus and report to him about your successes. He will tell you that Gelana has already been hypnotized by him, not without the help of that very straw hat, and you can easily ask her for an audience with the master. After receiving the special seal and improving your wardrobe again, head up the stairs in the hall with Gelana and find Calamus in the library. He will let you go upstairs to the sanctuary to Magister Merdarion. From him, we learn that the magician you are interested in is Ikarius, whose location we know Calamus. He will give you the key to the Ikarius hut, located on the platform between the library and the sanctuary. After examining the dead magician, we come to the conclusion that it is urgently necessary to find his partner – Lester. This can be done by sneaking into his hut in the swamps, which is on the southeast side of Tuushu. We go there, dealing with the claw-claws and swamp-eaters, but we find in the shack not Lester at all, but his friend Milten. The owner of the dwelling has clearly been kidnapped, and we have to find him with the help of a new acquaintance. Just walk forward in the footsteps of the glowing swamp until you find yourself in another cave, passing the monastery gates and going down to the sea. Inside it, you will free the poor fellow Lester, having made a fair fight with the orcs and their associates. From him we learn that you can get to the monastery if you move the statue in the southern part of the cave. In fact, she is in the same room very close. Then go along the long bridge and climb up to the entrance to the monastery.

The road to the Temple

You will learn from the monk Rundor that you can only get an audience with the abbots after passing two tests. The first of them is to defeat two golems dangling around the courtyard of the monastery. Return to Rundor and threaten to clean his face. As soon as your character speaks to him, “There is no justice. There is only power ”you will have access to the abbots who are waiting for you in the largest monastery building. They will tell you that the desired temple is located far to the north of the monastery and the path to it lies through the jungle. With this knowledge, we leave the monastery and go down from it, but not along the same path along which the ships came, but along the path leading to the north.

First, you will pass the black gorge, and then continue your let through the jungle, fighting off their inhabitants, until you reach the ruins, in which you will have to fight with a man who has lost his mind. Go down into the dungeons in order to go out on the other side to the stone pass through the jungle. Continue north and you will reach the sea coast. In principle, you can easily ignore the magicians standing on the site in front of the descent to the beach – their quest is a side quest. In any case, walking along the beach, you will have to brush off the soldiers coming out of the sea (the old man Chernomor was not seen in their ranks). After passing the coast, walking again along the forest path, you will soon meet a man named Thor. He will tell you that a troll is wandering around somewhere and you need to be on your guard. If you go further, then run into the gate of the castle, where you will not be allowed anyway. Therefore, you need to move along the rocks to the southwest of it, where you will meet the aforementioned troll (by the way, there is a corresponding road sign on the way to it). If you are not confident in your abilities, then I do not recommend contacting him, but rather run without looking forward to the entrance to the cave. Inside you will meet a one-eyed spy ahead of you, with whom you will make a temporary alliance. You need to choose one of the two corridors where you will go to activate the switch that lifts the bridge leading to the temple. Having chosen the fiery tunnel, you need to run through the corridor, dodging the burning balls and activate the switch. Now run back to the altar and fight Dantero. The situation is complicated by the fact that your one-eyed enemy has summoned golems to his aid. Try to deal with the main enemy as quickly as possible, after which the passage to the temple will open and you will be able to escape from the golems without engaging in battle with them.

Move forward through the dungeon to the temple, fighting overgrown arthropods. Do not let yourself be surrounded, but rather retreat into narrow tunnels, providing yourself with cover from the flanks. As a result, you still have a fight with their parent, which you can use to get out into the fresh air. After walking a little along the mountain path, you again come to the entrance to the cave, guarded by two golems. Inside you have to overcome the corridor, dodging the fireballs flying along it and at the same time brushing off the oncoming enemies. Having buried in the locked door, walk into one of the branches of the dungeon, at the end of which you will find a chest with utilities and a key. Finally, you got to the ice dome, located in the center of the temple, and at the same time met the demonic winged creatures of An’bael. Having overcome them, jump onto the ledge of the hall from the back side and exit through the grate. There you will take the sacred hammer and can exit the cave. Go down the gorge from the snow-capped mountains to the level of green vegetation, where you dive again into the passage in the rock. Having run along it and so without having fought with anyone, you will finally run out of the dungeons. You can safely ignore the request of the peasant who met you at the exit from the dungeons for a punitive operation against the living dead.


Go to the reddish glow of the high city tower visible in the north of the area near the sea coast. Having reached the fortress, you will meet your old friend Horn at its gates. He will advise you to talk with Diego about how best to get into the castle. Diego himself is now somewhere in the port. The way there will show you Ningal, hanging in the western part of the market square right next to the stairs leading to the slums. He will ask you to open a passage closed with a magic seal. This can be done with the help of special scrolls held by two dead companions of the magician. Go down the stairs to the slums and look for the corpses of Ningal’s assistants in two opposite parts of this quarter. Take the scrolls from them and miss them on the obelisks in the same area. The barrier is deactivated and you can show off this to Ningaloo. We receive from him the key to the gate on the market square and we pass through them to the port. After talking there with Diego, you learn that now you need to get to his estate, located further down the street and ask Lester about possible ways to enter the castle. It turns out that the three local scientists of the mind have come up with different ways to get into the fortress and how you get there depends on your choice. I suggest you choose the version of Daranis, offering to move to the castle using the teleportation circle located right in the courtyard of Diego’s estate. To do this, you need to bring the mage the obedience rune, which his hand golem should have delivered long ago. Go outside through the door of the house next to Daranis and head north from Diego’s estate to the officials’ quarter. Alas, but the golem has completely gone crazy, so you will have to eliminate it and bring Daranis a rune from his cold corpse. After that, you can use the teleport for its intended purpose and be transported directly to the fortress to Robar III. Having met Zira there, you will learn from her that Lord Hagen went to storm the bastion of the traitor Drurkhang and has not yet returned. Hope the hint is clear? Exit the castle and follow the road to the right, that is, to the east. So you will reach the round Colosseum and not far from it you will see the entrance to the prison casemates. After freeing the prisoner there and taking Ivy’s bracelet out of the chest along with the camera key, you realize that it is Drurhang who is guilty of destroying your home village. After freeing the captive Maldun, you receive the key to the dungeon under the Colosseum, where Diego and Hagen are waiting for you. Exit these casemates on the other side and enter the moat under the arena and meet your friends there. It turns out that they were poisoned to make it easier for Drurhang to win in the arena. But if you try on the armor, you can probably defeat the traitor. Do so when you enter the arena. On it, you will have to pretend to be Russell Crowe for a while, fighting not only with Drurhang, but also with 14 of his officers. After a difficult victory, a ghost named Xardas will speak to you. He will tell you that with the help of an ancient relic hidden in the grave of Lord Dominic, you can clear the mind of Robar III. This grave is located to the west of the arena, if you move straight along the rocks. Once inside, dodge the fireballs and pull the lever that opens the passage to the crypt. There are several sarcophagi with knights in it, and again fireballs are flying. Having dealt with the first ones in turn and avoiding the second ones, take the relic from the central coffin and take it to the throne room of King Robar’s castle. There you will also receive a new assignment – to deal with the cultists of Beliar, who captured the temple of Innos. Teleport to the Diego estate, and from there go down into the sewers, where you will talk to Daranis. Run forward and you will reach the barrier that other magicians will open for you. The only thing left is to destroy 16 cultists on your way. The last 6 people will have to be destroyed in the main hall of the temple. Once you get the job done, the outer barriers will drop and your friends can go inside. They will also offer you several ways to remove the internal barrier that prevents you from picking up the amulet. I suggest you choose the way of the magician Ningal, which consists in killing five winged demons An’bael, hanging around the city. Look for them in the port, urban slums, in the temple quarter, and in the wealthy area of ​​the city. Having dealt with them, take the hearts to Ningalu and you can take the amulet from the pedestal. The ghost of Xardas will appear again and tell us that for the amulet you found to be successful, it needs an appropriate frame. He has already found it and cannot wait for us to visit his tower. Go north from the temple and go through the cemetery, fighting off its raging guests, until you meet the Horn. Go down to the dungeon and leave at the very lighthouse. Having dealt with the demon at its foot, go up to the top of the lighthouse and teleport from there to the tower to Xardas.

Final fight

After talking with him, examine the contents of the numerous chests in the elder’s tower and go down to the next cave. After passing through a very long dungeon and defeating numerous opponents, you will come out into the light of day. Climb the familiar paths to the monastery, destroying anything on your way that shows signs of movement. Before entering the monastery, one of the three demons of Ksesha will be waiting for you, which must be dealt with without fail. In the courtyard of the monastery itself, we deal with two more demons and talk with the abbots of the temple. Climb onto the wall where one of the demons was, and from there jump down into the gap in the floor. After running through the last tunnel, you will meet the main villain of this game.

The fight with Ksesha does not look like an unsolvable task, but it requires a certain methodology. When she goes down to the center of the hall, systematically cut her with a sword (or whatever you have in your hands). As soon as she teleports behind the magic barriers, dodge the fireballs and fend off the servants she summons. Also, do not linger for a long time in one position, because from time to time stone thorns will pop up from the floor, causing very serious harm to the hero’s health (a couple of seconds before they appear on the floor, you will see a glow). By following these simple recommendations, you can handle it without any problems and complete the game..


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