Mafia 2: Joe’s Adventures Walkthrough (all 19 magazines)

1) in the first mission with a witness before breaking the lock, there is a room with 4 guards on the door next to it. in this very room there is a magazine on the table
2) in the location of the dam on the pond there are 2 round buildings. on one of them lies the magazine
3) a mission where you need to blow up 4 cars. lies next to one of the cars
4) in the mission in the subway below we break open the lattice door, there is a magazine on the table
5) at the arms dealer, when leaving on the box
6) Joe’s apartment, on the table (the one that is homeless)
7) weapons depot at the switch on the bridge
8) at the station, on the platform under the stairs.
9) on the balcony, in a mission "A lesson in good manners"
10) at the Bruski dump, next to the press (near the control panel, you need to jump over the fence to the garage).
11) in Scaletta’s house, the one in Grindfield
12) in the supermarket, after you open the safe, the door to the next room will open, in this room there is a magazine on the table
13) to Hunters Point, where in the mission "Rate" it was necessary to kill everyone, there is an open door. (in general, this magazine can be obtained at any time, since the door is always open there)
14) on the stairs near the rifle in the mission "Murder Contract"
15) next to the Briolinschikov arena, to the right of the road on the foundation of one of the buildings to the right
16) mission "One spit". as soon as you enter the garage, there will be a staircase leading down to the right, on the stairs and there is a magazine
17) this journal is easy to find at the end of the mission "Street racing", near the garage
18) in a mission "Brothel" go down, there will be a magazine on the right on the sofa, just don’t miss it
19) well, the last one, collectible, is located in the final mission where you need to climb several flights of stairs, at the very top left under the scaffolding

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