Street Fighter 4: Script (One Button Akuma Tough Challenge)

1. Unpack the archive and run the Hard Trial Akuma file.

2. Start the game and assign the next control on the keyboard.

a) Up – “control arrow up”
Down – “S”
Left – “left control arrow”
Right – “D”
Weak punch – “P”
Normal punch – “F1”
Powerful punch – “L”
Weak kick – “I”
Normal kick – “W”
Powerful Kick – Down Arrow
SUR + ESD + MUR (triple punch) – “B”
SUN + OUN + MUN (triple kick) – “7”
Throw – you can assign your any key
Directed attack (EX-attack) – “Y”

b) Test hotkeys:
Test 1 – number 1
Test 2 – number 2
Test 3 – number 3
Test 4 – number 4
Test 5 – number 5

3. After loading the test, stand up as described below and press the appropriate hotkey:

a) In 1 or 2 tests, come close to the enemy (screenshot 1-2)
b) In trial 3, get close to the enemy (screenshot 3)
c) In trial 4, do not press anything, as the ideal distance to immediately make a combo. (screenshot 4)
d) In the 5th trial, move the opponent to the corner of the screen and stand as shown in screenshot 5, and catch such a moment so that the opponent’s arms are extended to the side. Only under these conditions will Akuma perform a combo.

P.S. The script may not run the first time, but don’t despair. Everything should work out 5-10 times. It does not depend on me, but on the AutoHotkey program. sometimes the program freezes.

P.Р.S. Most likely, ask why I assigned such a complex control and the script is sewn into the program? I answer because, firstly, I want to protect my copyrights, secondly, so that no one can play on the network, without my knowledge, and thirdly, they cannot change the script and assign their control.

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