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January 19, 2021
9 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure: Walkthrough

Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure Walkthrough — a city abandoned by good. After the new mayor came to power, darkness reigned here. The gloomy unlit streets are almost empty; only formidable gendarmes roam around them: they catch the last violators of the order and take them to the local casemates. There are no joyful children playing football on the street. There will never be happy people whose life — an excellent source for a beautiful novel. There will be nothing that is customarily characterized by an abstract concept. «good».

There will be only one condition: if we do not cope with our task. But for hope to reappear in New Radius, we will have to do everything we can. Well as usual.
Gameplay at Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is pretty straightforward. Climb all kinds of pillars and pipes, climb up stairs, jump over obstacles, grind faces (we are talking about delicate fist work — akin to the one that the Klitschko brothers used to do) guys from rival gangs, hide from the gendarmerie; if caught in her eye, hurriedly run away, look for cover so that you can quickly «dive». There is also a separate song — graffiti. To draw such art, you need to use several mouse buttons at the same time. therefore — let’s figure it out right away.

Where to reap?
The standard layout is intended for movement: WASD. Where our ward will run, we select with the mouse, indicating the direction to the character; the same unit allows you to manipulate the camera.

Left Shift is for «secretive» movement. By clicking on it, you will force Train to bend down and move slowly, carefully, without shuffling your feet on the floor. This will allow you to hide from the guards and pass behind them, remaining unnoticed and unheard. The same key allows you to block attacks during a fight. Useful thing, I’ll tell you.
To overcome some obstacles, you need to make a jump. This is done simply: by pressing the space bar.

If you couldn’t avoid a fight — will have to use fists and improvised objects. Train can pretend to be an experienced housewife and selflessly beat enemies with a mop, which the responsible janitors used to sweep rubbish on the street a few minutes ago. If these units are not found nearby, you can use some kind of stick, bat, meat hook (Hitman: Contracts is resting!) And so on. Objects are not the same, of course; they differ in the strength and speed of the blow that you can deliver with their help. And this, you see, is important: during a battle with several enemies, a heavy mop will not work — you will be hacked to death before you can deliver the first blow.

Punches or all sorts of gizmos are applied using the left mouse button. The right button allows you to kick or throw objects. To be honest, kicking is almost pointless: enemies usually manage to block. It is much better to strike with a series of punches and kicks and occasionally hit «off the toe»: then there will be a high probability that the opponent will be knocked down.
There are, of course, additional keys. E is intended for additional actions: pick up an object, overcome a low obstacle that you can grab with your hands, and so on. F — responsible for intuition. A similar feature was present in the ever-memorable Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. By clicking on F, you will find out where you should definitely check out your ingenious drawing nearby. Useful thing.

The Tab key opens the inventory; to select the desired item in it, click on the arrows on the keyboard. The circular inventory system is not very convenient, but you get used to it pretty quickly, and after problems do not arise.

Painting graffiti isn’t easy. First you need to go to the place where you want to leave the product of art. Then you need to hold down the third mouse button (usually — wheel), then use the arrows to select the desired pattern, and then — press the left mouse button to draw the image. And don’t forget: keep the third mouse button pressed all the time! Very uncomfortable.
You’ll probably think: what is the problem? Why don’t we change the control settings in our own way? The answer is: the developers are also cunning, and therefore deprived us of this opportunity. therefore — try to get used to the only available layout and come to terms with its incompleteness. Alas.

In addition, the multi-platform Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure affected the save system as well. If you haven’t figured it out yet — Let me explain: the control point principle is back in action. Saving occurs only on them. And, if you accidentally died literally a step away from the finish line, if you please start passing the level again. These are the rules.

How to roam the world and fight with enemies
At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to learn the basics of management, to learn how combos are carried out. These strokes are few, but most of them are performed almost automatically: I am sure you will click on the necessary keys intuitively.

To work out the techniques, you will be offered to fill the face of several reptiles. Don’t be surprised if their health bar stays in place even after the enemies hit the pumpkin several times: the fact is that they become vulnerable only after completing all the prompts. Follow the tips that appear on the screen and you will succeed.
But don’t think that in Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure fighting is easy.

Fighting against several enemies at the same time here is practically pointless. I am sure that if you go into battle against several enemies, they will quickly finish you off and will be absolutely right. The fact is that, acting in pairs, opponents actually deprive you of the opportunity to perform combo attacks. Any capture and other techniques will be interrupted by a villain who is on the safe side. In addition, as soon as you start hitting one of the opponents, his partner will attack you from the rear. And then, believe me, you are not good at it. therefore — act quickly and clearly: you saw another enemy approaching you, — run away in no time or try to destroy the first enemy as soon as possible.

When hiding from the gendarmes, do not forget that when moving in open areas — even secretly, — you will surely catch their eye. They — keen-sighted and quick; barely making out the silhouette, they will start firing at an imaginary target and will probably hit you. Rest assured. Therefore — try to hide behind boxes and other items. Chance is great that in this case you will not be seen.
And further. If you think that Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure — a project that you can quickly run while husking seeds, — drive these thoughts away! Of course, you can complete the game in a few days, but you will not get pleasure. It is much more interesting if you decide to look for every, even an additional point for drawing graffiti and literally fill New Radius with your works.

A story with a sad beginning and a happy ending
Under our leadership, the valiant Train, a young graffiti artist and part-time — a patriot of his town, he helped New Radius escape from the yoke of a cruel ruler. The despot is defeated, the inhabitants are happy. Everything is back to normal! Let’s hope that the continuation of such a tense and dramatic story will soon follow..
Graffiti masters

As you know, famous graffiti masters took part in the creation of the game, who not only advised the developers about their everyday life, but also helped to create virtual drawings. therefore — you can familiarize yourself with the list of workers (I think you have heard about some of them before).

So, this is Airborn, Ban2, Blue, CES, Charlie TDK, Chino, Crash, Cycle, Dash167 (not at all one of our authors, by the way), Daze, Delta, Dero, Duef, Duro, Ease, Ewok, Frame, Freedom , Fuzz, Seen, Futura, Smith, Cope2, T-Kid, Obey, Ghost, KET, Mare 139, Know / Wane, Min, Mode2, Noxer, Os Gemeos, Peak Diva, Phase 2, Pink, Psycho, Quik, Reas , Skuf, Sonic, SP One, Tat’s Cru, Trim, Veefer, Ven, West, YMI, Zebster. I think you know Smith, West and Cope 2.

But the manual in .pdf format located in the game folder is not only useless, but also contains a lot of errors. For example, in the list of artists, many names are repeated, and more than once. I wonder if the developers were in such a hurry?

Instead of clothes, I will create a game process!

As can be understood from the name of the game, a certain Mark Ekko took part in its creation. Familiar name, isn’t it?
The point is that this person — a well-known fashion designer whose products are designed mostly for young people (but not always!). In secret, your humble servant often wears a red jacket with the Ecko logo. A logical question arises: why did Mark decide to retrain from a clothing designer to a game designer?
As it turned out, at the annual DICE Summit’2005 this human being criticized his now colleagues in the shop and said that they were fixated on superheroes, single-handedly exterminating dozens of enemies. Therefore, Ekko wanted to create a project that would tell the public about the difficult fate of the young generation, along the way, telling about the delights of the art of graffiti..
And, most interestingly, he coped with his task. What a talent!

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