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January 19, 2021
16 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Fable: The Lost Chapters: Game Guide (Walkthrough, Quests, Secrets)

In this guide, you will find:
Description of all game concepts: age, combat, NPC, trade, matrimonial affairs;
Complete analysis of the role-playing system;
List of all enemies in the game with tips for dealing with them;
Solving riddles for all demonic doors in the game;
A list of all silver keys and chests that these keys open;
Complete walkthrough of all quests — plot and side;
Life in foggy Albion;
Basic information.

Fable: The Lost Chapters

Genre: RPG / Action
Developer: Lionhead Studios
Publisher: Microsoft Games
What’s it like: KotOR, Diablo II
System requirements: PIV-1,4GHz, 256MB, 64MB video (PIV-2,0GHz, 512MB, 128MB video)
How many discs: four CDs
Multiplayer: no
In this guide, you will find:
Description of all game concepts: age, combat, NPC, trade, matrimonial affairs;
Complete analysis of the role-playing system;
List of all enemies in the game with tips for dealing with them;
Solving riddles for all demonic doors in the game;
A list of all silver keys and chests that these keys open;
Complete walkthrough of all quests — plot and side.
Life in foggy Albion
Basic information

• The hero takes quests either in the guild, or right on the ground. Quests with “gold” mark — plot. Once a hero
is in the right place, quest “activated” (a special sign appears), and until it is completed, save the game
can’t — only a hero with his statistics and a duffel bag.
• To many quests you can take the so-called “social obligation” (boast). For example, complete a quest without armor and clothes,
or without a scratch, or only in hand-to-hand combat, or so that not a single NPC that the player must protect is killed. Can
make several commitments at once. For lost “social obligation” the player loses money for won — gets them
beyond the agreement.

• good and evil — an important part of the game. The goodie attracts people and may even earn the title of Paladin.
Bad character “blushes”, he grows horns, and people avoid him. Many of your actions affect karma. — murder
NPC, choice of good and evil in several key quests, culinary inclinations. Your kindness is reflected primarily in color.
hair. The good hero will quickly become blond. In the game vegetarianism — path of good, meat-eating — staircase to hell. Tofu —
ok, meat and chicken — badly. The plot of the hero’s inclinations does not affect in any way.

• Fame determines how well you are known in Albion. At first, no one knows the hero, but then he gradually
gains weight and finally transforms into a legendary epic hero who gathers crowds on the street around him
admirers. Additional fame points can be earned by removing one of the trophies and showing it to everyone
people in the area, if possible without missing a single.

• Overshoot — it is a powerful blow that cannot be blocked. The ability to inflict it is given to the hero after several
normal blows, if he did not take damage.

• The block covers the hero from some blows. In the block state, you can roll, dodging harmful influences.

• Health drinks restore health instantly, food — gradually. The bar of magic regenerates itself over time

• Normal NPCs are displayed with blue “neutral” aura. Enemies — with red. Traders and Quest NPCs — with green. To
activate the trade window, you need to go to the trader, press the key “interaction” and answer “Yes” on offer
to bargain.

• There is an item in the trading window “Wanted”. This is a list of items that the merchant is willing to buy at a good price..

• Expressions — these are gestures, dance, threatening roar, laughter, flirting — everything with which the hero can attract attention.
A full list of them can be found in the hero options menu.
• You will have to answer for crimes in cities. Even if you just draw your sword, the guards will approach and require a fine (40
gold). The amount of fines is different for different offenses. Most expensive — murder (2000 gold). If you refuse to pay,
the battle with the guards will begin. The guards never end, reborn right before your eyes. But if you leave the city and
come back in ten minutes, the guards will forget about your sins. The inhabitants of the city will remember the dangerous person.
and at the first opportunity they will give a fight.

• If you kill an inhabitant of the house, then the house can then be bought and rented out, receiving money for this. In some cities when
weapons taken away — but the NPC can be taken out of the city by ordering him to follow the hero with a gesture. Common NPCs respawn
after three game days.

• With the Guile 3+ skill, you can quietly steal items from the counters. With the Guile skill developed to 6+, you can open
at home (if no one sees you). The eye symbol above the minimap displays the number of people who see the hero in this

• The player is eighteen years old, and the maximum age at which the hero stops aging, — 65 years old. Each
buying skills for experience “worth” the hero is 0.7 years old. You can rejuvenate if you lend large amounts of money (50-100 thousand gold)
to the Avo temple. There is also a cheap option: at exactly midnight, bring a mercenary to the altar of the Chapel of Skorm and sacrifice him
to an evil god. So you can get not only “discount”, but also a good bow, and the rank of necromancer.

• If the hero eats a lot, he will get fat. But then he will lose weight just as quickly if you stop overeating.

• Initially, the hero has a title “Thunderstorm of chickens”. But from the very first title seller he can buy for a certain amount of money
another title (“Killer”, “Avatar”, “Ranger”, “Hood”, “Pilgrim”). There are several title sellers in the game. Everyone has it — your
list. As you name yourself, so passers-by will call you.
Role system

There is nothing more tiring than playing Shakespeare. You won’t sit down for a minute all evening, unless you’re the king.

Josephine Hull

There are two ways to gain experience in the game. First — use a sword, bow or magic. Then the experience slowly drips for you
collar, and the more you hit without missing the blows, the more experience goes to your piggy bank. Responsible for the amount of experience
combo multiplier. In a quick successful battle, it grows, but if the hero gets a hat — number instantly goes astray.

• When using a sword, axes, hammers, and so on, Strength experience is added. It is spent on power

• The bow gives skill experience (Skill). Experience goes to pumping shooting skills, trading (!) And even stealthy (!), Such as
theft from counters and breaking doors.

• Magic gives the experience of will (Will). Here — magic spells and increasing the reserve of magic.
Second source of experience — glowing XP balls that enemies leave after they die. Don’t forget to pick them up.
Remember that this experience — universal. It can be thrown both into strength and will, and into skills..

For your information: banal food also adds experience. Meat gives experience of strength, carrot — skill experience, fish — magical experience.
Unbelievable, but it is a fact.

All skills — seven levels. Only spells have four.

Health. Seven levels here and beyond (naturally, the amount of spent experience grows geometrically with each
subsequent rank). Increases the number of HP, which is visually displayed on the screen as an elongating red bar

Body type. Responsible for the power of weapon strikes and the ability to carry heavy weapons (if the constitution is less than three, then
the hero will not wear, but slowly drag heavy axes and two-handed swords behind him).

Strength. Increases resistance to blows. The more durability, the less damage each enemy hit does.

Accuracy. It’s all simple — this is the damage from your arrows. It is convenient to use the bow, so that you develop accuracy — just right.

Cunning. Cunning means several things at once. First, there are discounts from merchants. Second, the hero gets harder
notice in stealth mode. And, finally, with the growth of cunning, the hero learns to quietly drag things from the shelves in stores (with
third level) and break into houses at night (on the sixth level).

Speed. A very useful skill. Accelerates Melee Strikes and Ranged Fire Rate.

Magic force. Increases blue magic bar.

Combat attack. Four levels here and beyond. The hero rushes into the crowd of enemies at great speed and damages everyone who
is near. The higher the level, the more damage.
Conflagration. A wave of fire surrounds the hero, damaging everyone who is near. The higher the level, the larger the radius

Fire ball. Classic magic blow. The bad thing is that it takes a long time to charge before taking flight. The more
level, the more damage.

Lightning. The very first spell. Damage is small, but you don’t have to aim — it is convenient when there are many enemies,
and they are weak.

Multi-hit. Allows you to strike twice with one swing of the sword.

Divine rage. Pillars of fire are falling from the sky and hitting enemies. The higher the level, the larger the damage radius.

Infernal wrath. Vortexes from the otherworldly dimensions suck life from enemies. More level — greater radius and damage.

Vampirism. Heals the hero at the expense of the lives of enemies. Conveniently. Only one minus — only the bad can use the spell
the character. The good will take the life of enemies the old fashioned way — with a sword on the head.

Force push. Just like a long time ago, in a distant galaxy, this spell scatters enemies like pins away from the hero.
The higher the level, the greater the impact force.

Slowing down time. Excellent stuff! Transforms the hero into a Persian prince, allowing him to inflict on the enemy in a split second
huge damage.

Call. The spell summons a monster that fights on the side of the hero. If it kills someone, then at the expense of his soul
can last longer in this world.

Defector. Temporarily one of the enemies goes over to the side of the hero. It’s a pity that there is only one. More level — lasts longer
the control.

Assassin’s onslaught. Almost teleportation. The hero is instantly transported several meters forward. If the enemy “captured” in
target, the hero is behind him.

Berserker. The hero turns into a kind of Hulk. The speed and power of blows are increased due to the reduced brains. More
level — stronger hero.

Ghost sword. The spell summons a sword that fights on the hero’s side by itself.

Treatment. The best spell! Even an avid archer or warrior will come in handy. Saves tons of money on health elixirs.
Allows in between battles to heal those whom you have to protect. Always carry with you! I remind you that they can
use only a kind hero. For the villain there is “vampirism”.

Multi-shot. Allows magically “split” arrow several times, increasing the effect. More level — more
Physical shield. Legal scam. An easy experience as the combo multiplier spins up quickly. Not one hit
does not reach the goal. When hitting, only magical energy is lost, which can be replenished with drinks. If the hero is not beaten,
magic is not spent on the shield. But it also does not recover while the shield is active.
Additive to damask steel

“Improvements”, built into weapons, they are — additives often come across on the path of the protagonist. Found in chests,
wardrobes, sold in stores. Each type of weapon — its number “seats” for additives. But before,
how to build the magic of fire into the blade, you need to think carefully — “take off” the used additive is no longer possible, only perhaps
change weapons. The best blades in the game usually come with two or three upgrades. Only one of them holds four, and
some were improved long before they fell into the hands of the protagonist.

To build an additive into a weapon, you need to select it in the arsenal menu, press “Augment” and select the required additive from those,
what is available.

“Announce the entire list, please”. You are welcome:

• The sharpness of the blade. Increases weapon damage over most types of enemies. Certainly useful thing,
put first.

• Fire. Must have. The dead are vulnerable to fire, and there are a lot of them in the game.

• Silver. The third most important additive. Silver harms not only the dead, but also the wolves.

• Armor-piercing additive. Enemy armor is not as effective as it used to be.

• Experience. Adds experience when the blade is used or just hanging behind the back. In theory, this is a good thing, but on
practice, after the blade is sharpened, charged with silver and fire, there is no room for this and the following additives.
Of course, I’m talking about the fighters. On the other hand, for mages, experience is very useful, as are the next two improvements..

• Health. When the weapon is in your hands, health is slowly restored. Saves food and magical energy.

• Magic. Speeds up the regeneration of the bar of magic.

• Lightning. No practical benefit was found for this improvement. Although sparkles beautifully and helps to deal with insects,
hobbies and nymphs.
I drink to the bottom

Stole, drank — to jail! Stole, drank — to jail! Romance!

X / f “Gentlemen of Fortune”

Even in a hot battle, when you are surrounded by evil hobgoblins and a stone troll greets you with a friendly smile … there is always
time for a drink and a snack. Eating apples, pies, poultry, or tofu — health bar is slowly added. But when with
health is very bad — you have to drink something else. What exactly?
• Elixir of health. Legal gaming scam. Never go out to fight if you don’t have a couple dozen in your pockets
of these healthiest drinks that instantly restore the entire bar of health (at the very “devoured” heroes — half

• Elixir of Will. From the same opera, but restores not health, but a strip of magic. The hero blew out blue liquid — and again
lightning breaks down from the palms, the shock absorbing field also works flawlessly, and enemies scatter in different directions.
Mage’s Choice.

• Vial of Resurrection. “Help! I’m dying! Oh, how to live hunting!” If the player did not manage to click on the elixir key in time
health and the hero crashed to the ground in a tragic bag — no problem. If you have vials of resurrection in your pocket, the dead hero will drink
one will automatically resurrect with a full health bar. Goodbye balance! Arise, Lazarus! Get up and go, go, go! But
remember that a hero can have a maximum of nine vials of resurrection with him. If the hero buys the tenth, it is only in vain
will spend money.

The rest of the bottles with multi-colored water are used at will.

Elixir of Strength. Speeds up the recruitment “power” experience.

Elixir of skill. Speeds up the gain of experience associated with skills (bow, stealth).

Elixir of Will. For those who want to buy all spells faster. Accelerates the recruitment of Will-related experiences.

Elixir of life. Extends the streak of life. It’s good to drink before a tough fight.

Elixir of the master of will. Extends a strip of magical energy, will.
Catch fish big and small

What are you yelling at? What are you yelling at? You scared me all the fish.

M / f “Carlson who lives on the roof”

Catching piranhas in Fable — difficult business. First you need to get a rod — fishing rods, like shovels, are sold by almost everyone
merchants. The next step — search for a reservoir. The hero then carefully casts the fishing rod and the mini-game begins..

All the action takes place in the upper right corner of the screen. After a few seconds, the fish bite. Press the left mouse button.
A very complex process begins — trying to pull her out of the water. By frequent clicks on the left mouse button, the fish is pulled up
to the shore. But if she starts to twitch, the line may break, and the hero will be left with nothing. Therefore, as soon as the fish
jerked (there will be a crackling of the coil), immediately stop clicking, without waiting for the schematic diagram of the forest
will turn red to indicate dangerous voltage.

Only when the fish calms down can you continue to pull it up. You need to click often, often, at any time expecting a jerk.
The impatient forest breaks off. Too patient fish go away.

The rest amuse themselves by catching silver keys, elixirs and other swag from the water. That the keys are pecking — this
not the strangest yet. The amazing thing is that they try to get off the hook and go to the depth just like a regular
Silver Key…

— Maybe I can give you another key to the apartment where the money is.?

The young man lied: he had no money, no apartment where they could lie, no key with which to
unlock this apartment.

I. Ilf, E. Petrov “Twelve chairs”

Silver glue

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