Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena: Walkthrough (5-8 level)

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January 19, 2021
16 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena: Walkthrough (5-8 level)

Episode 5

We go around the red capsules in the center of the room, we kill two mercenaries, we leave through the doors at the end. Here you will have to kill the crowd of mercenaries, it will be difficult, the main thing is not to break it with a shot hit the glass on the floor in the center of the compartment, because of the discharge into the mine, it will pull all the mercenaries along with you, then you will have to start the passage of Assault on Dark Athena again. However, if you manage to pass the mine, you can break the glass, but I did not succeed. We pass further along the corridor, continue the shootout with the mercenaries, pick up the bounty card behind one of the boxes on the right.

Through the doors at the end of the corridor we pass into the large compartment – one of the nodes for the production of drones. We kill the worker in white clothes on the platform from the right. Through the terminal, turn on the power to the conveyor for transporting drones, cling to one of the carts on which we get to the next sector.

We kill two mercenaries, we break glass with a shot, we climb through the boxes into another compartment. We break the glass from the left, we pass into the laboratory for the production of drones, we kill the workers. We approach to talk with Miles, or rather with what is left of him. Riddick has always been distinguished by mercy, he did not change his principles and this time, we will pity him, shoot him in the head. We break the window to the right of the operating tables with a shot, we raise the bounty card from the left on the floor.
We go into the corridor on the right, which bifurcates further, we need to go to the right side. We leave to the hatch opening under the influence of weight, we kill the mercenary. In a small corridor on the right we take a bounty card.

You can practice with the hatch using the corpse of the mercenary, drag it to the grate, the signal turns on, press the button on the platform and the corpse falls into the compartment below. In the future, we will need to lure a robot here.
We return back where the corridor bifurcated, we pass to the left side, we kill two doctors and we go to its very end. We return to the room in front of the bifurcation of the corridor, on the left is a ventilation hatch – we climb into it, climb out in another compartment, after shooting the mercenaries, we pass through the broken glass, we jump into the corridor at the bottom.

We’ll have to fight with drones, and there will be a lot of them. We select the bounty card on the platform to the right of the door with the inscription D2. We climb onto the platform, go to the communication console, talk to Decher. And so Revas cannot calm down, Mech was sent to hunt for Riddick – an armored robot controlled from within by a mercenary. To kill him you need to lure him into the waste disposal room.

The mercenary will come out through the doors of D2, we kill him, we leave into the corridor. Fur comes out of the door on the left, don’t even try to shoot back, quickly run down the corridor, hide behind the boxes on the sides. We run into the waste disposal compartment, the fur will be on the grate, we press the button on the platform. The robot falls to the bottom, Riddick jumps after him. Now you need to shoot the mercenary manager of the Mech. It won’t be difficult to kill him. We hide behind the boxes and fire at the robot at a convenient moment. Several such combinations and the mercenary will be ready.

Episode 6

Climb inside the Fur. We leave through the doors into the corridor. We shoot the mercenaries, it will be a real massacre. At the end of the corridor, we rise to the platform, we pass further. On the left is the Mech repair area, we will repair the robot. We leave through the locks to the outer deck of the ship. We go straight along the deck, there will be one Mech on the way. We hide from missiles behind an obstacle in the center of the deck, we attack with missiles and a machine gun. We pass a little forward, on the left in a niche in the wall there will be a mech repair station. At the end of the deck, Gail will put three ‘Mechs against us at once. Hiding behind an obstacle in the center, we fire alternately robots from both sides of the platform, after which we switch to the third. If your ‘Mech gets critical damage, we go back to the repair area. We go into the gateways.

We fall into the next compartment of the ship. We pass along the corridor, a Mech will come out from around the corner, without wasting time we knock him out with a rocket and finish off with a machine gun. Let’s fix the robot in the repair station around the corner, through the doors we pass into the prison compartment. The captain of the ship, Gail, was angry in earnest, two more robots were sent against us. Having finished with the Mechs, we approach the CONTROL ROOM door, exit the robot.

We climb into the open ventilation tunnel located on the left side of the doors. Watching the video. Silverman – Lynn’s mother helps us out of the ventilation. But then the unfortunate shooter kills the mother. I don’t know if Lynn had a father, but now she looks like an orphan. Let’s climb out of the ventilation, Jaylor will offer to remove the weapons and sort things out like real men, so let’s go to replenish our health and start, let’s break this bastard’s neck.

We restore again, we leave the compartment through the doors nearby. We pass along the corridor to the ventilation, watch the video with Lynn, we pass into the room with the fan. Near the door sat down that girl from the camera that threatened us earlier, we kill her. We get in touch with Decher, we get the password for the elevator from him. We return back to the communication hall. We approach the elevator door, on top of the inscription ELEVATOR, enter the code received from Decher. We rise into hangar compartment 15.

Two Mechs are already waiting for you in the compartment, do not even try to deal with them yourself, so without wasting time we run into the ventilation tunnel in the corner from the left. We select the bounty card in the middle of the tunnel, we go up the stairs on the other side of the compartment. Now we quickly rise to the platform, go into the control room of the weapons system, kill the mercenary. We activate two terminals, under the laser a small platform rises to the top. We leave the wheelhouse, move to the platform under the gun, change the angle of rotation. We return back to the wheelhouse, activate the terminal, a shot from the cannon breaks the glass, the robots are carried away into open space. Emergency protection is triggered and the windows are covered with a steel plate.

We are waiting for the pressure in the compartment to be restored, after which the doors will be unlocked, we leave the wheelhouse. On the left in the window we see Decher, while he will open the locks, take the generosity card on the platform with the number 2. We go to the ship that Decher was preparing for dispatch. Dead Decher sits on a chair near the communication system, Revas managed to get to him earlier. This time, you will have to deviate from Riddick’s principles: «Kill everyone except women and children». Well, let’s kick her captain’s ass. We try to run away during the attack of Revas, after which he will quickly approach and strike. Repeat attacks until Riddick stabs this girl in the neck with a knife.

Watching the video. Riddick gets into an escape pod, but Lynn appears, but it is no longer possible to stop the launch of the pod. After you undocked from the ship, Revas gets in touch, this bitch turned out to be more tenacious than we expected and now a rocket is flying in pursuit of us. In a padded capsule, Riddick falls to the planet. This is not to say that the landing was successful, but fortunately Riddick survived.

Episode 7

The rescue capsule fell on the seashore, on the planet where we started our passage of The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena. We go into the sewer in the rock from the left, we pass to the right along the channel. We pass to the end to the grate, climb onto the platform from the left. We pass along the stairs around the deep well, in the middle the staircase breaks off, we jump over to the other side. We go into the room, kill the drone, two more drones will come out from around the corner, we use the weapon of the killed against them.

We select the bounty card on the left side of the stairs, we pass over the channel, we leave to the next channel. Some people ran to the right, hmm… what is it for? We pass along the channel, at the end on the left side there is a small room, we go up the stairs. We go through the doors to the next room, go up the stairs again, climb out onto a small platform, jump down to the iron passage below, go down the stairs, jump through the broken handrails to the platform below.

Here we grab a small metal ledge along the wall, climb to the platform on the left side, we pass along the roof, we jump onto the rock, we pass along the wall. At the dead end, we grab the metal ledge and climb onto the platform near the fan. We hear a scream, as if someone is being tortured. We climb to the platform above, along the passage we go along the wall, from the box we climb to the platform above.

We move along two pipes to the transition on one of the steel columns. We pass along the boards to the next column with a ladder, we rise to the platform above, from here we jump to the trash chute in the form of a half, which is held by two cables. We pass to the stairs, climb onto the platform above, here we grab the ledge along the wall, move along the wall of the building to the left. We go up to the platform, take the bounty card, jump onto the box, and from it we jump to the platform below.

We pass through the doors with the CONTROL ROOM sign, using the terminal we change the position of the trash chute. The doors through which we entered the room were blocked, but the doors opened nearby, we go into the room behind the doors. A drone is moving along the stairs in our direction, we jump onto the stairs behind him and kill him from the back. We get down into the engine room, with two pistons. There is a staircase to the left of the entrance, we go down to the room below, some creatures are running along the floor.

We leave through the doors on the left side, go out into the street, passing a little in front of you you will see a box on the left, from it we climb to the site above. We watch as some guy will be shot on the site opposite. We grab the two pipes under the gutter, which we unrolled, move to the other side, climb into the sewer, we pass into the room in the left corner of which there is a box. We climb onto the platform by the box, along the wall there is a staircase, we rise to the platform above, we leave through the doors on the right side.

Here you need to go down the stairs, suddenly for some unknown reason an explosion occurs, the stairs collapse into the sea. We pass through the doors further, we go down the stairs to the locked door with red illumination. On the right side, behind the welded column there is a small wooden platform, we jump onto it, after which we fall onto the platform at the base of the column. We jump down to the platform, the territory is patrolled by one drone, we kill it and jump down to the area under the platform, we pass under it on the left side there will be a sewer.

Level 8

We pass through the sewer tunnel, go out into a room that looks like a well, in the center under the stairs there are several corpses, we climb up the stairs to the room at the top. Four drones are patrolling the yard, wait until they disperse and only one remains, we kill the drone closest to us. After a while, two drones will approach, we kill them from the weapon of the killed. We return to the hatch from where we climbed to the surface, there is a staircase on the left, we climb onto the platform above. We walk along the boards to the platform in front of us, pick up the NanoMed cartridge.

In the courtyard on the right we kill the fourth drone. Again we go up the stairs to the platform, along the boards from the left we pass to the next platform near the door, from it we go to another. We pass by the inscription on top of the AKKOR wall, two drones are walking in the courtyard below. We jump down, kill the drones, we pass to the door on the left side, watch a video in which some old man tells Riddick that the Dark Athena mercenary ship has landed on the planet in the dock not far from here. You will make a deal with him, in exchange for a gas mask, which you must bring to the man, he will tell you where to get the super-shaft SCAR-pusher.

Go in search of a gas mask in a supply warehouse outside the city. We pass to the place where we first got out into the city, we pass into the courtyard on the right, we pass to the sliding iron gates on the left side. When you go to the gate in the back street on the left side there will be a ventilation duct, we select a generosity card in it. We pass to the gate with the inscription SUPPLY DEPOT on top, open the gate with the remote control on the wall on the right.

There will be one drone ahead, we kill it, we pass along the passage on the right side, there will be one drone in front. On the way we will admire the sunset on the seaside. We pass by the large pool to the next passage, we pass along the passage from the side of the cliff. We go further along the platform, at the end of which there is a building with a SUPPLY DEPOT sign. We approach the site around the supply warehouse building. From the left behind the warehouse, we jump over to the site, pick up a bounty card, and jump back. We approach the inscription SUPPLY DEPOT, a staircase on the left, climb along it to the roof of the warehouse, climb onto the platform above, select a generosity card, jump to the bottom.

We penetrate into the warehouse through the ventilation hatch in the wall, jump down to the bottom, take a boulder and a gas mask, replenish health, NanoMed on the wall. We clear the passage from the boxes, shoot once with the left button at the box with a SCAR charge, then blow it up with the right. The mercenaries already know about our tricks, a brigade has already been sent towards the warehouse. In addition, the game will be complicated by the appearance of a new enemy, small robots that look like spiders. It is difficult to notice them, but they can see you perfectly and at an unexpected moment they can shoot.

We knock out the doors, go back to the city. The first spider will appear near the warehouse, go along the passage. There will be two drones in front of the pool and one spider on the right on the rock near the pool. We go around the pool along the passage further. There will be two more drones on the way, the spiders on the canopy beams at the end of the passage are especially dangerous. Do not come close to them, it is advisable to shoot them while out of the spiders’ field of view. We pass through the gate, not the wall on the right of the building, we kill the spider, we go further. One drone will run out at us in the courtyard, one spider will be sitting on the opposite wall. We are heading towards the old man’s dwelling, we will bring him the promised gas mask. We pass into the courtyard from the left on the wall one spider, from the courtyard to the right one drone will come out.

We go straight to the end of the yard, go up the stairs to the platform, follow the passage towards the dwelling. There is one drone under the AKKOR sign, another one is standing a little to the side, a spider is sitting on the wall above the first drone, be careful. We go out to the platform above the grandfather’s house, there is a spider on the left on the wall, two drones below, having dealt with them we jump to the bottom. It looks like the old man won’t need a gas mask anymore, the drones killed him.

We go down the stairs to the bridge, there will be three drones and a lot of spiders, in general we will have to hurry up. We pass through the bridge, the door will be locked, we climb onto the site on the right. Here we grab the pipe from the box, climb onto the platform on the right side. We break the wooden doors with a shot, we pass along the short corridor, we go inside the building. We kill the drone at the bottom, climb onto the box, grab the pipe and move to the sleep platform on the opposite side. We kill the drone below, we select the bounty card. We jump to the bottom, we leave through the doors into the corridor from which we exit onto the streets of the city.

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