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January 20, 2021
17 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Resident Evil 5: Walkthrough (FAQ)

Where does the game save saves? ?
– \ My Documents \ CAPCOM \ RESIDENT EVIL 5

How to select or transfer weapons, and reassign items to buttons 1-9, and where to get ammo, and how to throw grenades ?

– Open inventory with the button "E". Left click on the cell and select "Equip" or "Give away"(partner must be close).
– To get an item from a partner (the partner must be close): open the inventory with the button "E", click on the cell of interest at the partner with the left mouse button and select "Get".

– The cartridges should be quickly picked up after killed opponents (using the "Use", which is convenient to assign to the middle mouse button), search in wooden boxes and wooden barrels.

– To throw a grenade: equip it in the inventory, then press the right mouse button to aim and then the left mouse button to throw.

– How to reassign items to buttons 1-9: slots in the inventory correspond to buttons on the keyboard from 1 to 9. Accordingly, to assign an item a button "one", you need to drag it with the left mouse button to the left-top cell, and so that the button "nine", you need to drag it with the left mouse button to the bottom-rightmost cell. – What are they for? "red plants"-test tubes: combine it with a green plant for a spray "full recovery of health".

– How to transfer a certain number of grenades, cartridges to a partner: it looks like nothing.

How to put on a body armor ?

– When he just lies in the inventory, he is considered to be already dressed.

What are the sets of cartridges for light, acid, explosive? ?

– This is grenade launcher ammo. It’s better to charge them by opening your inventory, by dragging the slot with ammo directly to the slot of an empty grenade launcher.

What are we for "rotten eggs" ?

– Throw at the enemy.

I can’t find the key to the door, next to the house there is a corpse hanging from the ceiling ?

– Walk up to the corpse, press "Explore," look up and see a bunch of keys at his head. Shoot her.

1-1. How to bring down the Butcher ?

– You don’t need it. Just hold out for a certain time (climb higher and shoot down those who climb the stairs to you, giving each only 1 shot, thereby you will save ammo, gain time and do not let yourself be bypassed).

1-2. How to use a fire chamber with fire on a monster ?

– To overturn the cylinders against the wall (possible only after it appears), approaching them and pressing the button "Overturn". If they stick to him, they will slow down his movement. Then we taxi it to move clockwise (entering the left door, leaving the right). On the next lap, we guess the moment when we leave the right door (all the time call your partner with the button "V"), and turn on the mechanism when it has not yet entered the left door, but is about to.

2-1. How to knock down a monster with a chainsaw ?

– Shoot in the head, then when it rocks, coming closer, blow with your hand and repeat. Throw a couple of pomegranates at his feet.

2-2. How to be in a dark tunnel, with this lantern you are simply useless ?

– Put it on the ground and press the button "V", to be taken by a partner, and now lead the fighting yourself.

2-2. In the quarry, on the surface, they approached a green container-box and when "Research" it says "that I can’t move one", and how to tell your partner to help ?

– Go to the left edge of the container, an inscription will appear "Push".

2-2. How to cut a monster "scorpion bat" in the career ?

– Minami (set with the right mouse button, moved away, as the creature approached her – they shot a mine) and stun the monster with grenades. During the time while he is inactive, we quickly run up and shoot at the abdomen-tail under the shell (if hit, a yellow goo should be sprayed out of the body). It will take three or four passes.
– For the time when it flies, it’s better to just run in a circle, constantly calling on your friend to keep up with the button "V".

2-3. How to get rid of a troll monster ?

– We shoot at the growths on the shoulders-arms, then at the growth that appears instead of the head. The head is restored again. … We repeat all this about three times.

3-1. How to go through a location in a village on the water when you insert all the pieces of ornament into the door and enter ?

– On the left side we collect everything we can, we study the house with a staircase upstairs and two palisades of fire at the top, which can be overturned, we reach the middle of the village and begins…
– We run into that house, climb up, call up a partner, knock down the stairs and, as more zombies come up, knock them down "Fire". Further, both leaders will jump upstairs (together with their retinue), shoot one in the leg, as he kneels, run up and hit with his hand, run away. We continue to do this until it gets tight, then we jump off and run to the entrance to this location – the water path, to the end. On the way, we hit single zombies with a knife and, if we manage to stun them, we beat them with a blow of our hand, and finish them off if an option appears "trample". We reach the very end of the waterway (that is, the entrance to the location) and wait for the group of zombies pursuing us to approach. If there are still cartridges, we try to fight a little and run to the other end (along the way, collecting flowers and cartridges that will remain after the zombies littered by you or your partner). We continue to run back and forth (if health is low, we deal only with lonely zombies – a few quick knife strikes and the final one, and collect "reward", how health will recover either as a partner, or find a flower yourself, engage in battle with the leader – shoot in the leg, then blow, and so on).

– That is, running from end to end along this road, you do not allow the leaders to attack yourself and easily deal with lonely lonely zombies with one knife, gaining cartridges and flowers from them.

3-2. How to bring down a zombie with a chainsaw at an oil refinery ?

– After we have moved on a rope, we stand in a corner and wait. As he climbs in, we shoot in the head, as he rocks, we run up and beat, quickly get "shocker baton"(it is necessary to buy, it is inexpensive) and we hit once, we jump, we call the partner with a button "V" and we run to the stairs to the high platform in the center, we climb. We’ll have plenty of time to swap weapons for a pistol and reload. We repeat all the same and again jump off and run back, wait, get ready and repeat again, again we run away and climb onto the site in the center. In total, it will take about 6 repetitions..
– The third zombie with a chainsaw when there are three of you. Do not touch him. Wait for the third partner to say "Done"(by this time "Chainsaw" shouldn’t get to you yet) and click on the door. Enter.

– In the last sequence, when you need to run to the boat through the stage for a while, do not touch anyone, just run to the boat.

3-3. How to bring down a monster on a boat that Gregory turned into (or whatever) ?

– We shoot in the middle of the tentacles from stationary turrets around the perimeter of the boat.
– Then we shoot a roundish growth on the back-head.

– When the monster will stick out tentacles on the deck and carry them along it, just run around. We wait for it to end.

– Then we shoot in the middle of the mouth in "humanoid" cocoon tongue.

– When will it appear "to fall" accompanied by tentacles, it is better to focus on shooting at the center of the mouth (ignoring the tentacles), rather than trying to shoot off the tentacles first, and then iron the insides of the mouth. So it turns out, as it were, to quickly deal with him.

4.1 In caves, ancient ruins, how to deal with the second time a scorpion bat appears ?

– Leave her, run up the stairs and out.

4.2 A room with pedestals and beams, I turned one so that the beam fell on that lonely pedestal on the site and what ?

– Go to his site and an inscription will appear "Go down".

5.1 How to knock a huge boss on a platform in a round hall with capsules on the walls ?

– We shoot at the red spots on "claws", and when it falls, we shoot in the mouth (we repeat several times [quite a few times]).

5.2 At the factory, where boxes are traveling on conveyor belts, where next, how to get out. You can jump onto the lower conveyor belt from the platform next to the place where the boxes enter, but hiding behind the box so as not to burn the fire, it still burns ?

– Jump to the tape, but move in the opposite direction (from the fire).

5.2 When a huge spider jumps out on the way, what to do ?

– Electro-shock him and run to the lever, which is now energized. Further on to the conveyor belt, we run to the other side of it (another belt), we reach its end and there we return to the near conveyor belt and get out of it.

5.2 How to bring down a boss of worms at the end, in a room with a flamethrower on the wall, which can be recharged indefinitely, I burn it, but is there any sense ?

– First, while there are cartridges, shoot at its growths. As you break everything, run up and burn (it is better to burn until the very end, until the cylinders are completely used up).
– When the cartridges run out, wait for him around the corner and, as it appears, burn without stopping, also, until the cylinders are completely consumed.

– Knocking down growths is not a prerequisite for its destruction. Knocking down his health grants a release at him near continuous charges from a flamethrower.

5.3 In excavations, when it is necessary to use the raised bridge, there the partner rises on the elevator alone, and the sea of ​​creeping creatures attacks ?

– Before rygag at the elevator, give the command to your partner to press the lever, and jump into the elevator yourself.
– Regarding Creeping Critters: Grenade Launcher Acid Charges Work Well.

5.3 How to deal with a couple ?

– Take care of Wessler by shooting him with a grenade launcher. After causing him a little damage, a video will follow. Shoot again a little, and there will be another roller, and he will run away.

5.3 How to remove the medallion from it, tried to reassign different buttons to this action, it still does not work ?

– The trick is that depending on how quickly you repeatedly press the button responsible for "removing the medallion"(that is, how many times you have time to press the button during its holding), the number of attempts-approaches is also determined, which will have to be done, over and over again catching it by one partner and tapping the button with the other, in order to finally remove it [in other words, you need to dial a certain number (considerable) of pressing the button].
– In particular, re-designating to "removing the medallion" – right mouse button on "interaction with a partner" – left mouse button on "weapon readiness" – button "Space", and for shooting – the middle mouse button (! convenient buttons for shooting will be needed at the moment when she starts shooting, in order to quickly interrupt – shoot her down with one shot) "normal" the level of difficulty to remove the medallion only on 10 (TENTH) pass-attempts in a row (that is, it had to be caught ten times).

– Also, do not forget to weaken her with phrases, running next to her.

6.1 They threw off the cage on my partner, how to get out now ?

– Shoot the green button at the top (to the right of the piled up tires with a board).
– Next, there will be two green containers on both sides of the passage, stand on the roof of one, Sheva will shoot at its button, and the container will lift you up. Now shoot at the button of the container in front of which Sheva is standing, she will go to its roof, and shoot at the button again.

6.1 How to blame a machine gunner on a tanker, otherwise I have already spent all the cartridges on him ?

– Run up, hit with a shock baton and blow with a hand, repeat several times.
– (After him, you can just run through to the exit, not paying attention to opponents).

6.2 How to knock down a monster on the roof of a ship with satellite guidance, I knock off two heads, then one big ball, and then four appear, and as soon as I just stop running, the monster hits once and that’s it ?

– Use a lower platform, it is easier to fight off on it.
– If, after appearing, all four "balls" the tentacles will remain unharmed (at least one, no matter what weapon) for a long time, the platform destruction video will follow – the game is over. Therefore, as soon as they appear (and the Satellite Weapon is still charging, and it takes a long time to direct it), shoot one of the balls until it collapses.

– To end the fight quickly, simply fire the rocket launcher when the core-"big ball" will seem.

6.3 What to do when two machine gunners appear and two more spiders crawl ?

– Two spiders must have time to be destroyed before the machine gunners appear (we classically shoot with a grenade so that it shows bubbles, then a pistol in them, but it is much more convenient, faster and easier to release 5 grenades from a grenade launcher into each of them. The main thing is always to hit the body, not nearby).
– As the machine gunners appear, we run to their side and climb onto a high platform (illuminated in blue) on the left, give the command to our partner to take the machine gun. We ourselves quickly go down and run to the same platform from the other side and fire from there (on the heads of machine gunners and ordinary zombies). The partner must manage to lay down one machine gunner, by this time they will beat you enough, and she will rush to heal you. Having accepted the treatment, we run for the turret left by her and finish off the second machine gunner. (In this tactic, the good thing is that you will be far on opposite sides of them. Otherwise, Sheva will be close to you all the time, and both will receive a lot of damage at the same time).

6.3 Fight with Wexler ?

– We run (all the time, without stopping) and turn off the switches, then break the glass of the showcase with a pistol shot and take the rocket launcher. Now we run with him around the corners-perimeter of the arena. As soon as Veksler starts to say something like "Can’t hide forever" or "You have nowhere to hide", we stop, aim it at the sight and shoot a rocket, he catches it in his hands. Immediately switch to the pistol and shoot him again, the rocket explodes in his hands. We quickly run up and press the button that will light up on the screen. The first attempt will fail. We climb to the very top, break another showcase and take a rocket for the rocket launcher. We run up to the partner. We press the button, we charge. Further, if the partner is left with the rocket launcher, we just run and wait for her to fire (then, if she hit and Veksler grabbed the rocket, shoot him with a pistol, then run up and press the button required on the screen), if you see, that the partner is already running with another weapon in her hands, run and look for where she laid out the rocket launcher, pick up … and repeat everything that you did for the first time. The second attempt will be successful.
– Further on the plane, in the video, it is better to quickly press the button all the time in advance "interaction with a partner"(very often it is indicated as the first thing to press). And it is better not to miss the first attack of Veksler…

– Further, after landing, at the volcano. We shoot him all the time in the head with simple bullets. When the video camera points to the stone, we approach the stone and jump closer to it (so that the inscription appears "jump off", better get up right). Coming close to the stone, inscriptions on pressing different combinations of buttons will appear in several passes.

– At the very end (already together with Sheva) we again shoot him in the head with simple bullets until a medallion appears on his chest. Then we shoot at the medallion from the grenade launcher with explosives (to save the bullets for the head). He will hide it again, again shoot in the head with simple bullets and wait for the appearance of the medallion. In total, the medallion will have to be shot about three times (three passes). If you give him enough breathing room (without hitting or taking a long time to recharge) while shooting him in the head, Wexler will start to spin his tentacles, then just run away (on this "island" you can step back three times), step back, and wait until he finishes his "carousel", then continue as before. [Rocket Launcher is equally good for Wexler himself and for the medallion].

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