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January 20, 2021
7 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

Saboteur: Walkthrough (FAQ)

Where does the game save save files? ?
– \ Mydocs \ My Games \ The Saboteur \ Saves

And how to get to the warehouse along the rope, I twirl and twirl around this transformer, but how to hook on the rope ?
– Go to the very edge of the roof (and so that there is a wire above you) and jump with the “Space”. The hero should automatically grab and ride down.

How to turn off the alarm, I run up to the device (there is also a green diamond icon on the map), but it does not work ?
– You may need to take a step away from it so that a message appears at the top of the screen “Press” E “to disable.” Then press.

Act 1. How to save the Prisoners of the Legion, I open one door, and he does not run away, but starts to fight, how to tell him to run away ?
– Climb the tower on the right in the square with propaganda horns, remove the sentry and change.
– Approach the protected area and seizing the moment, run up and climb one of the two towers, remove the sentry, take his sniper rifle and start shooting everyone you see (the tower will provide you with good protection). The alarm will be raised, but the support of the soldiers will not come. When you eliminate everyone below, go down and open all the doors in turn. When you open the last one, run along the river embankment to sound the alarm..

Act 1. How to deliver a message and remove the general, there everyone starts to shoot and the sea comes in for help?
– First, we insolently run in and touch the general, the task will change from “deliver the message” to “eliminate the general”. We immediately run and climb onto the roofs. As it calms down a bit, lean out from above and target the general.

“Act 1. How to enter the mausoleum with a box, there is nowhere to climb up, everything around the stairs does not lead down to the ground to the mausoleum, just break through ?
– Only in this way, you will have to, one way or another, eliminate all enemy soldiers. First, you can climb onto the tower, remove the sentry and from there shoot everyone who runs into the noise (the tower will provide you with good protection). Then get down and go to the entrance to the mausoleum.

Act 2. Where is a good place to hide and wait out the alarm ?
– “Elysian Fields”. House on the roofs. It will appear as a green diamond on the map when an alarm is raised. You can hide in it even with “alarm level 2”, you just need to make sure that the “red exclamation mark” disappears.
– Also, at “alarm level 2”, if you remove a lone Nazi with your fist so that none of the other Nazis can see, you can change into his uniform and walk out of the “red alarm” circle (there will be no “crawling” circle behind you). Upon going beyond it, the “alarm” will be removed.

Act 2. How best to free Bryman from prison ?
– First, from the side where a Gestapo officer stands at the entrance, we climb up to the tower nearby and change clothes (or we find somewhere lonely idly staggering). Now we go from the side where there is no officer (second entrance). We go to the building, step into the opening of the entrance (a yellow circle of attention will appear, but it will subside as soon as you pass the guards). We reach the lattice door and hit it with a reinforced blow with our fist (button “F”) – the door will fall apart. We pass inside, on foot we reach (without coming close to the guards) and open the door. We also leave on foot (Bryman will walk behind us) from the building and reach the Resistance. [In this mission, the main thing is not to panic when a “yellow circle” appears, but calmly walk away from the “dangerous object”].

Act 2.451 Fahrenheit. How best to remove a general in an armored car ?
– We change clothes, we pass to the back of the armored car. We mine (even if there is a “white exclamation mark”, saying that they see you, you can mine) and move aside, between the columns.

Act 2. Task “Brake and restart the train”. There is one Nazi in the middle of the train, so I spent all the ammunition on him, how to destroy him, maybe in a special way ?
– If you did not solve this task from the first approach, then after reloading the checkpoint, jump on the train, move forward and, as you reach the tower on the right, remove the sentry there, climb onto it, take the sniper rifle left over from the sentry, and shoot everyone you see (that guy will need about 10 bullets from it). Then again jump on the train and forward (it is useful to pick up a machine gun along the way).

Act 2. What to do with the leaders of the Resistance in the park, they say “repel the attack”, but the Nazis all come and go ?
– After repelling the first attack, the task should change to “get into the car”, it will be right at the gate. Sit down and wait for all the leaders to sit down, then head south to get out of the red circle of danger.

Act 2. How to get into the headquarters of the Gestapo, rode on the ropes, but there is nowhere to climb up ?
– We change clothes, we reach the building on three ropes. Then, right from the same place (where we jumped off the rope), we jump up and try to catch on (there are cornices that “grab”, we must try until it works, and it is here, in this near-place, neither to the left nor to the right), we climb to the very top to the balcony. Look at the window – the “open window” option will appear.

Act 2. The assault on the headquarters in the slaughterhouse. A tank arrived, 5 seconds and Veronica died, and what to do ?
– Immediately run to the second floor and take the machine gun from Veronica.
– The tank can be mined as you did before with objects for explosion. “

Act 2. Install seven bugs on radio transmitters, it’s generally real ?
– Use ONLY the ropes (stretched along the roofs) to move from one radio point to the next. [Towards the end, when you find yourself on a low roof, and there are no ropes around, you will have to jump down and climb up the pipe on the wall of another house].
– Do not be distracted by enemies, but immediately deal with those who stand next to the radio point with your fists.
– Only if the screen is all red, drop everything, bend down and hide behind any wall (regardless of which side the enemies are and where is better, with a very high probability you can restore health in three seconds).
– Closer to the end, oddly enough, it will be easier.
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Act 3. How to blow up a rotating generator, dynamite is not attached to it ?
– Just shoot him in the center.

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