Silent Hunter 5: Battle Of The Atlantic: Completing any mission offline

After completing the specified task (for example, sinking 50,000 tons in the British Coastal Waters mission), open the last saved game (they are located in the C: \ Users \ Username \ Documents \ SH5 \ data \ cfg \ SaveGames folder). Next, go to the folder named Campaign-2010 -… Open the Campaign.cfg file with a text editor, look for the line with the mission name:

[Campaign.CampObj.MacroObj 5]
ObjectiveID = TG_British_Coastal_Waters
Name = Campaign.CampObj.MacroObj 5.Name
MapZone = Coastal_Shipping
ValuePointsProvided = 1
FurtherInfo = Campaign.CampObj.MacroObj 5.FurtherInfo
StartDate = 19390901
EndDate = 19400601
IsCompleted = true
IsFailed = false
IsUnlocked = true
GenAchiev = OBJ British Coastal Waters Succesful
AssocMissionsActive =
AssocMissionsCompleted =
ObjActivationAchievements = OBJ Invasion Of Poland

[Campaign.CampObj.MacroObj 5.PersObj 1]
PersObjType = 0
Name = Sink_50,000_tons_on_the_British_Eastern_Coast
Description = Campaign.CampObj.MacroObj 5.PersObj 1.Description
RelatedMapLocations = Line_BCW
IsCompleted = true

Change the two values ​​of the IsCompleted parameter to true. After loading the save, we see that the mission is counted, the progress bar has increased. According to feedback on the forums, this method allows you to complete the entire campaign..

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