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January 19, 2021
3 minutes

By Jonny Gamer

God Of War: Ghost Of Sparta: Quick Walkthrough of the Temple of Zeus

After completing the game in the treasures section, the “Temple of Zeus” section opens, where you can buy various add-ons for red spheres. However, the number of spheres requires a lot to open everything. Here’s a way to easily earn a lot of red orbs. What is needed for that:
1. Completed game;
2. Horn of Boreus pumped to maximum (magic blow activated by the “Up” arrow);
3. Open thrown characters in the Arenas section.
Let’s consider each point in more detail.
The first point is logical and self-explanatory..
Second point: Horn of Boreus needs to be pumped to the maximum for increased damage and constant casting.
The third point: it is necessary to open the characters for the arena so that there is someone to hit the spheres from. As far as I remember, one of the first spheres on the left in the Temple of Zeus opens the first characters and stands in the area of ​​15 thousand red spheres.
To buy characters and pump Horns, the spheres are easiest to fill in the Trial of the Gods mode – Ares – Six ways to die (where you need to open 6 chests, it is passed somewhere in a minute and about 8k red orbs are given).

After completing the above 3 points, go to the arena mode, where we set the following settings:
Health: it doesn’t matter (you can play it safe of course and turn on the infinite)
Magicka reserve: infinite
Appearance: not important
Difficulty: very high
Enemies: we put thrown up non-shooting characters in each cell for 3, and that 6 pieces.

Next, we launch the arena – we stand in the center of the map – hold down the up arrow (which includes the Horn of Boreas) with some object and go smoke, drink coffee, sleep, etc. etc. And the character will calmly stand and kill enemies, accumulating red orbs.
Thus, we effortlessly open the entire Temple of Zeus. (The last one is given a shovel, which allows you to perform in the arena in the guise of the Gravedigger – a funny topic)

And in the end, one more little advice. I noticed a clear dependence. When passing the Trial of the Gods mode, there are different levels of difficulty, which are regulated somehow crookedly. For example, to make it easier to pass all the tests, you must enter the arena with a low difficulty level before passing the test itself. Then in the trials of the gods the level will be low, for example, mobs will hit weaker, and in the 5th trial of Arem, the poison will poison weaker.

So that’s it. Thank you all for your attention.

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