Stronghold Crusader 2: Advice (Hack Gold Games via ArtMoney)

I was able to hack the game for gold (even new versions of the game are hacked) through ArtMoney

1) We go into the game and start the mission
2) We build a warehouse and a barn so that gold appears
2a) We spend a little gold so that the amount is not round
(For example 3222 will be easier to search than 4000)
3) Then we save the game and remember the amount of gold and the name of the save
3a) Leave the game paused after saving so that the amount of gold does not change! (Important!)
4) Minimize and launch ArtMoney
5) Next, go to ArtMoney in the Search menu -> Select Object instead of Process, File (s)
(See Screenshot 1)


6) Next, click Select File (See Screenshot 2)


6a) Now we need to find the save (I have it on Windows 8.1:
Documents -> Stronghold Grusader 2 -> Saved Games -> save name)
So you have to look
6b) Select the save that we saved
7) Next, click on the item Search
7a) we will look for: The exact value, enter the amount of gold, select the Type (With a point of 4 bytes),
Address range (ALL), Multiplicity of address (ALL)
7b) Click OK
(Several addresses may appear, but I always had no more than two)
8) Add them all (green arrow) and change the values ​​to any amount for example 999999
You cannot freeze!
9) Now go into the game and load the save
And we see that now we have 999999 gold!

If you have any questions, please contact 🙂

Download ArtMoney from our server you can here.

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